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Thanksgiving issue of Hate Mail!
Their emails will be in blue
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About your flyers

Hey, i think your guys page is great. really funny. i just had one comment about the flyer. you guys say nothing is more important than the human race. human centered bible bullshit is a large reason why western civilization only cares about humans. its why it takes so much god damn effort to get anyone to do anything that is ecologically friendly.

maybe you guys don't want to get pegged as green as well as jesus bashers but for me it is a large reason i don't believe and am annoyed with religion. we depend on this lil old planet for the human race survival. i just think it is an important point.

sorry to bitch. i really did enjoy your site. good work. obviously you guys put in a whole lot of effort.


Bible-thumping tree huggers? What are you talking about? I mean, I don't care if they chop down all the forests if it'll save one pants-shitting bag lady. I'm hardly concerned with being pegged "anti environment" for putting humans at the top of the food chain.

However, I am concerned with your frequent use of the words "you guys".

It's just me over here Clea. No one else. Did you count the names at the bottom of each page? I'm the only Normal Bob Smith here. All of the hate mail is addressed to me, I draw all of the funny pictures, and do all of the work. Me alone. Here by myself. The magnets, their shipping, the fliers, the Satan-drag, the freelancing, the Dress Me Ups... all of it me.

If there is somebody out there taking credit for my site please give me their URL. I look forward to telling them what a big fat cock sucking liar-fraud they are. No exceptions.

And I assure you Clea, nothing would relieve me more than a staff to blame for the mistakes, a partner to lighten the load or even a girlfriend offering me real life hugs (the useless IMed "*hugs*" just ain't cuttin it anymore) while I read through people's complaints.

Don't I deserve love? Haven't I done enough to get their attention? Where's the fulfillment of the heart Satan promised?!?

So Clea, you can take your little ecologically friendly agenda and shove it up an albino tiger's ass. It's my turn, not yours, and I expect some goddamned fucking love this instant!

Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday season.


PS. Care to send me a picture to go with your letter?

“I can only pray that God doesn't strike you dead where you stand.”


Dear Mr. Bob Smith,

I can only pray that God doesn't strike you dead where you stand. I also will pray that he convict you terribly for the sin you have committed by having this site. My email is blake_meade_2005@hotmail.com, just thought i would let you know. And I hope you come to your senses.

Blake Mead

It tickles me to no end hearing that you actually believe you're transmitting your thoughts into the next dimension (to your god, no less) requesting that I don't get struck by lightning. You remind me of one of those monkeys looking behind the mirror to see where the heck that other monkey behind the glass went.

Please keep me up to date on the thoughts your god transmits back into your head pertaining to that request. Until then I'm gonna be zig zagging everywhere I walk trying to dodge His vengeance.

Where'd the monkey go Blake?!?!


“there's no reason to hate Christianity and all the Christians”

I know that you probably wanted to make something people would talk about, but why do you have to offend Christianity?

Real Christianity is all about love. Now and before, there were people who did bad things in the name of Christianity. Deliberately or unknowingly they did those things although those things had nothing to do with Christian principles.

But they were only individuals and there's no reason to hate Christianity and all the Christians because the majority of them isn't like that.

Miodrag Lukic
Serbia & Montenegro

Oh! I don't hate Christians. It is all just a lark. No bother.


“You can make thousands of other jokes and pranks without offending any religion.”

I assumed that you wanted to make something people would talk about, but I wrote to you because it was offending.

Can you please do something about it. I know that it's your choise but I implore you. You can make thousands of other jokes and pranks without offending any religion.

Miodrag Lukic

Yes, but there are thousands of other jokes that aren't funny. And c'mon, joking about God isn't allowed? Do you think He actually gets His feelings hurt? I mean, how far are you gonna push this lunacy? God being bullied by web hosts? Poor fella.


“Jesus will be offended and will punish you severely”

Subject: Hey please stop it

The website www.jesusdressup.com is a mockery of Jesus please withdraw the site or Jesus will be offended and will punish you severely

Jimmy Dias

Hell, I'm not scared. I've seen Jesus, and it'll be a cold day in hell when you see me tremblin' in my boots over a guy wearin' sandals.


“filthy bastard”

Subject: jesus dress up

you are a filthy bastard

jed newmyer

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