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Ryan's emails will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Darling little 9 year old Ryan certainly got a rise out of my audience. He's also taken the battle to his own site, so feel free to contact him there with your thoughts and feelings on the subject.

Below are letter from my readers addressed to Ryan.


I am bored and writing you is about all there is to do in my wholely eventful and overly wonderful life. The Ryan guy on your last Hate mail page was by far one of the dumbest.

I have to agree with you totally that his ideas are a classic example of the brainwashing that is the Christian religion. Well, most religions for that matter. This email is much shorter because well... I have no intention of saying anything worth mentioning to the universe as a whole, just a bored college student passing the time and wishing he was getting laid.

Stephen Paschal

This is an email I sent to Ryan, from your newest page of hate mail, page 135. Attached is a real picture of Ryan from his Xanga Weblog Community.

Poor poor Ryan. If you knew anything of evolution, you would know that it is absolutely not a mistake. A freak of nature, like a three armed baby is a mistake. Evolution is the physical improvement of a species. It is no fluke. Just as smoking cigarettes for long enough can cause cancer, it is all cause and effect. You would do well to remember that. But, if you would like to think I am wrong, be my guest. It will only further my cause. Okay, so we are a mistake, a fluke. So? Who cares? You do. You, and all other creationists who are so high and mighty that they donıt want to think they have no true purpose. Or that it is below them to think that they came from monkeys. People donıt like something, they pretend it doesnıt exist. At least when it comes to evolution. You donıt like being the descendent of an ape. So, you arenıt. It doesnıt work that way Ryan. If you have cancer, and you donıt like that idea, pretending it doesnıt exist doesnıt make it go away. All the praying in the world wonıt help either. You need to admit to yourself that you are not a special flower. You are just another blade of grass like the rest of us.

Oh, and what is so difficult about being Christian. You do realize the 10 commandments and the 7 deadly sins donıt matter anymore right? Jesus got rid of all that shit a long time ago. Nope, all you have to do is believe in the ghosts of deities and you get eternal happiness, on your knees in front of the Big Guy, saying Amen Amen Amen. As for the atheists, agnostics and apathysts, we have a much harder time in life. We actually have to strive to be good people, so that the lives we have led actually matter. And we have to face the cold concept of oblivion. But, at least we can accept it. We know what life is really about, we donıt really like the concept, but we make the best of it.

Now, go get some pimpin clothes on, and do your true duty as a human. Make some fuckinı babies.

Evolutionist and self creationist,
Apathyst and God-Erasure-ist
Shaun Hansel

Thought I would let you know that I sent this off this morning. This one really got to me for some reason.


I must say I'm very rarely compelled to respond to Bob's hate mailers, but your writings really struck me. There are so many directions I could go with this. First off, let's say there is a god and this is the god that you have chosen to worship. Have you read the bible? Do you realize how selfish this god is? He created a whole race of beings for no purpose other than to worship him. Then he created other races, unable to worship him, which in turn get no 'reward' for living as people get 'heaven.' How could you worship someone like that? Why not worship Hitler? or Marx? or Henry the VIII? They were selfish. Okay, they didn't create you, but Darwin figured that one out yes?

Taking a different direction, let's say there is a god and evolutionism is a random mistake, or maybe something god created to keep us occupied as scientists. How do you feel god is worthy of worship? I'm sure you're familiar with the term 'god fearing christian', and sadly they are just that, afraid of god. If god were truly worthy of your time, and worship then you would not live in fear of him, you would think of him as a friend. When you were little you were most likely afraid of the dark, most people are, but did you worship it? Didn't think so. All the reasons that you worship god would lead to the worship of other things. You want heaven, take some acid...

Worshipping god is no more logical than worshipping any inanimate object, you do it for something to believe in. Why not believe in yourself instead? You might be afraid to let go of the fact that life is purely biological and once it's over, it's over, but when you do you'll realize how liberating it is.


P.S. Never take life too seriously, because you can never get out of it alive.

Ryan seems awfully angry at evolution. He seems to have been seriously hurt or let down by science in the past.

Sean Nau

“what is your purpose for living?”

