Last week I went to this party, and a girl was there who had the worst breath I had ever encountered. I now refer to her as "Shit Breath" because that's exactly what it seemed she'd been eating.
Very little touchup had to be done to this photograph of us.

I hope you all enjoy this page of hate mail.

Their emails will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Every once in a while I receive an email from some religious organization that's been given my email address by some fan or non fan. Either way, I love responding to these emails. Here is one example of what I'm talking about:

Subject: Christian Radio

Dear FinalJusticeJesusDressUp

We are looking for pastors and bible teachers to do radio programs... if you know someone with a heart for this please email me

Morgan Freeman

Hello Morgan,
I would be delighted to take part in this radio program. I must congratulate you on your open mindedness and inviting me to do this.

Please let me know what you had in mind.


Subject: RE: Christian Radio

We are a group of radio stations and we are looking for men and women of God like you to do radio programs... In most cases they just take their sermon tapes and turn them into radio programs. We are doing something different. Usually the church's and Pastors are billed for the cost of air time. We have prayed and sought God and we feel led by the Spirit to Partner with our radio programmers.

We just ask them to pray for us and send in a love offering each month... So if you would like to be broadcast over international shortwave please complete the attached and email or fax it back and send some tapes or cd's. We begin your program with a 15 minute weekly broadcast and then we move you to more stations and increase you from there. please visit our web pages.

Morgan Freeman
5400 Minors Lane
P.O. Box 197309
Louisville Ky 40259

Subject: Christian Radio

here are photos of our station in africa.

Morgan Freeman

Hello and thank you again for your interest in me and my message of hope.

I visited your pages and I am positive that we should team up together and spread the message of God's grace. I am anxious to get my information out there and show how important Christ's crucifixion was. It was a sacrifice so immense that even the most evil deeds are forgiven under His merciful umbrella.

When I first created Final Justice Jesus Dress Up, getting support from the Christian right was a task. So many believers refused to acknowledge that even the worst sins of man are forgiven by Jesus. I am thrilled that you understand this and want to share it with those savages in Liberia. Perhaps I could include one of their native tribal outfits on my page too? Would that help spread God's word there?

Once again, I appreciate the courage you have to stand side by side with me and my Dress Up page. The fist will come down hard on us both but we will stand strong!

Normal Bob

(I wanted so very badly for a reply to this, but one never came.)




“Like what I mean is like, Jesus dosen't like this.”

Dude, don't u know that dressing up Jesus like toataly sucks? Like what I mean is like, Jesus dosen't like this.

E-mail me @ and I'll like tell u what to do.


Like, Kelly, like, do you like, really talk like this? I mean, like, I'd like to take you seriously and all, but like, if this is like, how you like write a complaint letter defending your like, religious beliefs then like, it's hard for me to respect, like anything you're like, liking.

In fact, like, you know like, when you like write a word over and over again and it like starts to look like, wrong? Like, that's what's like happening with "like" like right now, and I don't like it.


“Dont you even feel a little ashamed of yourself for making a mockery of the Lord Jesus Christ.”


Dont you even feel a little ashamed of yourself for making a mockery of the Lord Jesus Christ. Really, how can you sleep at night.

Do you ever ask yourself, Is Jesus real. I assure you he is. One day you will find out just how real, and i hope that its not too late for you.

Scott Morris

Okay, I do feel a little ashamed of my actions, but I also know that Jesus felt shame too for some of the bad things he did too.

And what makes you so perfect? Are you saying that you've never felt shame for the things you've done? You have no right to judge me for the shame I feel for what I've done to Jesus. Only Jesus can judge what I've done.
Oh, and God.
And a certified judge too, I suppose.


“How about naming something Jesus had to be ashamed of”


Im not being judgemental. Im just stating a fact. Your website is offensive to me. I did not say it was offensive to God. I do think however that it would be offensive to most TRUE Christians.

I say live and let live, but You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. Hope you make lots of money off making a joke out of Jesus. If that is what your heart desires. God gives us all a free will, he will not push himself on anybody. It has to be a choice.

How about naming something Jesus had to be ashamed of. Remeber he was the only person that ever walked on this earth who was sinless. I guess that would mean he would not have had ANYTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF.

Good Luck
Scott Morris

Oh, of course I can name some parts where Jesus felt shame. Remember when He totally trashed that church? I remember He went in there and started throwing stuff on the floors and kicking things over with His feet. I'm sure that He musta felt a lot of shame for that afterwards. What a horrible thing to do to a church.

I also remember that He was crucified on the cross for sins. He must have had a great amount of sin to be punished so severely like that. And didn't Jesus betray Judas with a kiss? It doesn't get any lower than betraying your best friend. What shame He had to have felt.

But I don't judge Jesus. These are just facts. I have NO RIGHT to judge Him Scott. None of us do. Only God has that right... and our judicial system (like we'd agreed upon before).

Anyhow, I agree with you. Live and let live. He paid the ultimate price for those sins and despite what many people say I think we all could learn a thing or two from Jesus.

Thank you for the email Scott. I hope that I answered some of the questions you had about Jesus.


“you are Sick”

I guess you probley get it alot But you are Sick

Waynette Parson

No, it's actually been a pretty good year for me. I had a bit of a sore throat at the beginning of this week, but I loaded up on the Vitamin C and got to bed early. By the next day I was fine!

Thanks for checkin' in.


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