Blackout 2003 Hate Mail!

Their emails will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

So Thursday (8/15/03) was playin' out just like every other day; art projects in the morning, jerk off, head to Manhattan around noon, write at the coffee shop until 3 then head over to Union Square to meet my friends. At about 4 I remembered an appointment I had in Williamsburg, so I got on the next eastbound L to Brooklyn.

I don't know, I was probably sittin' there thinkin' about cleavage or something when suddenly the train came to a screeching halt, the lights went out and it was silent. Less than a minute later a voice told us that there had been a power outage and that's all we were waiting for. It started to get hot as hell. This old black guy started sayin': Can you feel it gettin' hotter? Feel it? Feel it?" Everyone on the train felt it and his constant updates were the last things we needed so I told him to "eat shit and die"
... in my thoughts.

As we waited in the train car I realized that we could quite possibly be stuck there for hours. I looked around to see who it'd be that I'd choose to repopulate the world with... you know, in case it was the end of mankind out there and only our train car survived.

None of us knew what the hell was going on, and the same went for the conductors. A good 45 minutes passed and people were starting to get anxious. There were babies and old people on board and the rumor was circulating that we might be walkin' back through the tunnel. We were under the Hudson river, "in the tube" as they call it, and no one had a clue how deep we'd traveled.

The doors between the cars were unlocked so people started to move back and forth between them. It seemed like a bad idea to climb out into the tunnel in case things started up again, but before I knew it bodies could be seen filing past the windows against the tunnel walls.

It was official then. We were walkin' back to Manhattan. There was no way these cars were movin' with people on the tracks. Oddly, there weren't any giant rats, roaches or infected sewer-bums roamin' around. In fact, firemen were on the tracks directing people on the path.

It turned out to be a fairly easy stroll. That's when we got the news that New York was blacked out.

People everywhere and no traffic lights

When we popped out into Manhattan and people were everywhere, crowding the sidewalks and streets, streaming out of businesses and crammed into buses and cabs. I was so happy to be stuck on the island. I quickly pushed my way towards Union Square where I knew my friends would be.

It was such a fuckin' scene; New York turned off electrically, turned on emotionally. There at Union I met up with Skater Bob. It was clear that here was where the party would be tonight. All we had to do was chill.

This is Bob flippin' two birds in front of the only light in town: an over crowded bus.

When the sun went down, that's when the reality of the blackout set in. The only lights in New York were from automobiles... and those shiny things in outer space. It was the first time those shiny thingies had shown themselves in decades over New York. And the first time public urination had been legal in centuries.

Peering down broadway from Union Square was wonderfully chilling. The street went south into a cave of buildings, traffic dissipated to almost nothing and people stayed in the parks leaving the sidewalks abandoned.
"That's what it'll look like in the end times." I told Skater Bob, "When Jesus returns to earth for His Second Coming."
Then I laughed historically for a good 6 minutes. It was really incredible.

There was a different feeling in the air. I was pickin' up on girls, and even conned a kiss out of a blond with a great ass (Eva, if you're reading this I handed out all of your smoothy coupons to every Union Square junky and told them to tell the staff "Eva sent me!").

Tompkins Square idiots leaping through their bon fire

Bob and I hung out all night, strolled over to Tompkins Square to watch the idiots feed a bon fire with trash cans, bicycles, skateboards, bottles and their own flesh. The cops were being really cool, letting the idiots be idiots until they wore out or hurt themselves. Christ, I wanted so badly to find someone to have sex in public with before the sun came up. That dream still remains unfulfilled.

At 4:30 AM I caught a cab home. One of the most memorable sights I saw was over my shoulder on the 59th Street Bridge. Manhattan was black against the starry sky. I had to sing praises to the greatest city ever. Now if only it could get me laid.

“your a fucking wierdo!”

your a fucking wierdo! i met you at hot or and you actually think your satan hahahahaha! no honey im sorry!

hahaha loser!

Kathy "kitty"

Yes Kitty, I actually think I'm Satan. "Your" very smart.

I'm having trouble remembering you. Were you the one with the rat-breath? I'm sorry it didn't work out, I just couldn't breath the air when I was within 8 feet of ya'.

Don't take it personally, just brush more! Thank you for your email.

“stupid ass!”

my breath smells just peachy thanx! stupid ass!

Kathy "kitty"

Okay.. now come clean. Why do you have it in for me?
I mean, have we met? I'm curious to know why you hate me so much. Are you really under the impression that I think I'm Satan?


