"To deny the existence of anything or anyone is to assume the possibility of its existence in the first place... therefore you must believe that the God of the Bible exists."
Jesus not pleased with His follower's emails.

Theirs will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Hi Bob,
You seem to be severely lacking in the fan mail department, so here goes (be gentle--it's my first time--today):

I found your magnets at UO last Xmas and have been a fan ever since! I bought one for myself and several sets as gifts. I'm happy to say that all of the recipients were delighted with them. I do so enjoy visiting your site! I don't know what impresses me more: your wit, artistry, technical skills, marketing genius, or the size of your balls ;) I gotta say that your review of The Passion damn near made me pee my pants!

I have not visited for a while, and I was very disappointed when I found out that your site had been temporarily shut down, and you lost the UO account. It so warmed my blackened little heart to find that all has worked out for the better!! The narrow-mindedness of Christians never ceases to amaze me. I was raised in a Baptist/Catholic household, and I thought I had seen it all... At least when my parents were teaching me scriptures, they were also teaching me to read and write properly (Not that I'm perfect, but damn, spell-check!!).

Speaking of education, your site intrigues me so much that I am making it the topic of an oral presentation for my web page design class. I am going to present more on your portfolio and see how impressed everyone is, then I'm going to close with Jesus Dress Up. I'm sure that's where I'll lose 'em--they'll like it up until the blasphemy part. I wonder how Christian they will be toward me after that... (Can you tell how worried I am?) But I do so love fucking with people, and my professor hasn't forbidden me the topic. We shall see... ::evil laugh::

Many kind regards,
Candice's presentation


Hey guy,
i was just browsing your site as i do almost every night, reading hate mail...and re-reading Satan's Salvation and i felt it was time to write you again... if for no other reason than to encourage you to continue doing what you do best...making me laugh.

You are an inspiration to me, and i am happy to say i have added all of your little pamphlets to a collection of my own (mostly political), and pass them out on a regular basis. In fact they take up the majority of the room in my wallet. I want to start handing out your comic as well, or at least portions of it. But you know i wanted to ask permission. O and by the way a 13 year old friend of mine was arrested the other day for putting your god is fake pamphlets in peoples mail boxes...he got like 75 felony charges of tampering with the mail. It was all kinds of gay. Good thing he is a minor. O well its his fault for being stupid. The G-8 summit is coming to my city, so after all the protesting gets boring imma see how much trouble i can stur up with some of your art. And you know imma have to send you pictures. :P

o well feel free not to write back if your busy, like i stated earlier I'm just bored. Besides your time is better spent on the site.

Jason the Christ


I love your site. i love your hate mail. ha. what an oxymoron. but it's funny. you are a very intelligent man for not just saying what you believe but actually being able to back it up. i'm only 15 but i agree with everything you say.

My social studies teacher and i were talking about religion one day and he said that he is christian but he thinks it's wrong that chirstianity is the only religion that thinks they are superior and are 'allowed' to poke fun at other religions.
so true.

keep up the site. It's the best.

-Sami Clausen

“To deny the existence of anything or anyone is to assume the possibility of its existence in the first place... therefore you must believe that the God of the Bible exists.”

Let me straighten some things out.
Normal Bob quote #1) "I am set in my ways. Without proof or logical thinking I will not be swayed"

Let's assume that Jesus was just a man - it is surely incredible how just a man has influenced so many for almost 2,000 years - Why, you'd have to admit it Bob, Jesus has actually influenced you. You must, therefore, acknowledge that Jesus (Messiah or not) existed and has had an influence in your life. Now, let's assume that all of those writings, that we call the Bible, are just a man made book. The first writer was Moses and the last John. About 1,600 years were consumed in writing the Bible. Even though the Old and New Testaments combine to form one book, that one book is a collection of 66 books written by some 40 authors, over a period of about 1,600 years. The 66 books, 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament, have since been broken down into 1,189 chapters and 31,173 verse divisions. After the Bible's completion it has remained intact for almost 1,600 years (since the 4th century A.D. - Anno Domini, in the year of the Lord; man, even the calendar is influence by Jesus). No other book in history can claim to have such continuity and influence as the Bible.

