Hate Mail!
Hate Mail!
Hate Mail!

Their letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

get a lot of emails that I never reply to. You, my dear reader, should not have to miss out on these delightful snippets simply because I do not have the time to reply. So, here you go, all with goofy pictures of my picking.

Subject: you are morbid

why would you do something like that you demon possessed idiot. God dont like ugly. Some thanks you show to somebody that died for your sins. And no you are not normal. you are a morbid devil worshipping dumby.




Yay! I'm the Ultimate!!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!


I think you're disgusting at taking what I said as a compliment. Guess What its not me you'll have to answer to Its the Good Lord! Mercy on you on less you get right!!!!!


i think you are very stoopid i mean this is sad an you think up some stoopid thing like this you retard fuck you ass hole pussy face mother fucker


Subject: For your "normal bob smith" complaint page

Dear Bob,
I was checking out the pictures of you on your website, and I've decided that you're even worse than Satan...you're an insufferably stupid little bitch.

I hope you die of SARS, and someone lays you in a coffin jam packed with shit and shoves it high up a dead hippo's ass.

Love and peace,
A Christian

“its so fucking disrespectful and i hate you”

this whole dress up jesus thing is sick....u should be ashamed of u're self....how could u mock the death of jesus by put a passyfire in his mouth and a satan suit on his body......its so fucking disrespectful and i hate you

Laura Castle

And Jesus hates you for hating me. Isn't that weird?

“im only human and im allowed to sin, including hate, thats why Jesus died on the fucking cross”

Jesus doesnt hate.....isnt that weird?, u bitch....im only human and im allowed to sin, including hate, thats why Jesus died on the fucking cross u idiot

Laura Castle

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Isn't this disrespectful of believers? maybe even blasphemous?

Josh Hart

No. You are incorrect. It is not any of those things.

“How do you figure?”

How do you figure? Dressing up Jesus as the devil isn't disrespectful? Well if its not Bob please explain to me your justification for allowing it. One more thing, are you a believer in the Christ Jesus, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?

Josh Hart

Oh! You meant believers in Jesus! I thought you were talking about believers in science, technology and logical thinking. My goof!

Oh god, yes, it sure as hell disrespects the beliefs of people who are believers in mythological giants shot down by sling shots, Adam & Eve instead of the dinosaurs and Jesus Christ floating up into the sky without a jet pack or hovering devise of any sort. Of course I disrespect those beliefs! I've graduated from the 3rd grade years ago!

Ha hah hah! I just figured you were talking about those of us who've got common sense enough to follow science's answers and explanations. And I was like, "How does this disrespect the logic of science and those who believe in it?"

And then you were like, "No! I mean believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and whoever..." And then I was like, "Oh shit! This Josh guy thinks that a man was actually a god! And His magic powers were for real and it wasn't just a bunch of fictional stories written by ignorant, superstitious cavemen with an agenda!"

And now I'm like, "Uh oh! How do I get out of talkin' anymore with this religious nut? He's got my email address! And he thinks God is commanding him to do things!!"

Christ, now I'm thinkin' "I'm tellin' this guy too much of what I'm thinkin'! What if his 'god' (the one that he thought up so he could have someone to talk to on rainy days) tells him that non-believers are tools of Satan and therefore serve the strongest evil force of all dimensions and should be eliminated in the name of God?"

And Finally I'm thinking' "I'd better end this quick! This guy thinks he transmits his thoughts into heaven where God lives... and I just disrespected his beliefs!"


“How do you think he feels? Answer me that. ”

You know you are really stupid. Yeah sure you think it is funny but what about Jesus. How do you think he feels? Answer me that.


Dead. I think Jesus feels dead.

Next question.

“thats an insault to jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Why is jesus still on the cross (in the picture)? Thats stupid he is not on the cross anymore he's in heaven with god!! thats an insault to jesus! he is not on the cross with nails still in him that was stupid of you to put that in the picture!! what are you a cotholic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should make a dress up game with him standing there, not with nails in him!!!!!!!!!! thats an insault to jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Ward

But Jesus isn't just standing there anymore either! Why would you say that He should be just standing there?!?!?!!! He is up in heaven as a ghost so He is see-through-transparent like ghosts are!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is floating and completely invisible now! How stupid of you to describe Him as just standing there!!!!! What an INSAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“We Love you, no matter what you do or say against Christ the King... Advansoft was named the No 1 dealer in SA for 2003!! ”

I want to let you know that "We Love you, no matter what you do or say against Christ the King." And do you know that Jesus still love you.


PS did you know that Advansoft was named the No 1 dealer in SA for 2003!!

Hey Johan!
Thanks a lot man! And, yeah I knew that about Jesus. I think that's great! But I didn't know that about Advansoft! Congratulations! That's even greater!!!!


PS. Still, I think it's kinda tacky that you can't even tell me that Jesus loves me without also throwing in a plug for your company.

“Do you have a chip on your shoulder?”

Well its our companies standard email signature if you have to know. Do you have a chip on your shoulder?

You know, you should talk to someone about what ever it is.


Oh! A standard signature! That explains it. You have to admit that it's funny though­ you telling me how much you and Jesus Christ love me then trying to sell me Advansoft. What a great advertising campaign! Jesus loves you! Buy Advansoft!

I don't have a chip on my shoulder. I was just fuckin' around with ya Johan. Don't get all bent out of shape.


“Its good 2 c u have a sense of humor”

Its good 2 c u have a sense of humor


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