I know I'm not the most handsome guy in the world, but I have to admit, I think I really got my shit together. I'm a classy dresser, apply my make up moderately (very manly), and I can hang out in a crowd and chill with the best of 'em.
So while I'm hangin' around being cool everywhere that I go I'm more than happy knowing that many of you are out there still writing me


Their emails will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Hey handsome,

Now that I'm back at school, I've taken on a philosophy class. Currently, we're studying Descartes. Now, he's got an argument as to why God has to exist that I'm having trouble proving wrong. I was hoping my dear friend Bob could come up with some flaws in his argument that I could bring up in class/my next paper. So, if you're up for something outside of the usual hatemail banter, check out Descartes Meditations (particularly #3 and #4).

To sum up, he basically says that as beings, we have this idea of infinity and perfection. Since we are ourselves finite and imperfect beings, there is no way we could possibly come up with the ideas of infinity and perfection unless we had a greater point of reference. Therefore, back in the day when infinity and perfection were first thought of, it was only because God put the idea there, being an infinite and perfect being Himself. If not, there would be no possible way we could have come up with those ideas on our own.

I'm guessing this is similar to the argument that there was no gravity until Newton discovered it (i.e. something cannot exist until it is recognized as existing and, in this case, could only have developed from the presence of a higher power, namely God). Hope you can help me out here, luv.

Always, Me.

I would argue that mankind cannot comprehend infinity, and the idea itself is only one of fantasy (more or less). It's no different than our ability to imagine anything that isn't possible. It's simply our creativity dreaming up such concepts. It's hardly evidence that there's a Supreme Being. The idea of infinity isn't a miracle or incredible. We're simply able to think outside the box. It's all part of our brain's evolution.

It's been theorized that the point in evolution when our brain began to fantasize and create ideas was the same point we were able to comprehend our own mortality. The two abilities coincide because they are similar. They are both concepts that separated us from the animals we'd once been. And this is also the same time we started inventing gods to worship. Coincidence?

I think it could just as easily be argued that our incapability to comprehend infinity is proof that there is no God too. But I'd never argue that. It's just as weak of an argument that imagining a rock to be a hammer could only happen with God's suggestion.

People were able to deduce that all things end at some point, and then they asked... "What if they didn't?"
There's your dumb infinity.

Ask that idiot Descartes if putting two mirrors face to face proves God. Why not!??!?!


“Subject: I saw your site...”

Subject: I saw your site...

Now I'd like you to visit this site. Perhaps it will make you think about who you are making fun of.

Jennifer Alwine

Wow. That convinced me.
I'm tearing down the site tomorrow and stomping my computer into the ground.


“Real men don't dishonor women, or make a mockery out of something sacred and pure.”

You're a very sad, strange little man. From your snappy little reply I can gather this info about you right away. You're a very insensitive, unpleasant person. First I go to your site and am completely insulted by your lack of tact or respect for anyone whatsoever. Dressing up Christ like a paper doll as He suffers on the cross for humanity? That's a new low.

Then I saw your lovely site on Catholic girls. What kind of a man are you? Surely not a real man. Real men don't dishonor women, or make a mockery out of something sacred and pure. Do you make a living doing this kind of thing? Why would anyone pay for ideas that surely come from the mind of a twisted twelve year old? I'm normally a pretty easy going person, but you really offended me. Sorry Bob.

Jennifer Alwine

Dishonor women? This coming from someone who's religion treats women as second class citizens? Your chauvinist belief teaches little girls that they'll never be as important as a man. Hell, you're just above a goat in the Bible's food chain. If women were thought of any less in the Bible you wouldn't even be worth your weight in firewood.

Dishonor women?!? Have you read the Bible? You dishonor women when you refuse them the human right to speak their mind and command them to obey a man. You do realize that those girls you speak of on my site are doing what they're doing of their own free will, right? And they're doing it regardless of what people think, because it's what they believe and feel strongly about. The girls I'm friends with never take shit from a man... no matter how hard I try give it to them. You are not dishonoring women when you let them shove their atheist beliefs in the face of some ranting bible thumping man... on stilts!

