"Hey, here's an original idea, how about a Mohammed dress up? Or are you SCARED!?!”

The complainers show just how original they can be at times.

Their emails will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Subject: Why is the world so full of fools?

Okay, I'm writing this to make some clarifications for your fans as well as the even more ignorant fools that plague you with their drivel about MuhammadDressUp.com. I know that you have told more than your fair share of these nitwits that there is no image of Muhammad the God. Then again, there is no God Muhammad. He was a man. He was nothing more than a spiritual leader, just like all those guys in the "Old Testament". Or, those guys that "followed Jesus" in the "New Testament". Sure, Muslims like himŠ he created the foundation of their entire life structure! But, they do NOT worship him as a god, which would be in direct violation of their belief structureŠ sort of like praying to statues of "saints" or dead guys hanging on hunks of wood is a direct violation of the Christian belief system.

As for Allah, wellŠ in all honesty, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, and God are supposed to be the same entity. So Bob IS in fact mocking Muslims, Christians, and Jews when he says religion is stupid. I for one agree. You people are so desperate for acceptance that you even have to get it from your invisible friends. Before you start ribbing him for not having a BuddhaDressUp.com (which I think he should make just for fun) Buddha isn't a god either. I'm going to go back to that whole "spiritual leader" thing again. Yes, there are people that praise him and ask him to help them on their way to universal negation of individual beings, but they do not worship him as a god.

I suggest that if you people are going to get all riled up over something, that you first look into it so as to avoid looking like a giant pack of Jack-Asses. If you are going to call a man a hypocrite for not doing something that he CAN'T do, at least go read your own damn book of rules and stop being one of the largest group of hypocrites in the world!


People. Listen up.

Bob is not lying when he tells you that there is no image of Mohammad to caricaturize. Otherwise you can bet your ass we would have that game too! Think about it. Bob is an atheist. Do people even know what that means? It doesn't mean "hater of the Christian God". It means no belief in ANY god. Zero. Nada. None. This would include Mohammad, Allah, God, Jesus, Buddha, Osiris, Loki, and all the ones I can't name because their names have been lost to time.

I don't get it. Why would having a Mohammad Dress Up please you people and Jesus Dress Up only brings out the hate? Didn't your Jesus want you to love people? Wouldn't Jesus be sad if He could read all these letters you are sending in His defense? If I were Jesus, I would be pretty pissed off. For one, more than half of you can't spell or write a clear sentence. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece of literature, people. But for your Christ's sake, couldn't you at least TRY to communicate something even close to the point you are trying to make? Reading through Bob's Christian hate mail is like reading the bible. Coincidence? I think not. Ignorant people write some ignorant crap.

Another good reason for Jesus to be pissed; it's His show. When was the last time ANY of you Christians packaged your god in anything but a pretty white guy's body standing around in flowing robes with children gawping up at him and his glowing tresses? Damn, your god even looked good nailed up to a cross and dripping blood. Christians are very into appearances. I know; I used to be one.

Bob's Jesus Dress Up is no more offensive than you Christians depicting your man-god Savior as a white guy with no split ends and pretty teeth. In a far off land in a time of no dentists and hairdressers, this WOULD be a miracle! I bet they didn't even have toothpaste back then. In fact, did you know that back then they only bathed for religious purposes? That's pretty gross. Even if Jesus WAS a white guy, do you think his skin would really look all that white after weeks in the desert trotting around in a bunch of dusty robes with no coin laundry, stick of deodorant or a shower in sight?

So call Bob all the names you want to. Section him off into Hell with all the other kids your God created and rejected. Be pleased knowing at night before you fall asleep that Bob will assuredly be subjected to the soul ripping horror of your eternal Hell just because he drew a picture. Christ, you people act as if he's killing people or actually causing harm to someone. Has it even crossed your minds that Bob doesn't ACTUALLY make the magnets? What about the souls of all those poor Asian children making 10 cents an hour? Don't you care about them?

It's stupid to question whether Bob is brave enough to draw up a Mohammad Dress Up. That might be one of the dumbest things I have ever read. Instead, try reading through the rest of his site and see for yourself what he believes in and doesn't. You'll find he makes perfect sense, much more sense that someone who writes an email about Mohammed Dress Up with anal sex, emasculation, and misspelled death threats all in the name of your lord. Crazy isn't drawing up a picture of a long dead man, people. Crazy believes someone should suffer for the drawing of it. I bet Bob wouldn't want any one of you to die just because you see things differently than he does. How uncouth. Think about it.