Sorry Bob, I don't hate you. You are who you are, you know the truth, you've chosen not to accept it (from what I've read of your background). It's YOUR choice. I can't judge you, I have no right to judge you.

Question(s), what is your purpose for living? Are you a mistake? If you beleive in evolution you are a mistake, you have no purpose. What you may think your purpose in living is to have a good/pleasureable/long life. Whats hard about being a Christian is being able to proove things without using the bible. Whats hard about not being a Christian is being able to proove the bible wrong. People beleive what they want to beleive, but let don't let ANY PERSON judge you, there is only one who can judge you.

Peace Out

Do you honestly see no purpose to life if your god doesn't exist? Do you have any idea how much that question says about your own self worth?

There is great meaning to life Ryan! The first thing that comes to mind is yourself! Do everything that you can, make something of this existence and make it something you can be proud of!

And what about other people? They're the most important thing there is! Sure people are flawed and they'll let you down regularly but that doesn't mean there's no purpose to living!

I realize that you've been taught the motto "Tomorrow is promised to no one" but living in fear is no way to live. When it comes to the meaning of life my motto has been "Tomorrow is reason enough." I mean, there's really a better chance that you'll be alive tomorrow than dead. Simply enjoying life is the best thing you can do for everyone! If you enjoy life it shows, and it effects other people and your own success as well.

Contrary to what you've been told, it's not hard at all to prove the Bible wrong. In fact it's as simple as proving an armload of dinosaur bones aren't Adam & Eve's. The Bible has so many flaws that the only struggle is trying to prove it right.

Your questions alone show how messed up your beliefs are and what a number they've done on your self esteem. Unfortunately they also expose the reasons you believe what you do... and they aren't the right reasons Ryan.


“The motivation of Christianity is so high that people can say, 'I can't wait to die.”

why live life if your just going to die, you can't look back and be proud of it, you can't say, "wow I made a difference." The motivation of Christianity is so high that people can say, "I can't wait to die." Because of the riches of heaven. If you have no purpose for this life, there is no reason to live it, because your baseing your entire being on a bunch of coincidences and mistakes. I beleive you when you say that the bible can be proven wrong and it does contridict what it says sometimes, through thousands of years it's hard to keep translations and history complety accurate, but it's better than basing your life on what you think you know. There is context behind what the bible has to say. If you are telling me that there are things in the bible that you can prove wrong, give me an example, show me.

If you beleive in no god then what is there to live for? I do beleive in a god and I do have a reason to live. I don't think of it as, there is no reason to life so it doesn't matter what I do. I think of it as; LIVE YOUR LIFE, if you die you die, oh well you can't control it, but when you do die, it is going to be better than what it is here on earth.

There is only one thing on this earth that is flawed, humans, everything else does EXACTLY what they were meant to do. Don't beginnings have to come from some other beginnings end? When was the beginning of anything? You cannot prove that, Christians can say, the beginning of everything is when God made the beginning. They can back it up with the book that has been the best selling for thousands of years. If you say, big bang or I evolved from a monkey, what do you have to back that up? A science book? Science is theories, no one was there to say, "Yes, that's what happened," But in the bible, someone was.

Peace Out

P.S. I like your philosphy of things, but I just don't believe it.

I love this letter you've written Ryan! You're the reason I got into the "Complaint Department" business in the first place!

"Why live life if you're just gonna die?"
You're totally serious about this "theory" aren't you? Do you enjoy life even just a little? Are you doing anything with yourself or are you totally relying on this all-the-riches-of-heaven" "promise"?

Okay, I know things suck sometimes but is there nothing you've got to look forward to besides death? Is this what a belief in God does to people?

It's a crime. "I can't wait to die?" Did you really say that? Are all you guys really thinking this? Christ, you yourself said that "the bible can be proven wrong and contradicts what it says." Does that concern you in the least while you're sitting there waiting to die? Does the fairy tale flavor of it all put even a little doubt in your head?

I'm also bedazzled by your complete dissing of science books. Do you buy into their theories on where rain comes from or how dandelions reproduce, or are those more useless theories too?

But Ryan, we do agree on one thing (and you've proved it here today); people are flawed (some beyond my comprehension), and that's all the more reason to stop waiting to die and do something you can be proud of now.


