“PS: You don't know me, but I love you.”
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I'm the Baptist one.

Just wanted to say a little "Hey."

I like your site, actually. I've been Baptist all my life and I like to think I have a pretty open mind about religious matters. I think your site does put forward a valid point. However, I like to try not to question the Bible or Christ's word.

I enjoyed the comic strip. Satirical and sometimes a bit crude, but it made me laugh, so I think that's what counts. Along with the point it spread across. I agree there are many faults with the Bible, it's contradictory parts and such, but I think that's where faith comes in. Believing in something because of how you feel. And that is what you do with your site. Believe in something and then broadcast it.

But hey, I'm just glad that even though your site does down God and Christ, you do seem to be learned in your arguments. It's good to know that you've taken the time to understand that which you question. (Hah, that does seem kind of contradictory in itself.)

Good luck in your search Bob

Erienne Skye

Thank you Erienne! I'm glad you enjoyed the comic and the site. One thing though, I believe what you meant to say in that first paragraph was: "I try not to question the things I'm supposed to believe."

I think that sounds much better.


I wonder if you've developed a template to read e-mails by yet. You know, a sort of a priori method of determining how a message will be dealt with... a filter that lets you immediately respond to something that slips its way into your InBox.

I must admit that I have read, and will most likely continue to read, more of your site than most others. I'm not one who particularly enjoys the stagnant, dusty corners of the internet - they are generally filled with the trappings of wealth, notoriety and the unfathomable power of anonimity (or, beter yet, misrepresentation). But here, however, there seemed to be an air of something a little more fresh.

The NormalBobSmith.com experience is, at first, enticingly intelligent, even a little esoteric and I'm sure that one cannot help but feel like they are intruding on some sort of gathering of the minds. I mean, to openly flaunt the precepts of Christianity, to boldly look into the IP's of Bible Thumpers around the globe and tell them to "sod" off, has a pretty incredible allure to it. It doesn't seem to stop there, either. It opens up into a full on attack on any attempts to intellectualize any point about divinity, piety and religion. Pretty risky. Treading that thin line that could invoke the wrath of both the ultra-conservatives and the badge-wearing liberals.

But I'm sure this is how many of the messages that drop into your InBox must start. Veiled flattery that creepingly turns into some form of protest or outright disgust.... will this one? Someone might ask themselves. Nah! Why for?!?! This one will simply put the writers thoughts out there for you to look at/not look at, depending how busy the whole NormalBobSmith.com experience is.

I'm impressed with your resolve, moved by your abilities to teasingly taunt and villify and saddened by the tales of woe. Really! Nasty shit happens. Some of us roll over and take it like a good little choir boy, while others kick someone in the balls, try one of those nifty movie montages where the nerd becomes cool and look at life from an amazingly new angle. Life was made for us to doubt, every last little thing about it and from this doubt comes answers and from these answers more doubt. It never really seems to end, does it? Hence philosophy, hence invention and the development of scientific thought.

So what is it that you want from all of this? Anything? Is NormalBobSmith.com a place for you to grow, a place for you to glorify yourself at the expense of others, a place for you to find acceptance? Beats me and I'm sure that, in one way or another, it eludes you as well. Maybe I'm wrong - I'm prone to being wrong. You seem to be a pretty talented guy (maybe not as talented as you give yourself credit for, but that would be a mateer of opinion) and a pretty charismatic guy. You've got this website, with these musings, comics, somewhat angst-riddled chiquitas and heart-felt anecdotes. A veritable mish mosh of mondo babble coupled with some irreverent lambasting - April said many things that hit that proverbial nail on the head and it would be so much more tantlizing if she were THE April Hunter...yum! So what's up with it all? This is what leaves me feeling unfulfilled. That and the fact that it is hard to overlook the wonders of the dollar as a motive for your treatise on the divine.....

Really, I guess there isn't much of a point to this message. If there are future messages, maybe they'll eventually work their way to a point - a point guaranteed to be caustic, insightful and guardedly humourous. Maybe I'm also a little curious to see how you might deal with MY message, as it is obviously more relevant than any of the others I've seen thus far on your site (tongue in cheek, so to speak)

A curious, rubbernecking, by-passer


Not the dollar..... but close.
One word Charlie:

Thank you for your email.


“I will never do this agian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

This is offenceve to the christains,like me I will never do this agian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“even a 12 year old could under stand that you guys are so stupid”

you guys are so mean why don't you put up someone that we don't know do you know what you are doing is not right i don't think you should put Jesus dress up on here cause you have a devil costume on here do you think that is funny well if you do you guys are sick even a 12 year old could under stand that you guys are so stupid & don't ever see me on your sick website ever again ok!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~! jerks & IM not that religious either


“IM even gothic!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!”