So while you're writing in your hate mail, praying to your god to save us all from a website or a magnet, I want you to remember one thing about atheists. They are the only group of people who can agree about the contents of your "rule book" {or any others}. I hope that thought tells you a little something about your "beliefs". Sure, Ann Coulter wants you to think atheists are mass murdering freaks who hunger only for power and human suffering, but really we just want to have a bit of fun and get along just like everyone else. And maybe we might even be better at getting along since we don't have all the worry of Hell breathing down our necks every second of the day and night. And remember, if you have to write and be a hater, at least use spell check and know what in your Hell you are talking

In the end, Jesus Dress Up is a lot like anything Christians hate. Abortions, condoms, gay marriage, vaginas or half shirts- if you don't like it, don't fucking buy or subscribe to it. Now go do something important with your time, like feed the hungry or clothe the needy.

Keep Writing and Try Harder,

“how about Mohammed with a baseball bat up his rectum?”


Love that Jesus dress-up! I hope they're selling like hotcakes.Now, for your next product, how about Mohammed with a baseball bat up his rectum? Or maybe an atheist like you, with his own genitals stuffed in his mouth? We're going to need lots of re-education camps for people like you and your customers, if we're ever going to rescue our culture.


Hey Youdo!

Well, what may initially sound like a wonderful endurance test is actually not even plausible! Did you know that the image of Mohammed is a sacrilege? That means that the people who follow Him have never even created an image of Him! It's true! There is not one recognizable image of the god Mohammed to be found. Check Google! You'll see that I'm right! Subsequently this makes it impossible to draw any kind of proper Dress Up page for Mohammed the god.

If you'd like, I would be happy to post your email address so that you can be contacted by anyone who has the Mohammed-bashery you're craving. I'm sure there are many out there who'd be very interested in your idea.

It seems that it'd be you people who need to be re-educated, and I am happy to oblige!
Thank you for the email anyhow!

“Try doing this with Martin Luther King or with Mohammad‹the latter could get you killed”

You really are an ass. Try doing this with Martin Luther King or with Mohammad - the latter could get you killed - lucky for you Christians are taught to turn the other cheek.

Cuthbert Jack

Hi there. Now, I'm not sure how much you know about Mohammed but there is actually no image in existence of this god. You see, the people who worship Him consider it blasphemy to even create a likeness of one's god, something I suppose you fellas don't really care about.

Recognizability is something required for a page such as the one you've suggested.


P.S. Did Martin Luther King raise from the dead too?

“...how about a dress up Allah or a dress up Mohammed. Do you have the guts...”

Hey man, since obvously there are no sacred cows in your world, how about a dress up Allah or a dress up Mohammed. Do you have the guts to show the same kind of insensitivity toward the so called "religion of peace" that you do toward Christianity? I doubt it. You' re probably too much of a coward to risk pissing off the Muslims. I know you think it's cute to poke fun at people's religion and I'm sure you'll have a big ol yawn when you read my letter But I'm waiting to see if you have the balls to insult a few million blood thirsty Muslim extremists. Let's see how brave you are.


Okay, I'll say it again.
Both Allah and Mohammed don't have an image that can be drawn! It's not about being a coward, there simply isn't an image of either of these guys to illustrate from. One of the key ingredients to a dress up page (such as the one I've drawn for Jesus Christ) is recognizability!

Christ, I feel like I'm giving art lessons to a 4 year old!


“can we expect to see Allah Dress Up magnets?”

Normal Bob, when can we expect to see Allah Dress Up magnets? Surely you would not be afraid of that controversy, would you?

Bradley A Noud

Do I have to spell it out? Allah - cannot - be - drawn!
There is no image of Allah to illustrate!

You see, there are some religions out there that believe that "God" cannot even be depicted in a drawing. It's a form of respect... and basic common sense for that matter!
Draw God = expose lie.

Oh, unless you believe that there's a human being that is also God.


“Why isn't there a dress-up Mohammad online?”

Dear Bob -
Really hated the Jesus dress-up, which mocks a particular religion. I am curious why you are not making sport of some other religion, say, Islam, for instance? Why isn't there a dress-up Mohammad online? Of course, there would most likely be an immediate price on your head from the Muslim community for doing something obscene with Mohammad. And after they got through with you, perhaps someone would think up and market a 'dressup Bob' doll, the exploitation of which would cause pain and undue horror to your family. Which is pretty much the way I and hundreds of thousands of people feel about your dressup Jesus. I hope everyone who has seen Mel Gibson's movie also gets a chance to see how you make fun of everything they hold dear, and I hope you reap the reward of this horrible "hate crime" you call marketing. Is there anything you hold dear, Bob? I would like to know.

