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Hey Bob,

I was hoping you could help me out with a little advice. I'm 22 years old and was raised in a God fearing family. Anyways, I've only been aetheist for about a couple of months now. Against all my better reasoning, I still have this stupid voice in my head telling me from time to time that God loves me and Jesus died for my sins, blah blah blah. Do you have any suggestions as to how it to make shut up once and for all?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And again, your site is the mad shit. Thanks.


PS- As soon as I get a pic on this computer, i'll be sure to send it..


I've spent some time considering your dilemma. My feeling is that you still haven't fully converted. The idea is so absurd to me now [man-god spilling blood to repay the universe's toll for sin debts] that the guilt (for lack of a better word) is completely non existent.

To me it sounds like you're in the process of what will eventually be an absolute atheist conversion, which we all know requires you to submit to total compliance with the laws of reality.

I guess that my convergence was more doubtless. If there is anything that maybe still nags at me it's the idea that maybe some people are better off believing and I should just shut the fuck up... but that ain't gonna happen, so fuck 'em.

My best advise is to simply remind yourself how bizarre the idea is. You've had this taught to you at a young age which means it's more ingrained into your psyche than it is in say, somebody who's on death row hopin' it's all so easily wiped away by some historical stranger's death.

Humans fantasize. It's what makes us such neat things. The key is knowing where to draw the line.

Oh! And read through my comic a few dozen times. That'll silence the voices in your head!


“You satanistic piece of crap... mother fucking cock ass licking sedustic whore”

You satanistic piece of crap. Instead of how people say "go to hell and die"... live in heaven with peace and love from all... what torture that would be for you!

you mother fucking cock ass licking sedustic whore


Aw, well thank you Nekkron. Actually I think I'd enjoy that very much! :)

Much love and kudos to you!


“I can't belive YOU!”

I can't belive YOU!

Julie Rall


What do you mean? Did you mean to say that you can't be live with me? Or be alive with me? Be living with me? I'm sorry, please try this one again.


“Reconsider some of your views towards a "Creator" existence if you really are sincere in your ambitions of self discovery and truths”

MR Smith, you have a provocative site that I am sure either entertains people or turns them off in one way or the other.

I do not judge you for you type of anti-religious comments[or other STUFF]. nor do I condemn you. Those kind of reactions just promote what I call "mental menopause".

If Christians react in a negative way to your lack of respect for what they hold near and dear to their hearts is more than understandable.... I myself stumbled onto your site and was somewhat disturbed by some of the hate mail , but not by your web site and its content.

The material that you produce is pretty much the norm for those who do not digest the reality of GOD in there lives, you just happen to be more willing to express your feelings and thoughts in this format. I do hope that one day you will be more broader in your scope of life and intelligence. Reconsider some of your views towards a "Creator" existence if you really are sincere in your ambitions of self discovery and truths, for there is just to much info out there to dismiss. Those who e mail you using profanity are not Christians and please do not see them as such. Jesus did set the example of loving and accepting the person regardless of their dress or social status. This is the person Jesus that I have learned to know.

This my little contribution to your list of mail.
Thanks, signed: MR WOLFE

Brian Wolfe


Let me begin by complimenting you on such an intelligent letter. It is clear to me that you are very mature, well spoken and exceed in whatever field you've chosen to devote your life to (doctor, lawyer, English major, etc.).

nor do I condemn you. I am also one who refers to reactions of that kind as promoting what we call "mental menopause". I think that perhaps we are ones to similarly speak in such manners? Heh heh.

What I do is pretty much the norm for those who do not digest the reality of GOD in there lives, but I have to tell you, I do feel that I am more broader in the scope of intelligence and life than most, much like you seem to be, only I have not yet recognized my views towards a "Creator" existence in my ambitions of truths. I understand that Jesus accepts those regardless of their dress or social standing but this is not the person I have learned to know.

I myself here appreciate your little contribution to my list of mail MR WOLFE.
Thanks, signed: MR SMITH

“Only difference is, Jesus had something to SAY, and his death means something. Yours will go unnoticed.”

since you think crucifixion is so humorous, i would like to offer to assist you. Let me slap you around and starve you for a couple days, pull your hair till you bleed, beat your face till your friends can't recognize you, whip you till your flesh hangs in strips, force you to carry the very instrument used to kill your miserable ass, and then pound nails through your useless body and hang you to rot and see how funny you think it is. Only difference is, Jesus had something to SAY, and his death means something. Yours will go unnoticed. Loser.


Let me tell you a thing or two GT. If you were to do all of that to me there is NO WAY it would go unnoticed. I would be crying and pleading so loudly people would come from all over town to see what all the bellyachin' was about. Not only that but I'd also be begging for mercy and spittin' and swingin' my torn flesh around splattering gawkers with my blood yelling "I'VE GOT AIDS!" and stuff like that. Christ GT, you'd wish you'd never even started such a spectacle in the first place.

Then, while I was hangin' up there on that cross I'd be screamin' at the top of my lungs. Throw fuckin' dignity out the window with me GT. The howls will be heard for miles. Hell, people will be prayin' for me to croak just so they can hear their car alarms again. Ha ha ha.

Oh, and GT, to my last breath I'd spend every bit of energy spitting, vomiting, pissing and shitting all over anyone within 10 feet of me just to ruin their afternoon. By the time it was all over I will have made such a mess and been such a spectacle no one will want to even clean it up and a 4 block radius will have to be condemned. I'd put Jesus to shame.

You see GT, no way would it go unnoticed... unless you conducted this whole scenario in an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere or something.

Ak! Forget I said that last part!


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