Hello IM the 12 year old that wrote you guys a few seconds ago but I had one more thing to say IM even gothic!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!


And as we all know, it is the 12 year old gothics whose beliefs should be held in the highest respect. I'd also be interested to hear your views on John Dean's comments regarding Bush's false statements about the war in Iraq and a possible impeachment.

And no, John Dean isn't the bassist for Blink 182.


“who the hell is John Dean”

OK who the hell is John Dean cause yeah............. Wants you tell me who john dean is then all write and don't make any comments on the 12 year old gothic OK


“i know that john. d. isn't Blink 182s bassist stupid!~!~!~!~!~!~!!~!~!~!~!~!~!~ ”

and i know that john. d. isn't Blink 182s bassist stupid!~!~!~!~!~!~!!~!~!~!~!~!~!~


John Dean was a White House counsel representative during the Nixon admin- Oh nevermind.

Hey! Who do you think is cuter: Carson Daily or Justin Timberlake?

“...there ugly!!!!!!!!!”

i dont like any of them there ugly!!!!!!!!!


Hey, you weren't kiddin'! You really are a 12 year old goth huh?

“...you're criminally involved...”

bob, will you read the book "mere christianity" by c.s. lewis? its about 200 pages and juice cover to cover...it isnt a boring read, nor a simple mans read, and it pleads a tough case...you'd be hard pressed to dismantle it. if you won't read the Bible and work an honest operation rather than railing on something you haven't the slightest understanding about then why don't you pick up this book. it's done alot of the footwork for you...it will help you on your quest for truth. it deals with your humanist point or view, athiesm, science...as well as the questions we all have about how God can be just.

Lewis was an athiest and his testimony is also powerful but this isn't his testimony...i don't think you'll be left hung out to dry with this book, it's one of the best pieces of literature ever written in my opinion. it covers the bases. maybe you've heard of him, he aired on the BBC, world renowned oxford professor and genius, author of the Narnia series, J.R. Tolkeins friend...the book is worth your time if you've never picked it up. at least if you're going to do this thing do it right...you don't want to dabble with a religion that has stood the test of time without being sure in your findings...search a little deeper bob, don't just lay down to die, there's hope you know nothing about. you aren't innocent, you're criminally involved, and there's a way out...i don't care what you say, He did too make a way...you're just void of understanding. void of understanding an pleading your case as a voice of authority...get out while you can...seek if you're gonna say you seek then...at least walk your talk because your website is a joke. If anything in the whole world is simple minded-- it is athiesm. and while I'm at it, it isn't smart to have no fear bob. and really you lied, you don't step out in front of a semi...you have fear. and worshipping yourself? that's equally as braindead. bob doesn't wind up...he winds down. this is a scientific law if you want to talk laws...so i don't know how they think they're getting anywhere with evolution. you're not gettin brighter either...dimmer and dimmer rather. but the obvious is that you decay, you will die, and we know you aren't all knowing, you aren't even known, you're alone....you've done away with laws and can't even rely on your own self....you've come to what conclusion bob? you can hardley think past the end of your nose is where you've ended up with all this nonsense. you haven't done anything but hope the truth away...you aren't on any quest at all...but you can't deny the truth....it just is....so why don't you find it then...that's your gola you say...tell us bob...what is truth kind sir?


“I didn't grow up in church, I got saved in prison...”

Bob, I beg to reason with you, you're in some hot hot hot water...but God forgives. You're gonna hafta come to a point where you agree with Him before you're forgiven though. And that will be when you realize you're wrong and He is right and GOOD. Hopefully before that great and terrible day where every knee will bow. If your'e on such a quest for truth, then how come you aren't finding it? Because you aren't on a quest for truth. Because the truth can be found. I didn't grow up in church, I got saved in prison, I've lived many years like hell-- the truth can be found. AND the Bible does say that we have no reason to hate the Lord. Your disbelief does not make Him of none effect or dead. If you hate the Christian faith, you hate Him.

So try and listen while I talk like He's alive, because that's the only way to talk about Him. Don't you do the same thing? ("...God casts into hell, God did this, God did that...") So, why don't you find out instead how that God is good and just and who He is instead of assuming? I know why. It is because that is just the most convenient thing for you to do and it benefits you here and now...but you can be sure that it won't last. And I don't know how in your finite mind you think you can be against the creator of the universe successfully. You aren't that bright. And if you'd search for the truth, YOU WOULD FIND IT. You can't preach "GOOD" and be "CORRUPT".