It is, therefore, logical to assume that there must be something different about the Bible that has given it the ability to sway so many senseless humans like yourself. Again, logically, you have been influenced, you admit it yourself through your denial.

Normal Bob quote #2) "I am not complaining. I am sharing my life experience and the lessons learned from them because there is no greater Truth. I do not believe in your god therefore I cannot blame him. Is that clear enough?"

To deny the existence of anything or anyone is to assume the possibility of its existence in the first place. While you do not claim to believe in the God of the Bible, by doing so, you acknowledge the very possibility of His existence and His power to influence lives. Your life has already been influenced, as we can see, therefore you must believe that the God of the Bible exists.

Normal Bob quote #3) "I do not know all of the answers. I do not know what happens after this life and neither do you, Milo. If you say that you do then you are a liar. I was truly disturbed at the ease in which you claim to know, when in fact it is only faith."

While no one knows for sure what happens after death; there have been physiological and psychological tests performed on those who were revived after having been clinically dead. The stories vary as to the experiences of the individuals, often based upon their beliefs. You can already guess that those with a faith in God expressed death as a positive experience, while those who had no faith in God expressed death as a negative experience.

Based upon actual occurrences and documented experiences, one can conclude that having faith in God, at least, puts mindless people who believe in God, at ease in death. Logically, then, from what you indicate about your own faith in God, we can concluded that you will experience a rather negative experience in your death.

Normal Bob quote #4) "All that I want is the Truth. That's what these pages are all about. I am being as honest as I can be (sarcasm doesn't count because "funny" is much more important than "truth" any day). I have found that the search for Truth isn't difficult. It's right in front of my face. It is real and it can be touched."

Yes, interesting question: What is truth? Are you sure that truth is right in front of your face? Of course, you are right. You are there; you can see and feel yourself. You exist. We can say, then, that you "are." As you've indicated there are scientific methods for determining truth. Since science, itself, is the systematized knowledge derived from observation; we can indeed determine what is truth, as you, yourself, claim to have done by saying "It's right in front of my face. It is real and it can be touched." Unfortunately, Not all truths can be touched. For example, scientifically we understand that the earth revolves around the sun. While admitting to being a mindless human, it is hard to refute the change in seasons and movement of the stars and planetary bodies. Yet, I cannot touch any of the stars, planets, or the sun. Still, it is a proven truth that the earth revolves around the sun.

While I cannot touch or see the air I breath, since I know, scientifically, that pathetic humans need air (a mixture of oxygen, hydrogen, and other elements) to breath, it is true that air exists. We can also note that in an environment where there is no air, it is impossible to breath, therefore we can conclude that it is a truth that there is no air in such environments. Yet, I cannot see air or "touch it."

Still, it is a proven truth that air exists. Truth does not have to be seen or touched to be real. It only has to be proven. This is the scientific method. What is required, then, to discover if the Bible contains truth, is to put it under severe scrutiny. You are obviously aware that the Bible, just an ordinary book written over about 1,600 years and lasted just a long in it's original form past its completion and has undergone many studies over the centuries to disprove itıs geographical locations, archaeological claims, scientific claims, and physiological claims. Unfortunately, no pathetic person can seem to disprove it. We must begin to wonder, then, that maybe . . . just maybe . . . the Bible is full of truth.

Take care,

P.S. - Love the haircut

Hello Arabus,
I would like to straighten out some things for you now.

#1) It really isn't so incredible that a regular man like Jesus influenced so many. Elvis influenced millions of people in several generations and he was just a man. In fact, I bet you could even find a large number of those people that believe he was sent by God too. Tony Robbins influences people all over the world, and rumor has it that he's just a man as well (and this does not say much for Jesus). And since we're on the subject, David Koresh was also just a man, and he had a lot of influence over people, and this in a time without sloped foreheads and overgrown unibrows. Influencing people, it seems, is like shooting fish in a bucket, especially when these "fish" already have a belief in fire breathing sea serpents and leech cures for demon possession.

The only reason that the bible seems to stand out from every other book is because you live in America. In Japan they mostly believe in something else. It's the same with Iraq, India, Utah and even the remotest tribe in Uganda too. It seems that in every society there is some version of everlasting life and a watchful eye from above to believe in. Imagine that.

