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Do we really KNOW anything?
Or do we only believe that we know what we believe?

Another complicated question brought to your doorstep from somebody who didn't send a picture.

Hi Bob,

Thought I'd share my views on God with you.

1. I do not know whether God exists but I do not preclude that such knowledge can be obtained.

2. Knowledge is a related but separate issue from belief.

3. My belief that God DOES NOT exist is based on FAITH and not on having absolute, incontrovertible KNOWLEDGE.

Respond if it pleases you

Ben Vardy


I'll offer it to you like this; Do you have faith or do you know that there is no such thing as the tooth fairy? I cannot prove to you that the tooth fairy does not exist but that doesn't mean that it's one of several plausible theories as to how that half dollar got under your pillow.

Or how about I put it like this; If I told you that there was a giant yellow bunny living in a planet sized Easter basket located just outside of the end of the universe would you know that it wasn't true or would you simply have faith that it wasn't true?

Finally I am going to put it to you like this; There is a book that says an all powerful super being encompasses the whole universe, every moment in time and it is mostly composed of love, miracles and bright lighting. In that same book it also tells how a rainbow is a promise from this super being that He will never flood our entire planet again.

I know.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the response. I'd just like to say that I do not believe that God exists, and I'd also like to reinforce that by belief is not based on knowledge, because I think the concept of god is currently unknowable.

So, I don't BELIEVE he exists but I suspend judgement over whether he does or not, as I do not yet know.

Secondly, I realise that the tooth fairy and yellow rabbit could be disproved beyond reasonable doubt, but the god that I have no incontrovertible evidence for or against is not a miraculous, loving or an all knowing kind of guy, but merely some form of non-intervening, initial creative force that is currently beyond our understanding. I guess the word god has so many bad associations that people assume I'm referring to the plump, bearded man sitting on the cloud.

So Bob, do you think it is right to say that hard-line god-could-never-exist atheists are just as presumptuous as theists? Remember, agnosticism isn't not believing, it is not not knowing.


PS. Don't worry I'm not a christian, and your site brings me endless fun.

Agnosticism is wishy washy fence sitting.

Once you conclude that every idea of God has been conjured up in the human head (with no evidence beyond that), atheism becomes an extremely safe bet. Then raise the stakes to something we should worship? The bunny is no more outrageous.


my friends and i have started a bobsmith hate group.

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“I vowed to slam the Savior at every opportunity...”

It's probably a safe bet you get lots of hate mail.

I had some disappointing experiences with religion as a child and a teenager. I vowed to slam the Savior at every opportunity because I felt betrayed.

Some of the things that helped me gain understanding:

* A working knowledge of the Bible taught by intelligent, simple people
* Asking for, expecting and looking for a telltale experience with Jesus
* Realization that God gave man authority and responsibility in this world

I hope you get to know Jesus. He really is more kind than any human you will ever know.

Only, you can't cultivate a relationship with ANYONE unless you spend time being nice to them!

I hope you won't give up in your quest for Him.

Brenda Rather

You obviously don't respect the nature of a vow. It's a commitment to follow through on your promise until the day you die (or get amnesia).

You VOWED to slam the Savior at every opportunity and you broke that promise Brenda. Now I feel that it is my duty to pick up where you left off (especially at your suggestion for me not to give up my quest).

Inspiration comes in strange forms and this is a perfect example. I have made a vow as well Brenda. I am not going to be a quitter. I refuse to pull a "Brenda".

Bob the vow-KEEPER Smith

“read roman 10:9”

Hey man Jesus is real dude he still luvs u and so do he also can save your soul read roman 10:9

Tyson Leamon

“God's word in Psalms 37:1-9, take time to read, so I will cease from anger toward you...”

Subject: in response to Jesus dressup
Rev. Billy Leamon ( Tyson's dad):

In response to your December 11 visit to the crimsonflo guestmap, and jesusdressup, may the Lord have mercy on such thoughts. The devil is the one who comes in disguises. Jesus offers himself to all, that means such a one like you. God's word in Psalms 37:1-9, take time to read, so I will cease from anger toward you, may God have mercy on your soul.

Billy Leamon

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“...most offensive piece of trash that i have ever seen”

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You'll have to pardon me for the proud grin I'm sporting.


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