Like most people, I get sooo nervous giving speeches!

I actually gave my presentation last night, and I'm happy to say that I did not get the negative response that I was expecting. I really think those that understood the code were very impressed :) It's an introductory class, but a few of us are a bit more advanced. The college must have it's money-there was no getting out of it. Even so, it's a small class. The professor is pretty decent and let us meet a local bar & grill-style place for dinner & drinks to put us all more at ease. Let me tell you, I'm going to make it a habit to have a beer before I ever give a speech again ;)

I had a speech written up, but ended up winging most of it. Everyone else read from his or her notes. BORING! I wanted to create more of a dialogue. I started out by giving a general overview of your site and the programs you use. I moved through some a your art work and showed a few of my favorite pictures: The pencil of the hand coming up out of the ground, the pencil of Madonna, the digital Trisha Star, and the Burning in Hell poster (I really like that one). Then I started with the dress up pages. (I really wish I had a laptop to demonstrate them, but all I had were color print-outs.)

The first two I showed were the Big Joy and Amber Ray dress ups. What can I say? The guys loved the fact that Amber Ray is a stripper, even though I dressed her, and the women all seemed more amused with Big Joy. (On a side note, I liked the Amber Ray one, myself. I have a thing for retro-burlesque. I really need to get up to New York one of these days. This town is so squeaky clean it's disgusting.) Next, I moved on to the self-help pages (everyone loved those) and Whigger Dress Up. My strategy was to build up the humorous part before I dropped the Jesus Dress Up bomb. I think it worked :) One of the girls in the class kept the Wigger Dress Up page-I think she wants to order a shirt..

And along came Jesus. You know, I was surprised at how little of a reaction it brought. Several people mentioned that they had either seen the television report or your web site. It did get a "Well, he's going to hell for sure" comment, but that guy wasn't even in the class. He just came with a friend who was (moral support, I guess). This is the same doofus that pointed to the lipstick imprint on my napkin and goes, "Seeeeexy," right in the middle of someone else's speech. He reminded me just how much I really enjoy being single... Anyway, to keep things fair, I also passed around Satan Dress Up and the Revenge on Bob Dress Up. Oddly enough, one woman was kind of offended by the Satan Dress Up page. Not too seriously, apparently, since she stayed afterward to hang out. My professor's only comment was, "This wasn't one of the web sites on my list." He seemed to be the most impressed of all, though, and laughed when I pointed out that the list was only a suggestion.

The really strange part of the whole experience was that most everyone wanted to talk to me afterwards. And no, no one wanted to save my soul or find out why I had not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior. There's a church on every corner, here. I was shocked! I'm not anti-social, but I really haven't 'bonded' with anyone in the class all semester. Okay, I am kind of intimidating in person. I'm 5'-7", usually wear 3"+ heels, have long black hair with purple streaks, wear a lot of black, and have my septum pierced. But I make up for it with my sparkling personality! ::cough:: It's not that I feel ostracized or anything, but the only person who had bothered to speak to me is the woman who was mildly offended by the Satan page. She's a bit older than me, and most people that age are really put off by my appearance. Go figure-I remind her of her niece. I found that funny because she reminds me of an aunt.

At any rate, there you have it. It was the most fun I have ever had doing research :) The only 'drawback' was that I kept getting distracted. There is a lot to take in! I'm going to make it a point to visit your site more often--I didn't realize how often you updated! By the by, any chance you will ever have the Halloween or Final Justice dress ups made into magnets? Marilyn Manson & Tinkie Winkie... I adore your sense of humor :-)

Kind regards,