You dishonor women when you hop on an idea that has degraded women throughout its entire history and still stands on the concept that women are less valuable than men. Christ, I wonder if you're even aware of what you believe. You blind fucking tool.

You need to climb out of the dark ages with your beliefs and pull yourself into an era where a woman can be a scientist specifically so that she can refute the Bible and its prehistoric misconceptions of a woman's roll to a man.

Oh yeah, and the MAN you worship is a fake.

“...should not be able to play....take it off your site as soon as posible....I think that this type of game should not be out there...take it off your site...
also respond back”

I think that this game is morally wrong and should not be able to play. I also think that this game is very wrong and hurtful because of you having a Jesus Dress Up Game. I would greatly appreciate it if you would take it off your site as soon as posible. I think that this type of game should not be out there for young children to see.

Thanks for your time,

P. S- Please take it off your site i would appreciate it very much, also respond back

This is a very interesting angle you've taken. I hadn't considered this before. Would you care to elaborate on your feelings about Jesus Christ any?

You see, my feeling is that Jesus Christ was, in fact, not the Son of God. I think many people forget how absurd such a claim is sometimes and they just tag along and believe the stories just because that's what people have told them. My belief is that the Bible is fictional stories and folklore that's gotten way out of hand and become a religion to people who really badly want a God and Heaven waiting for them after this life.

To me this is clearly bull shit.

My argument back to you would be that I do think it's a good thing for children to see because it lets them know that they have a choice to believe what they want. And I feel that the truth (atheism) is a far better belief, with a lot more logic and evidence backing it up.

So, no, I will not remove my Jesus Dress Up page and I'd also suggest that you question your own beliefs a little further. It seems to me that you're really far off and this could really mess with your head in a negative way... and also the heads of the children you're teaching that bull shit to.

Thanks for the email.

P. S- I hope you don't mind me dismissing your request, but if you'd like, I'd be willing to ban you from the page so that you're not ever welcome back to it again. Would that help any?

“For all the people who believe in Jesus this is just not expectable!”

Firstly, im a 16 year old child my self so me seeing it is making me very upset. And personally you being atheist is your choice but For all the people who believe in Jesus this is just not expectable! And you should believe in Jesus or God! I believe sense you don't believe in a God you are going to hell. And I Do NOT think that I need to question anything because I have a God to believe in and I will never ever stop believing in Jesus Christ. THIS is NOT messing up with my head but I do think that it is messing up with your head in a negative way. And everyone I know believe in God or Jesus. And may be you should have been taught to believe in God or Jesus when you were younger! And that is NOT B-S!!

P. s- I do mind you dismissing my request for you putting a stop to the Dress up game.. Please do ban me from your page because i will never go to it and will never let anyone in my house or family go to it


Okay then, you asked for it. You are now officially banned!

Now it's simply an endurance test. Let's see who breaks first. I'm almost ready to bet money that it'll be you. Oh, and I can't wait until you come crawlin' back!


“thanks for banning me”

hahaha your funny i need no reason to ever come back to your website thanks for banning me


Oh, you just wait. You'll be back. Everyone always comes back. And I don't care if you're on your knees begging and licking my feet, there isn't even a chance that you will be unbanned!

Oh I cannot WAIT for that day!
By the way, I just DOUBLE banned you!
Let's see who's cryin' now.


“I generally have a pretty cool sense of humor”

Damn Bob,

I generally have a pretty cool sense of humor, I find the strangest crap amusing... but this is idiotic and hardly funny. What's up with this?


Hmmmm, you know, I would have to argue with you. I would counter by saying that your sense of humor may not be as cool as you've always thought. Have you considered maybe that your sense of humor sucks? You should seriously look into that because I've gotten thousands of emails from all kinds of people who find it extremely funny.

Thank you for the inquiry. I hope you get that all sorted out.

“really fucked up”

really fucked up

Allen W. Logger

Oh yeah? What are you on?


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