“my best friend used to be a satanic worshipper and his life was shitty!”

first of all i never said i hated you 4 i hate noone except satan! really the only reason why i dislike you by any point is because satan has had demons take over my body be4 and well because of the demons my life has been a living hell! i have had alot of my life ruined because of satan! so i really am not to fond of any of those satan worshippers! and a lesson 4 you... watch out for the ways of satan!

my best friend used to be a satanic worshipper and his life was shitty! all satan does is uses sick and lonley weak people for the games! satan will make you belive anything but in the end you go to hell and become nothing to him! he will just walk on you like the piece of shit he turned you into! so no i dont hate you! i actually pitty you! and hope that one day you will be saved be4 its to late!

Kathy "kitty"

Oh my. So you actually believe in the existence of the devil?


“i hate the devil!”

yes i sure do! and i hate the devil!

Kathy "kitty"


Wow! You sure do!
How very wacky of you.


“satan should look alot scarrier! ”

nope im just recovering from insanity! what about you? oh by the way satan should look alot scarrier!

Kathy "kitty"

Wow, I missed out on dating you?


“that was sarcastic!”

ya i know that was sarcastic!

Kathy "kitty"


“umm ok ”

umm ok

Kathy "kitty"

Subject: :)
in regards to your emails to mr. normal bob smith ...

you silly little fuck. i'll boot you in the face just for being so dumb.

suck my cunt juice,

Subject: fuck you

hahaha your a stupid slutty bitch! suck my cunt biotch!

Kathy "kitty"

Subject: Re: fuck you

jesus christ. you're a sad little piece of meat. replying with my insults. its ok. i should have figured you couldn't think for yourself. grow a brain asshole.


Subject: Re: fuck you

i have more of a brain then youll ever have at least im not in love with some weirdo that thinks himself to be satan!

Kathy "kitty"

Subject: Re: fuck you

I ISH I WOYLD HAVE FUCKING SEEN YOU TONGHT, I*M SO FUCKING Wsted i wouod have bebat your siully little ass. i*m so fucking wasted.. once i got sme rum in me you*re dead.


“Do you fear God this much, that you find a need to do this?”

If your faith is lacking, that's fine. But to put this on the web is truly sad. Do you fear God this much, that you find a need to do this? Why not Buddha, or Mohammed? I'm not overly religious, but at least I have respect for others beliefs.

Dennis O'Neill

I guess that's where we differ. I don't have respect for your beliefs because they seem foolish and bizarre to me.

By the way, did you know that your Bible also tells the stories of giants, unicorns, dragons and satyrs? A satyr is a woodland creature with pointy ears, goat legs, and little goat horns too

So it's nothin' personal, just a complete lack of respect. Okay?


“As odd as theirs is, I'd never make fun of it, might roll my eyes a few times, but never say anything out loud.”

Not my bible....but I know which one you're talking about. As odd as theirs is, I'd never make fun of it, might roll my eyes a few times, but never say anything out loud.

Then again, this is your way of expressing your opinion....and I can't fault you for that.

Dennis O'Neill

Oh? What Bible do you read?

“I don't do dragons”

Like I said, I'm not overly religious.....I don't read any of them. I follow my own beliefs. Not sure what they are at times, but I don't do dragons and mythical creatures either.

Dennis O'Neill

Wait. So what the fuck do you believe? You must give me a detailed explanation so that I know what to make fun of.

Thank you.

“if you would like anymore information about the truth, please e-mail me at...”

Hello me name is Kim. I was looking at your website. Jesus LOVES you sooo much! And you very well know that by the cross that Jesus was crucified on.

So if you would like anymore information about the truth, please e-mail me at Thank you! Remember, that Bible verse, "Man looks upon the outward appearance, but Jesus looks upon the heart." Thank you and have a nice day!

Love in Jesus!

Wait a minute, I'd always heard that Jesus was fake and that it was all no different than any other crazy cult thought up by man.

I think I would like more information about this "truth", but only if you have sufficient proof. I don't wanna be conned into another fake religion like I have in times past.

By the way, what is this "Bible" you speak of? You'll have to pardon me but I'm staying in a motel this week and I don't have access to a great many books.

Thank you Kim<><.

“u are a fag 4 doing that 2 jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

u are a fag 4 doing that 2 jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doing that to Jesus means that I like to have sexual intercourse with men? How so? I'd like to challenge that theory!


“asshole ”

u are a asshole

"An" asshole, not "a" asshole. Don't you know anything?


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