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I'd like to wish you and your loved ones the warmest holiday wishes on Satan's birthday.

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An email from a guy who doesn't approve of the toy I'm selling.
(No, that's not a picture of him.)

Subject: Halloween dress-up Jesus

"Normal" bob smith:

I am certainly not what you would call a religious finatic. I have my own beliefs, which I prefer to keep to myself, and that is all that really matters as far as I am concerned. Because of this, I usually do not care one way or another about sites such as yours.

However, I do find your Jesus dress-up magnets rather offensive. I am sure for those that are really into religion, they are probably extremely appalled by your lack of respect for Jesus. And for those that are atheists, since they do not believe in Jesus anyway, I'm sure this site has absolutely no interest to them either. Since they don't believe in Jesus, heaven, hell, etc., I'm sure they would prefer to dress up a Barbie doll as opposed to Jesus. Therefore, the only people I see that would have any desire to purchase such an item, would be those that actually believe in Jesus, but for some sadistic reason wish to make fun of his crucifixion.

I guess none of us will really know if God will find any humor in any of this until the time comes when we die and find out what might actually exist in the "hereafter". All I can say is best of luck to you.


I hadn't actually thought of this, but you're right, although, I know some people have purchased the magnets simply because Jesus is kind of popular now. It looks "cool" to buy it i.e. "Hey, look at my new black leather jacket, and this wax skull candle on my coffee table. Oh, and I got the new Jesus Dress Up fridge magnets for my refrigerator!"

No deep personal meaning. Just for fun.

There have also been some people who bought them because they think the belief is a funny thing. Like pokin' fun at crazy people. They're kind of kitchy too. That gets a lot of people.

You'd be surprised how many have just had the whole crucifix image played out and now they're completely desensitized to it, to the point of enjoying it in a fridge magnet type game. Even religious folks!

Either way, unless they're like some superstitious wacko, no one's really thinkin it through to such a degree like you're doin'. It's a silly little game for your kids.

They're selling like crazy so I'm not too worried, but thanks for the good wishes.


PS. The Barbie Dress Up is a great idea! But Mattel has that whole line tied up in red tape. There's no copyright on Jesus. Works out good for me in that regard too. Free recognisablility!

“I hope your heart will talk to you and will see how wrong this is..”

Subject: sick

How dare you disrespect jesus like this on your site. I was just appaled at this and to think that kid's are able to attain your site, you should feel ashamed. I am so sick by what I saw.... I hope your heart will talk to you and will see how wrong this is..


“I accidentally hit your site through a googlesearch for resorts..???”

Hello Bob,

I accidentally hit your site through a googlesearch for resorts..??? And I'm belwildered by normal bob smith.

Really Bob, what makes you tick? Why spend your time deriding other peoples beliefs? Do you have another site dedicated to what you believe in? Or, is this it. Are you the totality of what you're not?

I don't believe that.

Your site is dedicated to knocking the 4,000 year old Faith that has saved millions of lives, held great societies together and given meaning to an otherwise ordinary existence for the human race.

The Christian Faith is powerful thing which is why you are drawn to it. Everyone at some point will struggle with their Faith. People tend to deny and crucify what we don't understand or what bothers our conscience. But you have to dig a little deeper, Bob. If you really search for Christ, you will find that he has never forgotten about you and he will never hurt you as maybe people have. He will always love you.

Dan Arcand

It's hard to explain, but I'll try to Dan. There seems to be some strange other dimensional force (one much greater than I) drawing me to it. It's been a real struggle... so hard to figure out the truth.

I say out loud that I believe the dinosaurs existed, we evolved over millions and millions of years, and religion is nothing more than a superstitious fantasy dreamt up by primitive self-righteous men with hairy necks, but deep down inside I know that it all began with Adam and Eve, and the sin we commit is the reason there's bad weather.

Atheism isn't any kind of belief. It's a front for those of us who the idea of paradise doesn't appeal to. We pretend to believe in things that can be proven, scientific explanations, and logical reasons, but those things are all meaningless compared to the obvious magic all around us and the love that pours down from another dimension onto us all.

Sometimes I feel loneliness or guilt or hurt and those feelings need instant gratification... but there's no one immediately available like I want to relieve me of those bad feelings. Hell, I'd believe anything to dodge having to deal with those bad feelings.

What makes me tick you ask?
Maybe, just maybe, it is Jesus Christ Himself looking down from the heavens, chuckling because He foresees a greater adventure that lay ahead for me down that less traveled path... the one I have yet to embark upon.

But for now it's all just for the pussy.


“u will burn veeeeeeeery long ;)”

Hope God has a sence of humor
othervise.... u will burn veeeeeeeery long ;)

Alex Scherbina

Wouldn't it be great if our sense of humor turned out to be superior to God's? Now that would be funny!

...well, to me at least.


