By popular demand I present to you more of
The Josh Wilkinson files!
“How did you know my name?”

His letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Draw Josh Wilkinson Contest
It began as a smart-aleck retort to another goofy hate-mailer, and blossomed into a contest. The contest rules were simple: "Draw Josh Wilkinson," and you responded in record numbers!

There were so many fantastic renderings submitted and I'm gonna try and fit most of them in. The winner will be revealed at the bottom of the page, so let's get to it! (Click on the images to see entire piece).

Melissa Tillery (the winner of the last contest) submitted another breathtaking masterpiece.

Rick Carey pulled down his pants and went with the little-dick joke. Always good for a laugh.

Super Chic Amy went a little more abstract and showed Josh in a desperate search to FIND his genitalia. Lovely idea. Thank you Amy.

Brent Rasmussen showed wonderful style, and came close to winning this contest with his funny rendition. Check out his site here.

As everyone knows, I'm a fan of the ball-point on blue-ruled and Dustin Gudmonestoffer didn't miss a beat including the Pray Out The Gay VHS on the floor. So much detail!

This one looks like it was taken with a spycam in some back alley somewhere. Beautiful. Thank you Jenny

And Trevor Lee sent in this finely drawn pen & ink of Josh lurking about my chat room!

Thank you Ian for your submission. That guy in the center is Josh.

This crudely drawn piece from Emily Jorrey sent chills down my spine. Yikes!

This one from Brit shows a special family moment that touches the heart.

This one was a nice break from Lance Hemmert showing what a superhero Josh would be like.

This was one of the first entries, sent by Arthur.
A must-see.

A colorful piece here from Dan dan that shows Josh with angel wings in outer space peeing his pants.

I could not deny the fantastic illustration and clever idea behind Nath Scott's little comic of Josh. To me this is the clear winner. A failed CIA experiment? Fucking clever & funny. Thank you Nath!

“Your days are numbered!”

Your days are numbered!

Josh Wilkinson

Yes, I know. You keep saying that.
I'll be emailing you in a few months.
Bye bye Josh

“You will burn in hell like the little bicth you are”

You will burn in hell like the little bicth you are. Draw me another one of yout retarded shit cartoons, this time with me kicking the shit out of you, because thats what is going to happen.

Josh Wilkinson

Wait. How are you going to kick the shit out of me if I'm in prison?

“my dad works for the CIA.”

I'll have access to your prison cell since my dad works for the CIA. I'll control what you do, eat and when you shit.

Josh Wilkinson

“How did you know my name?”

You are going to be sued for putting my emails on your website, its against the law. How did you know my name? Your going down freak bastard

Josh Wilkinson

Oddly, it is not against the law if you email me threats. Go figure :)

“how did u kno my name bastard”

fuck ofooooooooooooooooooofofooffofooffofofffffffffff how did u kno my name bastard

Josh Wilkinson

Um, it's in your email address you dimwit.

“faggot cum sucker”

You faggot cum sucker

Josh Wilkinson

I win!

“Looks liek you got aids you faggot.”

You think you are funny with this shitty website, thinking your humor is great. You say that you dont attack christians, that your hot a "hate atheist" yet you make shit like jesus dress up to piss christians off. Your a bald headed ugly freak you dont need to wear your devil make up, your ugly enough. Looks liek you got aids you faggot.

Josh Wilkinson

Yeah yeah yeah. Ouch! Eech! Ooch! Those really hurt!

I'm done with you Josh. Look for an email from me in a few months. I'll be up for more of your stupidity then.


“Wow a whole page to my self.”

Wow a whole page to my self. Thank you bitch.

Josh Wilkinson

It'll be two pages shortly.
Thank you!

“Mancow is going to kick the shit out of you”

you are such a fucking loser bastard, I advise you kill yourself, moron. Mancow is going to kick the shit out of you, I heard on his show that he knows where you live and he's going to punch you in the face on camera and put it on his website. Bye Bye loser.

Josh Wilkinson




Josh Wilkinson

And alone there you shall remain, like the lonely loser you are.
I don't want to chat with you. Remember, I'm done with you. You can plead and beg all you want but you just can't have me.

“I already have planted things in your PC so I can do things in it.”

im going to hack your website, I already have planted things in your PC so I can do things in it.

Josh Wilkinson

Josh, you've already proven yourself to be the king of empty threats. Unfortunatly, at this point, there's nothing you could say that would hold any weight with me.

You're a transparent lying child alone in a chatroom waiting for someone to talk to.


“mancow... he rules”

mancow has something in store for you bitch, he rules

Josh Wilkinson

That Mancow interview was almost 4 years ago. He's certianly taking his time.
But wait! I thought that your daddy in the CIA had something in store for me? What about him?

Were you able to figure out how I knew your name?



Suck my big fat cock you freak SUCK MY COOOOOOOOOOOCK you homo, get some practice in for jail

Josh Wilkinson

Hey, I haven't had a contest in a while...Oh my fucking GOD! I've got a great idea! It's contest time again! It's time for the Draw Josh Wilkinson Contest!

Simply draw whatever you think Josh Wilkinson looks like screaming any one of the countless slogans he's made popular here on these pages, and the funniest, best drawing (chosen by me) will receive the original illustration that I did of Josh Wilkinson screaming: "Fuck Uuuuvvvv!"
A priceless heirloom to be treasured by the whole family.

All entries will be displayed on these pages for the world to see! And Josh, you can draw one too! Although you have the advantage of looking in the mirror at the real deal I'll still allow your entry!

Email all entries to
All entries must be received by July 31st. The winner will be chosen then.

“if you do...”

if you do it'll be the last thing you ever fucking do cockwipe

Josh Wilkinson


New Hate Mail
Josh Wilkinson files Part 1