“The idea of a God is not just a belief that donkeys talk.”
Dorin Keith

Their emails will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Subject: Re: Sperm Boy

Huh... Aaaaaaaalright dude. Whatīs up with all this Sperm Boy thing-a-ding you have going on? I mean, itīs funny! But that last one? That was creepy... Just say it man!! Admit it! Youīre fucking in love with Sperm Boy! You think heīs Spermilicious! tss tss You sick bastard...

Oh and stop only choosing the moronic hate mail. Not that they arenīt all morons, but iīm sure there are people who write hate mail to you who donīt write their entire mail content in CAPS and with an abusive use of!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ????????????? and write stuff like "wats ur problem!!! pplz r religous n pplz dunt agree wut u@!!!!!!!!!!! so if i were u id take dat off!!!!!!!!!!"

Iīm actually almost certain this are mostly people who are taking a piss out of all this. No. I refuse to believe that there are people as moronic as that. So huh... bubye and huh punk sucks. *boing*

Nuno Santana.

Fuck you! You don't even know a goddamn thing about our relationship! Fuck you! And don't you question my feelings for him! Fuck every other part of your email.... you have no right to judge my feelings... or Sperm Boy's!

You know, it's people like you that know nothing of the true meaning of existence and what's important in life. You want all of your romances served up on a TV tray and your loveless lives drowned out by that sonic light of a digitized screen. If you knew anything about us you'd see quite plainly that there has never been a love more pure than ours.... you fuck face!

And who cares what you want? No one. That's who! You probably want some boring relationship with some limbed person who wears regular hats (or no hat at all, hahahahaha!) and speaks the same language as you do! Such a pitiful bore you are. No wonder you've got complaints about my site, it's got interesting content and cool things.... unlike YOUR LIFE!

You will never see my secret basement. I am sorry. Even if you crawled up to me on bloody stubs and begged to see it I would never let you down there. I'd just let you bleed to death and I'd laugh at you for even attempting to seek a perfection as pure as the boy you know as Sperm. No one will ever take me away from him. Not even any law enforcement agency... or the National Guard even!

You have nothing... and without me you wouldn't even have air.



“As a Christian, it seems sort of derogatory to post Christ up with a pair of briefs only to play "dress up".”

Could you please email me and explain how you got this idea. As a Christian, it seems sort of derogatory to post Christ up with a pair of briefs only to play "dress up". Maybe there is a deeper meaning, and I am not knocking this website just yet. If possible, could you please help me understand, because at this point it seems as though you meant to be shamless in your portrayal of Christ.

Dorin Keith

Sure Dorin, I have no problem with giving you a further explanation of my dress up page.

You see, Christ is not really God. Many people don't know that! They think that Christ (who was a man) is the person who made the universe, saved mankind from (get this) burning hell fire (he he), and lives up in heaven where we will one day join Him and His Almighty Father. Seriously! And I'm talkin', grown adults who believe in His super powers, talking donkeys and even the devil himself! It's crazy!

So, needless to say, I just had to make a dress up page of this fellow (Jesus) to show everybody that there are still a few sane members of society out here who don't fall to their knees and start licking the feet of the first person who everyone claims is God.

So, yeah, that's part of the reason I made the dress up page of Jesus Christ. The other reason is because it's hilarious! Don't you think? I mean, have you tried Him out in the tu tu yet? Fantastic.


“i am a christian, and so what you said would of course offend me”

is it possible that maybe He is real? and lets just say that this whole "thing" about this "christ" man is real, then what do you suppose can happen- anything. i am a christian, and so what you said would of course offend me, and i dont really know if you meant to or not, but in this world, you are at least partially responsible for being respectful to others. i am not going to start those silly protests and the like because i think it is totally ridiculous, however, i think you should thoughtfully consider the impact your page may have on others.

maybe your denial of christ has to do with some fear of your own. and if you dont believe in the existence of christ, then why would you even pay enough attention to post a page to those who do kiss his feet? just a questioin of thought, and feel free to email me back.

Dorin Keith

What if it's possibly all for real? Well, good golly Dorin, then what a kooky, topsy-turvy miracle-a-minute world we live in, huh? My favorite part is when the donkey said: "Haven't I been a good donkey?" Numbers 22:27

Wow, you're really one of those people who believes all that stuff? What's it like? I mean, do you think that there weren't any dinosaurs and Adam and Eve had a conversation with a snake and they lived to be 900 years old? Yeah, maybe it's all real Dorin! Gosh, that could quite possibly be an option! No really, I think that Jesus is looking down on us right now and crying because we're doubting His really true stories! Honest!

Yes, I really fear it, that's why mock it. That makes perfect sense. And my plan is to try and defeat the God of the Universe with my web page because I think that's a foreseeable conclusion.... Him being God and me being a little man that he created.

Dorin, maybe you should go back to the 3rd grade and listen a little harder during science class. A donkey cannot talk. Did you know that? Well, it's true. No donkey has ever spoken a word of English (or Hebrew). And if it hurts people's feelings when I say that then maybe they need to grow up too? Don't ya think?