“when i first saw this i was horrified and then i thought oh well who ever made this WILL be in front of Jesus himself one day and know without a doubt that he is lord!!!!!”

Subject: what are u thinking?

well i guess its nice to make fun of people, the world we live in today says its okay to mock what u dont understand or care about. when i first saw this i was horrified and then i thought oh well who ever made this WILL be in front of Jesus himself one day and know without a doubt that he is lord!!!!! and i bet you'd wish you never made this site when that happens!! good luck you'll need it!!!! HAHAHA


The world we live in today also says it's okay to mock that which is preposterous and silly. But that's okay, after reading your email I just thought to myself, "Oh well, whoever wrote this to me will be rolling around naked in their own feces crying tears of heartache, while I on the other hand will be in a three piece suit rolling around in piles of whipped cream laughing tears of joy."
And I bet you'll wish you'd never written this letter when that happens!!!!

Good luck!!!!!!!! You're the one who's going to need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Humans can never be absolutely sure that we are not in a dream.”

Dear Bob,

My only question is this: "You say that you 'simply wanted to know the truth' so you added up all you knew and came to the conclusion that God doesn't exist." Okay, that's fine if you hold the belief that God does not exist. But truthfully, your arguments don't work one way or another. You neither prove that God exists or that God doesn't exist.

Your arguments:
"1) I've never felt God. Many times I'd searched but I never felt anything that couldn't otherwise be attributed to my brain, the weather, heartburn, etc...

2) I've never seen any evidence of God. You may tell me that it is all around. That is a storybook answer. Another vague / useless answer that could explain any numbers of beliefs. It was the lack of explanations that probably started the doubt.

3) I have seen in my life how often stories are distorted, embellished, made up and/or stretched. Much of the time it isn't to deceive, it's simply gullible ears and anxious mouths. It's a logical and probable explanation for the Bible and it's many incredible tales."

Number 1, if you look closely then you can see that technically you have never felt anything in your life. Your "feelings" are technically just ideas in your mind. Therefore you have had ideas of feelings, but you have never actually felt them because they are just ideas.

On number 2 I would have to agree. God cannot be proven from what is around us. Have you ever examined the dream argument? Well here it is in simplicity: Humans can never be absolutely sure that we are not in a dream. You have to admit that you can think of a time when a dream tricked your mind into believing it was reality. Since it is impossible to distinguish between dreaming and sleeping it is impossible to say that there is any real world. All external and material world objects are just images of our brain.

And Number 3 isn't a good argument at all. Just because some people can embelish stories does not mean that there is no truth to something. It also doesn't mean that there is any truth to it.

If you have not already assumed, I hold a view of a Philosophical Agnostic. In case you are unfamiliar with this term, a Philosophical Agnostic is a person who believes that there are no good arguments proving that God exists or that God does not exist. I believe that it is up to each person to decide for themselves if there is a God. If you are going to choose to not believe in a God though, I would suggest that you at least come up with a logical and well defended proof for that belief. Saying that "I've never felt God" just doesn't cut it. Oh , and you also use defenses like "it's written in the Bible somewhere". Somewhere isn't exactly a good word to use when basing a belief off the Bible. And truthfully, the Bible was written by man, so therefore it could contain errors even though it is defined as the word of God. The men who wrote parts of the Bible could have mistaken parts of their Divine inspiration, or they may have also been flat out crazy. Either way, try not to use the Bible to justify any beliefs because it doesn't work well.

I have no problem with your beliefs or website. In fact, I found it humorous. All I ask of you is that you use more concrete proofs to prove that God does not exist. I also understand that from the small portion of the website I looked at I probably did not find your entire view on why God does not exist. I feel confident though in assuming that you never used any arguments that strayed much farther from those 3 listed above. And, as I have shown, you have not proved anything except for the fact that you cannot prove anything concerning God. Email me back with a more detailed reason of why you don't believe in God. I would find it highly interesting.

Have a wonderful day/night depending on when or if you read this.
Kyle written in the Christian bible somewhere

Kyle Fleege

Kyle, the difference between a dream and reality is- in your dreams those other people don't think for themselves. Do you think for yourself Kyle? Unfortunately it appears that you do. I suggest trying the "Pinch me" test. It's a scientific procedure that dates back to the Mo, Larry & Curly years. It was developed for people just like you.

Technically we don't feel anything? And your argument is that because the brain is involved with the "feeling process" they can no longer be considered feelings? Technically?!

You know Kyle, perhaps we are all living the complex, long ass coma-dream of a mad genius and we are unable to feel beyond the thoughts in our head, hopelessly searching for answers without any tools we can trust... not even our own logic.

Today you've made Philosophical Agnostic Idiot's all over the world proud.

Have a wonderful reality / imaginary depending on what you're on when you're reading this.



Subject: Your Website


Rhonda Weeks

I'm guessing I ain't gonna get $15.99 out of ya for the fridge magnets.


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