Skater Bob's Rant
"First of all this fucking boy is a joke. He thinks he is the shit but little does he know. One time I was sitting next to him at Union Square park in NYC and he was sitting on the stairs talking to two 15 year old girls. Telling them that he just finished doing a photo shoot for Calvin Klein men's panties. These girls were really impressed. They had the biggest crush on this pretty boy. It was probably the first time that they wet there pink panties. This dick was being cool as possible trying to hold his cool. The thing that I can't understand how can you be a model and hang out at Union Square all the time.
Where does he even get the time to even do one photo shoot when he is always at Union Square. Maybe he is doing a photo shoot while he is hanging out at Union Square.

I should just forward this picture of horse face to Calvin himself. After the two little girls were done talking . The two little girls and horse face pull out there cell phones to exchange numbers. How fucking cute!! They exchange cell numbers and the little girls walk away with biggest smile on there face. Horse faces poser model friends walk up to horseface to pat him on the back and laugh about what has happened.

I get the last laugh cause as far as anything he looks like a real fucking dick trying to pick up girls with that fucking horse face. Try picking up girls almost half your age you fucking Chester."



Skater Bob
June 18, 2003
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