Cancer Patients, AIDS Patients,Orphans, Mothers who die giving birth & Hitler.
...Oh, and some guy who got nailed to a cross.

Can Hate Mail get any better than this?

Their emails will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Dear Bob:

We stand in interesting times. We can load up Mozilla or Opera, type in almost anything preceded with WWW, and almost always hit a web page. We can go to google or seach-engine-X, type in most any word from the English language, and be buffeted with tens of thousands of pages.

I am not going to say that these myriad of web pages are totally worthless. I can do without the splatter ad campaigns, the dead donkey porn sites, and the millions of words spewed into blogs, but I cannot really judge. If you have fifteen bucks or so, you can have your own domain name. Hell, you can go to any 'free' web service, click a few times, enter some trivial data, and be well on your way to being another grain of sand. And that's the beauty of the Internet, it is like a long beach, full of sand, full of possibilities.

Occasional, a site rises above the rest. It becomes a mecca that the other grains of sand are drawn too. Slowly, that site builds up and becomes a castle. It becomes something that is defined, that people notice, that people love, or that people hate. That's how the Internet works. Some site draws other sites to it, and communities are formed. Links are exchanged, friends are told, blogs are filled.

You have a truly great site. Not only because you are one of the biggest sand castles around, but because you influence the other people around you. Whether you make them laugh or whether you are making them shake their fists in bitter hatred, you accomplish the point of art. You make people think. You make people ponder. To bolster my point, I give you this William Carlos William's poem:

The Red Wheelbarrow so much depends upon

a red wheel barrow

glazed with rain water

beside the white chickens.

That's what it is all about, Sir. Thank you for reading, and kudos.

Brian Dylan

“ Two women are identical in every way. They were born minutes apart, in the same hospital, to the same mother and father. Yet they are not twins. What is their relationship. ”

Don't consider this "hate" mail.It' s not. So don't bother trying to come up with "clever" answers. I'd be too dumb to understand. But I 'd like to share (don't you hate that term) something someone told me once. (It may have been one of the Rightous Brothers or one of the "Twisted Sisters.) "It doesn't matter what you think about Jesus, as long as you think about him. And you seem to think about him a lot."

That being said, Here's a little quiz for you. Only one person I've ever known figured it out (without hearing it first). I didn't get it either. I thought you might have some fun with it. Two women are identical in every way. They were born minutes apart, in the same hospital, to the same mother and father. Yet they are not twins. What is their relationship.

Blessings to you .Whoops, I meant to say Curses on you.
Carol O.

Okay, I know the answer is "They're 2 of a set of triplets" but I think you should change the answer to:

"They are triplets, but two of them decided to be Born Again when the 3rd died in the hospital of AIDS and went to hell."

That'd be much funnier.

“I don't get it.”

Sorry. I don't get it. Do mean they were "born again" as "accepting Christ as your PERSONAL saviour," or do mean born again as in reincarnation? If they reincarnated, why didn't they just all come back as healthy triplets? I don't know, here, normalbob. I don't think AIDS is funny and I truly hope you don't have it and this is your way of venting anger at the universe. Congrats on getting that riddle. I' felt so embarrassed and humble when I couldn't get it -- and I have a Masters degree (implying only that I can think through problems).

Sweet Dreams
Carol O.

PS, normalbob, I'm really not that clever, so you might find corresponding with me a bore. To tell the truth, you aren't that clever either. Or maybe I'm just not clever enough to recognize how clever you are. You did get that joke, and that's points for you. But your other stuff is at times just silly and juvenile. Hope I didn't hurt your feelings. DIdn't intend to..

“My best friend died of AIDS...”

Bob. I'm 57 years old. I'd like nothing more than to tuck you in bed, read you a wonderful story that you love., kiss you goodnight on the forehead and tell you what a good boy you are and how much I love you. Because you are worth all these things.

PS. My best friend died of AIDS and take my work for it, it's not funny.
Carol O.

Oh no, you're one of THOSE people. Yes, you've definitely taken all the "funny" out of that one.

Maybe I should just throw in the towel and stop with all the jokes. More people need to be a little sadder about things and see just how serious and painful life can be sometimes.

Oh and by the way, I had a friend die of triplets so your little riddle wasn't appreciated either, so there.

“Why don't you pick on orphans or cancer patients”

I am very sorry but I find your webb page disgusting and totally abnormal on your part.

You might not know it now but you will when you go to hell just how unfunny you are. Why don't you pick on orphans or cancer patients---you might be funny.

Screw you! I just so happen to be an orphaned cancer patient!

But still, heh heh, that would be pretty funny. Heh heh.


“...Jesus Christ DYING ON THE CROSS FOR OUR SINS, and dressed him up in awful outfits such as Hitler”

Someone who takes time out of their day to create a website degrading Jesus Christ is disgusting and needs some serious counseling. I can't believe what you've done. You've created a picture illustrating Jesus Christ DYING ON THE CROSS FOR OUR SINS, and dressed him up in awful outfits such as Hitler, the Purple Teletubby, and Osama Bin Laden. You need to imagine the pain Jesus went through FOR YOU, and then think about why you did this.

It's Mandy!

Oh my God! No no no, you've taken the page all wrong! Ha ha! I made the page to show how Jesus' sacrifice was so great that the worst sins of man are forgiven. You see, the page illustrates how the sin's of even the evilest among us hung on that cross that day Jesus was nailed to death.

I got a whole explanation at the bottom of the page explaining this. Don't bother apologizing. It's understandable how you could have missed it. Some browsers are smaller than others and you may have had to have scrolled down to see the text I'm referring to.

It ain't no thang.

“I know u have been hurt but hes not the one that causes pain.”

Jesus loves u so much that he died for your sins and mine. I know u have been hurt but hes not the one that causes pain. I'll pray for you,


He sure as hell is the one who causes the pain!
You see, I choked on a crucifix.



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