It doesn't work. Why don't you at least act like the humanist you claim to be and do some process of elimination and actual study before talking about something you know nothing about then? I'll tell you why...because you simply don't care. You've already arrived and decided that your way is gonna be your path...and you'll follow it all the way to destruction just as you decided it. And you have the right to live how you want...God gave you that right, and keeps trying to reason with you, and when you say NO then He also reserves the right to cut you off, just as you choose it. You have no integrity of the heart Bob...if you did want to know what was right you would know. But you're not effective in changing the truth of God into a lie because it simply can't be done. The Bible is profitable for proof and reproof...see for yourself.

But I think you're too wormy to care about such a thing...you don't care about humanity at all, you're out for Bob and Bob only. You have perverted the truth...and therefore you ARE criminally involved. And I CAN prove it to you...IF you would be interested in that sort of thing. But like I said before, I don't think you are really on a quest for truth at all. I think you're a liar. And it's quite silly to hold on to your pride and go to hell for it...but if you won't admit your wrong and agree with God who has shown you that light is come into the world, simply because evil is more convenient for you...then you have that right. And your end will be as you've been warned. Why don't you write me back with a very human question (something other than "Where did cain and ables wives come from?") that is actually an honest question and not a game of wits and see if we can come up with something. I''m not interested in playing your game of intellectual snobbery...it profits nothing. Couldn;t care one way or the other about it. It's very tiring...and you condemn your own self there too. You'll be measurede and judged by the standard that you measure. You didn't know where to put a comma when you were born and when you learned you were still Bob...so I don't know what matter in the world that makes. Man you'll reap what you sow...100% guarenteed. I told you to read C.S. Lewis...if you're a righteous man then you will. If you simply don't care then you won't. But mark the problem correctly...the problem is you. Because there is difficulty in disagreeing with God. He is the source from which all your reasoning power comes: you could not be right, and He wrong anymore than a stream can rise higher than its source. When you are arguing against Him, you are arguing against the very power that makes you able to argue at all: it's like cutting off the branch you are sitting on. (C.S. Lewis)

And I'm not writing you for my health, I'm writing you because you're on your way to the hell you don't believe in and I'm trying to offer you some help. I will serve you and be a resourceful friend if you so needed...and will prove to be and that's my offer if you like and if not then farewell simple Bob, keep on living your fairy tale for grown -ups...you'll be cut off in time. And to answer your retort before you say, this isn't my ego talking, I was in the same boat and had to come to the undesirable truth that I was an enemy of the true God and it was Him I had sinned against and had nowhere to turn but to Him. And He's not unjust, we can prove all that, but I'm not going to waste my time in somebody who isn't interested. It isn't smart to have no fear Bob. And really you lied there too. Go step out in front of a semi. You have fear.


Oh Jenny, It's your ego talkin- .... wait, nevermind. Apparently you saw that comin'.

I have to admit that I enjoy it when I get scoldings from ex cons. Prison time isn't the trophy you should be trumpeting when you're calling some stranger a wormy liar without integrity.

You are right about one thing however. I have already decided on what I believe and I'm not going to change no matter how many crimes you've committed.

Wow! Prison?! Holy Christ! You must have really done some stupid shit. I'm sure you'd like to paint me as a criminal too but my naughtiness goes only as far as silly dress up games and smart-alec retorts to religious screwballs... like this one!

I am glad though that you've redirected your foolishness to these religious shenanigans. I truly believe that it's the one thing religion is good for; offering up another option for people who need easy way outs. Many adults can't outgrow that need for an imaginary friend to talk to and improve for. And I suppose having another imaginary character to blame things on helps too.

What I'm sayin' FlemJen is that I'm delighted you found what you needed to stay out of trouble.

I understand that you think pissin' all over Jesus should be a felony... but it ain't, and it shouldn't be, and that's the worst of my crimes... something you can't claim! Ha ha!


“...come up with an original reason to be an atheist”

You could have at least come up with an original reason to be an atheist.

David McMinn

Personally I feel that because I've single-handedly assassinated God with the anti-God raygun I've constructed entirely from one of those springy clothes pins, a rubber band and foil gum wrappers folded into little crosses is a damn original reason!

I also made anti-God body armor by stringing together old frying pans with Christmas lights but I can't wear it outside without unplugging it, so I just keep it on while I do house chores.


“PS: You don't know me, but I love you.”

I hope you meet Jesus before you leave this earth.

May God bless you.

PS: You don't know me, but I love you.

This is the most touching and heartfelt email I have ever received. You are an incredible human being. Thank you for loving me without even knowing me. That really says a lot about your "love".



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