Atheist Pamphlet Experiment #2
Sun, Apr. 18th, 2004, 09:41 pm

My my, the opportunity for a second installment of The Pamphlet Experiments came quickly. There were new Jehovah's Witness magazines in the laundry room yesterday! So this evening, I went to work.

I sneaked into the laundry room with my basket (to avoid looking suspicious, since a lot of people are out and about) and swiped the JW magazines. Once back in my apartment, I cut up Normal Bob's atheist pamphlets so that I could glue them to the cover.

So I set to work. I tried to put them on so they obstructed as little of the cover story titles and such as possible, but it was difficult. This is the final result..

8:30pm April 18, 2004: The new magazines are in my possession, ready to be altered

8:40pm April 18, 2004: The magazines have been altered and are now drying. I used a liquid glue so that it'd really soak into both the covers and the pamphlets, hopefully bonding them well. But it's so cheap, that I ended up adding some super glue a little later.

So I let them dry and just went to place it in the laundry room again.

No one was in the laundry room when I went in, but people are walking around the complex tonight and, since the place was clearly in use, I hurriedly threw these on the one tiny clear spot on the table, snapped a picture, and left.

Atheist Pamphlet Experiment #2 Results

So, I was much better about following up on The Atheist Pamphlet Experiment #2 this time. After an hour had passed, I went back to check on the altered magazines.

The evidence:

There were no signs that anyone had attempted to tear off my additions.

Findings: Someone didn't like what they saw and decided it didn't need to be seen by others.

The life of these glued pamphlets was less than one hour.

Because the magazines are still in prime condition, and because nothing thrilling happened to them, I'll probably take them out of the trash and return them to the table late tonight, so give them another go. Expect a Pamphlet Experiment #2 Update Part B..


Future Plans for the Pamphlet Experiments: The next time JW magazines show up in the laundry room, I'm going to change my strategy to see what happens. I'm going to print out an article or some sort of statistics about how many Jehovah's Witnesses and their children have died after refusing blood transfusions. And, probably, a list of everything that could get you "disfellowshipped" (which means you're kicked out of the church and other JWs aren't allowed to associate with you). People get disfellowshipped for things like smoking, for goodness sake. And, by the way, JWs are required to tell on their fellow JWs for doing anything against their rules.

OK, anyway. I hope you like what I've started doing with your pamphlets. I think it could inspire some interesting reactions! I'll keep you posted on it, if you want.