#2) The mere thought of God proves that I believe in Him? Does that same rule apply for a disbelief in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as well? Does my denial in the existence of gremlins logically prove that I believe in them? You've got a screwy sense of reason... as is to be expected I suppose.

#3) Ah yes, the Near Death Experience. This is where a person dies, sees the afterlife, outwits God and returns. Did you know that faithless people have seen that light and "heaven" too? And there have also been true believers who've seen nothing! Did you also know that people on each side of the fence have simply gone to sleep and've had dreams of seeing wonderful things? And the whole time it was just their brain make-believin' stuff! Seriously! From this, I think that more logically one could deduce that a majority of what we feel, see, hear and experience overall when our eyes are closed and we're unconscious is only happening in our brain. Now that's my kind of logic!

#4) I find it interesting that you speak of the scientific methods in which to prove things while you avoid the same analogy in regards to God. You see, I would argue that air and planets and the stars can be "touched." Just as you can feel the surface of a stone so can you feel the wind blow on your skin and hear it in your ear. A telescope is a wonderful way in which to touch upon those things in outer space. Things that you claim would also be up for debate along side God when we play by your touch = exist rule. But we can touch them. They can be proven.

The bible put under severe scrutiny has indeed been proven to be fiction and false on many occasions. Even the most pathetic human could disprove biblical claims of talking donkeys, a world flood, and the vast menu of human languages linked directly to The Tower of Babel. In fact, I can take you to a museum of natural history and disprove very specific passages in Genesis. Where did you hear that the bible cannot be disproved?

Arabus, I enjoyed your email a great deal. I have to tell you that when I got your letter I read the whole thing aloud to my friend Gwen who was here visiting for the Memorial Day weekend. I did your voice in my best haughty Princeton-pre-grad impersonation, and she was laughing her ass off! She told me how fun it is to hear me read the letters and speak however I think the sender should speak. I did the "P.S. Love the haircut" quote at the end with my Hannibal-wannabe impersonation. It brought the house down!

Thank you Arabus.
I look forward to more of your "logic" and pseudo intellectual snobbery.


“I am writing from africa... this same "funny" Jesus you are talking about has made an impact transforming life of africans from canibalism, occult, witchcraft and others.”


I am writing from africa, i was really disturbed to see that you think in the way you are writiong on your site. am an african and this Jesus you think is only having in america is also big news here may be you dont know. i saw where you said even in uganda they dont know him. let me share with you that you should have a practical experience living in africa you will understand that this same "funny" Jesus you are talking about has made an impact transforming life of africans from canibalism,occult,witchcraft and others. we nkow both sides of it as animist and as believers in christ. i think you just grew up as a spoiled one sided boy. i pray that you will see the light. the Africa you think you know is not the one you see on tv there is a real Godless africa that turns and get lossed at that name of Jesus i pity you.

Arthur Sungitsa
Organization: UNC Project
arthur_sungitsa@unclilongwe.org.mw .

Yes! You see? This is precisely what I was talking about! You want an example of "easily influenced people" Agabus? Hop a plane to one of these "Godless" Ugandan villages where they're eating each other up, casting spells and worshipping rocks and show 'em how you can make fire with your "magic clicking spark wand." They'll crown you king of Uganda... if they don't make a sandwich outta you first.

Thank you for your email Arthur. People here in the States seem to have forgotten how easily influenced we can be under the right circumstances (extreme poverty, illness and desperation). An insider's perspective like yours is a wonderful example of where mankind was 2000 years ago and the unfathomable ignorance that precedes a surrender to the bizarro tales of the bible.

Magical rainbow promises, talking animals and golden chariots of angels in the sky is clearly a step forward for the people you described Arthur. But you just wait. In another 2000 years you too will be bitchin' about how ignorant everybody is and the chain of events that led you to a country that still hasn't figured out how the dinosaurs fit in with Adam and Eve.

Don't come cryin' to me when this happens. As you know, I'll be burning in oceans of hell fire for the rest of eternity... because that's how life works! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh foolish people. When will we ever learn?

Best wishes to Uganda,

“your mom is a good fuck”

your mom is a good fuck


Hello father.
I'm glad to hear things are still going good as ever there. Tell mother hi.
I'll add your new email address to my book.

See you July 4th.
Love, your son,


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