Melanie Saxton


Melanie. Okay, how many ways do I have to say it? There is no possible way to create a working Mohammed or Allah dress up page. There is no image of either of these "gods" in existence! None! No one would recognize one if I chose to draw their god, thus getting no traffic to the site, and being a total waste of $27 for the web address purchased.

As for the Dress Up Bob doll, I thought that was such a great idea I drew one up specially for you just last night. Because there is nothing I hold more dear to my heart than myself.

Now we're even.


“I wonder if you are bold enough to make the same mockery of Muhammad”

This is a very poor idea to market. I do not find it impressive or something our society needs. This is clearly an attempt at mocking Jesus and those who follow him. Yet most Christians I know won't take up arms or do anything other than protest. So knowing that I am sure you don't have anything to fear from the Christians. I wonder if you are bold enough to make the same mockery of Muhammad. The Muslims don't seem to be as passive as the Christians. Do realize God won't be mocked. We ask you please quit marketing this item.

Heather Hespe

There is no goddamned image of Mohammed to be drawn! I've tried to profit off of this and have found no way to do so! I sunk $10,000 into a Mohammed Dress Up fridge magnet project before I found out that there's no image of him in existence!

Here's an idea for you Heather. Why don't you draw up your little interpretation of Mohammed, then go to the the Muslim home office and present it to them as the first ever illustration of their god. If you get their approval on the piece I will happily construct this dress up page that you want done.


“I am wondering if you would have the GUTS todo a equally distasteful mockup of Muhammed??!!”

Since you are so into free speech, I am wondering if you would have the GUTS todo a equally distasteful mockup of Muhammed??!! And of course you wouldn't because you know you would have death threats reiningdown upon your head......Christians are taught to love those that hate us ie you....... But Muslims do not turn the other cheek.........Come on big guy.......lets see you have some real guts and start picking on Islam... Devon Hill Proud exposer of liberal hypocrites...

Devon Hill


Okay, I have something I'd like you to do for me. Imagine a picture of your god Jesus. Got it? Pretty easy little test, huh?

Okay, now here's where it gets a little more difficult. Imagine a picture of Mohammed. That one's not so simple, is it? You know why that is? I'll tell you why. Because Muslims have created no worldly image of their god. And you wanna know something else? This little fact makES IT IMPOSSIBLE TO CREATE A GODDAMN MOHAMMED DRESS UP PAGE YOU IGNORANT TWIT!

What planet am I on? Is everybody a complete imbecile? Doesn't anyone question the fact that they worship a god that can have a little cartoon drawn of him? What's wrong with everyone! ARE YOU ALL MAD!!!


“...Mohammed or other religious leader, you'd probably get hit with a lawsuit”

Of course, I now realize that the normal in normalbobsmith is facetious. You can get away with mocking Christians so easily, unfortunately. If you had a dress up rabbi, Mohammed or other religious leader, you'd probably get hit with a lawsuit. Why don't you combine Mr. Potato Head and some unusual costumes instead?

AJ Basa

How many different ways can I say it?? There is no way to draw Mohammed!

Is this what you people do? You bombard the opposition with your own stupidity? Does that actually work?!? It's like being gang raped by pinheads! Just a merciless assault of idiocy!

I give! I give! Just send me a picture of whatever you think Mohammed looks like and I'll make your freaking Dress Up Mohammed page! I can't take it anymore with all of your unoriginal ideas!



PS. That dress up rabbi idea can be found right here:

“Would you be comfortable selling "Dress Up Mohammed Figures"?”

I personally find this item offensive. I will pray for you to see the light, and I do not mean the one in the fridge While you may think it is "cute," your decision shows a great disrespect toward people of faith everywhere.
Would you be comfortable selling "Dress Up Mohammed Figures"?

I think not.

Larry Kahles

Dear Larry.
Please forward me a picture of Mohammed the god.

This ought to be a fun little project for your little mind. If you get dizzy or disoriented I ask that you stand at the top of a very steep staircase.


“Hey, how about a John Kerry dress up, with diamond-studded penis rings and someonešs fist shoved up his butt?”

That "Jesus Dress Up" game is really sick. I donšt really appreciate it, but I guess you have the freedom to do it. Hey, how about a John Kerry dress up, with diamond-studded penis rings and someonešs fist shoved up his butt?

Ben Campbell

John Kerry dress up?!?! Are you crazy?? Do you know what those wackos would do to me if I made a game where you could put John Kerry in a sun dress? Screw you Ben! I don't have a death wish!



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