PS. I am disturbed by your philosophy but I see why you've talked yourself into it.

“the bible has some parts that I beleive can be unaccurate, because humans translated it, but that doesn't mean that the whole thing is unaccurate, just very small parts.”

I think you may have misunderstood what I was trying to say, or I said something that didn't make sense. The truth is I don't think anyone really wants to die. We like the life we have because of love and luxuries, but all that would be meaningless if you had no purpose for your life. For example, the bible tells Christians that they were created for: Discipleship, Evangelism, Worship, Missions and Serving; which overall prepares you for heaven. You are supposed to make the most of your life because it is so short compared to eternity. The exact words and meanings of what the bible has to say may have been written with a different message than what we get out of it, because it was translated by humans, which are imperfect, which makes the bible imperfect, it would have to be, but that is all part of God's plan. What we get out of the bible is exactly what God wants us to get out of it because he created the translators specially to give the exact translation that he wanted. There is a difference between a human promise and a promise that Jesus makes. Jesus was perfect, unlike us. So you can keep him to his promise, he has NO flaws.

"I can't wait to die" I didn't think you would take it so literally lol, but what I was trying to say was that Christians have no reason to be afraid of their death because of heaven. In heaven you ARE NOT human. When a science book says "rains comes from clouds," it can prove that it actually does, and a science book can prove how dandelions reproduce. But if you say everything in a science book is completey accurate, you have to be wrong, because once again humans are flawed and humans wrote that science book. That is why I say that the bible has some parts that I beleive can be unaccurate, because humans translated it, but that doesn't mean that the whole thing is unaccurate, just very small parts, just as a science book.

I am ashamed of your "Complaint Department" because of the way some of the "Christians" have responded to your site. There are two options that a real Christian has if they were to view your site: ignore it or try telling you the 'truth'. One way that people have done it, is by pointing out flaws and giving you the message "your going to Hell sinner!" How embaressing, they are making fools of themselves and of all Christians.


Ryan, those aren't the only Christians making fools of themselves, and of all Christians. You've no idea how much of what you write is "unaccurate".

I would like to talk about the statement: "You are supposed to make the most of this life because it is short compared to eternity."
This motto / theory / instruction / whatever is horribly flawed, and it exposes the enormous gaping hole that is the Christian faith.

Let me give you an example. Do you appreciate something more when you have one of it or two of it? If you had only one sandwich, would you be more likely to make the most of that sandwich than if you had two sandwiches? Now let me give you an even better example. If you had two sandwiches, one of which was a ham & cheese sandwich and the other was an endless sub sandwich that stretched out on top of a long long table that disappeared off into the horizon, made of ham and cheese and baloney and lettuce and tomatoes with different sections and different fillings, like, a mile down it turned into an ice cream sandwich, then another mile down it became a bacon sandwich and then an egg salad sandwich and a lobster sandwich and so on, would you make the most of that first ham sandwich? I don't think you would. In fact, I bet while you were eating that first sandwich you would carelessly let cheese, bread and ham bits fall to the ground, throwing out the crust while you stared longingly at that eternal sub stretched out over a billion light years of dinner table.

I understand that this is not what the believer is supposed to do, but unfortunately this is what happens. And that atheist with that one ham and cheese sandwich not only makes the most of it, but tries to find a way to improve it, searching for a dill pickle to have on the side, hacking away at the ground with a butter knife in hopes of finding water for a beverage, and maybe even ice if he can figure out how to build some sort of freezing machine... out of the TV tray his sandwich sits on.

Now let me paint for you an even scarier picture. Let's say that this second sandwich (the eternal everything sandwich as described earlier) is only promised. And it's being promised to you by someone who also promises to never break his promise... and he also promises that he exists. And all of these promises are written out kind of haphazardly on a sticky Post-it-note next to that singular ham sandwich. Okay, but the word "promise" is underlined every single time, I'll give you that.

And finally, let me put forth one final analogy. Picture if you will several hundred people standing in your vicinity (all of whom have already eaten most of their sandwich) assuring you that the Post-it-note has got to be true, and not to worry. They're almost 100% positive that the guy who wrote the note can be trusted. Oh yeah, and he died.

That's where I'm commin' from.



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