"Is it possible that maybe He is real?"
Hahaha! That's the best one yet Dorin! Hahahahaha!
Are you emailing me from a mental facility?


“the idea of a god, is not just a belief that donkeys talk”

actually, lots of christians believe lots of things based on whatever their story is. i believe that there were dinasours, and the theory of evolution, i dont dispute. i really believe in all that "stuff", and dont take me for trying to proselytze. i really want to know what goes on in a true unbelievers head, and at least give good facts.

the wonder of religion, is faith. that faith that is unseen and trust in something that knows more than our puny human brains can contain. the idea of a god, is not just a belief that donkeys talk, but the understanding that there is something out there which knows more than all the smartest humans have discovered. from what i can gather, you are a very literal person, who takes the facts for face value, and nothing that you can feel or see or hear cant be real. for the most part, i am in agreeance with you- that which cant be sensed, cannot be real. i guess the experience of Christ has to be personal. if god is god, he can use anything, be it a donkey or a bush. that is the point of a creator. logistically speaking, if something is made by a specific maker, could it not do anything it wants with its product?

and no, i havent written from a mental facility!:) write back if you have the time.
Dorin Keith

Wow! You ARE serious! Unbelievable! Talking donkeys and the works! Yeah, I suppose when you're dealing with the creator of the universe anything is possible!

You seem to believe in everything! That must be exciting! But it really doesn't say much for your beliefs now does it? I mean, saying that you believe in everything. How does anyone take you seriously about anything?

And you believe in Adam and Eve, AND the dinosaurs? Did they live side by side together on earth or did God just fit the dinosaurs (invention to extinction) in between the third and fifth day right before He made man? I'm always fascinated by how you people work it all out in your head so that it makes any kind of sense.

But I am also feeling a bit guilty. Before I was just joking about you being in a mental institution. I didn't realize that you were probably just a little kid. I picked up on that because of the talking donkeys. If you're like 7 years old it's still okay to believe in all that Bible junk. It's kinda cute actually.

My apologies about the name calling. I thought you were a grown up.
Thank you for the email.
Jesus still loves you Dorin.
Buh bye sweetie.

“Are you rejecting the existence of Jesus Christ entirely? Or do you just despise this man?”

Subject: hahahaha hilarious..

I was just wondering..
Are you rejecting the existence of Jesus Christ entirely? Or do you just despise this man? It is clear that sometime in the course of history, a man who was of royal descent(from the House of David) called Jesus had lived on this earth and had preached about love and forgiveness.

Although it is very true that the folly of the Roman Catholic Church had distorted the historical truth and made a good man a "God" and thus, an object of worship, I do not think it is very appropriate to degrade an immensely influential historical figure in such a way you do on your website. This, in my opinion, is just like degrading Mahatma Ghandi for no apparent reason.

I think it would be wiser and more apropos to poke fun out of the Catholic Church for their "creation" of the Bible...(in the Council of Niceas)...and wielding so much power unto people... and also of course, Protestant churches for their stupidity to take it as granted and distorting it even more..(read Luther and Calvin) Leave the poor Jesus Christ alone. What you are doing is very unconvincing..and childlike.. Gather some more historical background..

and please do keep in mind that Christians refer to both Catholics and Protestants.. and what you call "Christians" are termed Protestants.. and more specifically, the followers of the Lutheran Church who had emphasis on faith alone..and not of works.. In other words, I appreciate your skills in playing with HTML, but I think you're just as fucking dumb as those blind Christians.. sigh..the ignorance..

krsoneone@hotmail.com .

I'm gathering here that you're trying to separate Jesus Christ from religion, and somehow suggesting that this is what people are supposed to do? Sure, Jesus was portrayed as heroic, pure, good, influential and, quite honestly, perfect. But that does not mean that the stories are true. Now, I would not jump to such a conclusion if they hadn't also included magical powers, "Son of God" label and an ability to rise from the dead and float upwards into the sky without wings or any hoisting mechanism to speak of.

TJ, you do not have to respect every perfect fictional character thought up by man, especially if in return you're also expected to worship Him and follow the rules written in a book about Him. Fuck the Catholic church. Anybody claiming to have a God for you to worship is a fool, and it's the gods that need to be brought back down to earth, where they've always been.

I am sure Jesus Christ would be more than happy to see His image brought back down to reality and torn to shreds in a public forum. He hates lies as much as you do TJ. You'd better get your shit together and realize that these men never wanted this to happen to them, but it has... and it is not respectful to their names to support a lie. That's exactly what you'd be doing if you pussy-foot around the miracles and outdated commandments.

Your ignorance is feeding on a sympathy for someone who was a really nice guy.
It's a religion now.
Be very afraid you tiny pea.

“hi my name is christina i think this is realy dum so email me back”

hi my name is christina i think this is realy dum so email me back to ski_bunny22@hotmail.com


hey christina my name is bob and i think you're really dum so email me back to bob@normalbobsmith.com


“there is something seriously wrong with you.”

there is something seriously wrong with you. hope you realize it before it's too late.

Maureen Chasson


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