Subject: A Touching Nativity Scene

I have made you a heartwarming nativity scene the way God intended it to be depicted, with none of His beautiful creations missing! Although it is slightly innacurate--it doesn't have a little drummer boy.

Oh, and i just read the hatemail on page 130. Unlike the usual hate mail, which makes me laugh, a lot of these e-mailers made me very, very sad. I find it very depressing to believe that there are people (many people!) out there that actually live their lives believing--rather *forcing* themselves to believe--these sorts of things.

Have to say I disagree with you on the "life's not fair" bit, though. Life, the earth, the universe ... it's all very fair, including death. What wouldn't be fair is if some people got to live forever and others weren't allowed to because they were born unlucky and never heard of a dumb book that doesn't exist where there aren't printing presses. That would just suck, doncha think?