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Hi Bob, just one thing: How do you explain away all those people who died, went through that tunnel, talked to some light, had to look back at the important things in their lives, maybe talked to some relatives who died earlier then told the light or got told by the light they weren't ready to die, were sent back through the tunnel and woke up again? While their brain-activaty showed a complete flatline. (<- this means: no drugs produced by the brain itself, no dying cells whereever can influence a brain thats not working....)

It's the same story no matter what the persons believes are. Even atheists experience this. And it is step by step described in the Bardo Toedol, the Tibetan....oh you surely know what it is....

You cannot say, that soo many people made it up--- and all made up the same story. Most of these people had never heard about this before. And surely none of them read the Bardo Toedol before. A book written ages before reanimation became possible. I met a person who experienced this, and she was very convinced that what she saw was real.

I'm not a Christian and I would not touch a Bible but these kind of stories make me think...... What if the Tibetans are right? ;) But I never heard of a near-death-experience where somebody went to hell.... so if you are wrong Bob don't worry, you won't go to hell either way. And if I'm wrong I don't worry either. At least I didn't waste my time being scared of "The Day" when its over. And I won't have the chance to regret believing it.

Hope to hear from you,
Peter Mueller

Peter, before I explain all of this away let me say first, you've no idea how elated I would be if when my heart finally stops and the brain waves come to a standstill and I have a bright light beckoning me with its warm loving glow. Then also getting to see all of the loved ones who've passed on before me, getting to look back on my life, and having a chat with that light thingy. What joy and happiness I will feel.

Hell, I think that every human being on the planet would adore having such an adventure, and dare I say that most people dream of such a self-induldgant event like this, in fact it even makes my heart ache a bit too.

With that said, I will now answer your question.

I believe in fabricated stories. Oh how I believe in them! Fabricated stories sell books and magazines, they draw large audiences, attract the media and get people a lot of attention. Whether people admit it or not attention is wonderful. Hell, it's why I do what I do. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that people can even make themselves believe their own fabricated stories. This is what I think the bible is and it's what I think about these near-death stories are too.

This may not be a satisfactory answer for you but I believe the stories to be fabricated by the revived patients or the interviewers, the grapeviners, believers searching for proof, the audiences and even this one girl who you met who told a guy named Peter who then told me about her near-death experience.

Hell, I think that even you fabricated some in your letter to me. I think you know that not everyone who's died and been revived has had the same story and yet you still said (and I quote) "It's the same story no matter what the persons believes are".

You'd be astounded if you knew how many of the stories you've believed have been fabricated, exaggerated, twisted and/or added to for no better reason than just something to talk about.

I'd like to conclude this by saying that I try very hard not to fabricate the stories I tell and still sometimes it just can't be avoided. It's part of story telling.

“oh let me dress up jesus..haha.. NOT!!”

that is the most disguisting website ever. it is such a disgrace to mock jesus by puttin him for show like that. " oh let me dress up jesus..haha.." NOT!! that is horrible and u shud be ashamed.

“In the Almighty Powerful and Holy name of Jesus.”

I don't know why people feel the need to ridicule Jesus. Perhaps it is because He is the Son of God and people can't understand that. I doubt you will ever give up your evil ways, but I will pray for you. I pray that you will understand what the grace of God is, and that you will accept it. I guess as long as you ridicule Him, then you must be thinking of Him. Maybe His love for you will break through and heal your soul.

May God bless you in all you do. In the Almighty Powerful and Holy name of Jesus.

Nicole Barber

Hello Nicole,

Actually, the extent of my evil ways mainly consists of the dress up games that reflect my atheist views, showcasing the comedy in religious debate and what seems to be a bear minimum of premarital sex. Most of the time I'm just trying to balance out work and play, payin' bills and lookin' for love while I do the best I can to make the most out of this life I've got here and now.

I understand you believe that the devil controls my mind and you've got the power to summon God into your living room telepathically in an attempt to bend my thoughts (through God's spawn) away from Satan's control, but to me you just sound like you've got psychological problems.

I really don't mind you conducting these rituals on your own property... or even that you go around telling strangers how evil they are. I just want you to recognize how the chant you concluded your email with leaves me picturing you crouched on your knees waving an iron staff with one hand and releasing a mourning dove from the other.

Honestly I've also got you writhing around in a pool of your own urine scolding the empty space between you and the ceiling as well.

You know, don't email me back. You're starting to creep me out.


“Your free choice is the same type of free choice Hitler chose to kill millions of Nazis in Nazi Germany”

You don't prove anything. Your weakness of character shines right through you. And in response to your comment on on all who aren't Christian won't be saved?

You are wrong. All religions are different manifestations of how people see and therefore serve God. How can one be sent to hell for not believing in something he or she did not know or has not experienced? God is beyond our comphrehension. He is purely true love. If you have an image of God, you don't because it does not exist. All whose hearts who deep down truly seek God will be saved - including yours. You just have to be open to it.

Every single one of us, including even all of you who particiapte in this sacreligious website are completely capable to seek God and are ultimately to be saved by God. But it is our decison that decides if we are saved.

Every single one of us is on a different path. However, whether we like it or not God is ultimately the center, whatever religion, race, gender, etc. We are all on God's "radar Screen." Therefore it is ultimately our DECSION where we choose to lie in proximity to the center(3'' in diameter, 3,000'' in diamter, etc). Just as an pilot, has a device to control his position on the radar screen at the air base is able to choose whether or not he is on or off. We are given our radar device when we are created. It is off or on - no nuetrality.

On a scale with two sides, one Yes the other No, God as the center, someone may be closer to the "no" side, but they choose to stay on the "YES" side. Someone maybe on the "NO" side but closer to "yes" side, but they choose eto stay on the "NO" side. Whatever side they choose is there decison. You see? There is NO NUETRALITY.

Satan "originally God's first angel" chose to say no to God. His choice created hell in the first place. Hell is ulitmate "No to God." If, and in whatever way we choose, to say no to God, we aren't saved by God because WE MAKE THis CHOICE of yes or no.We have been given the free choice - "the radar control."

YOU make the same INDIVIDUAL FREE CHOICE when you decide to pull up your chair to your computer and promote this website. Your free choice is the same type of free choice Hitler chose to kill millions of Nazis in Nazi Germany(your website - different level, same category). Even if he didn't actually say the word "no" to God, his murders were his "no." Just as this website is your "No."

You, and every person reading this right now are equally able to be saved and be with God, but IT IS YOUR DECSION to do so. These decisons are not only our speech. They are infinite, they are life thay are our actions. You continue to look at this website(with pleasure and enjoyment)? OK, but YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO DO SO. This is your decision, so wHERE DOES THAT LEAVE YOU? Yes or No.

Susanne Sullivan

Yes, like Hitler my "no" is conveyed through more creative outlets than simply the word "no", but you need to know that my "no" isn't just an unknowing "no".

I know that there is no neutrality and that choosing "no" (even if I know I do not lean on the "no" side) I should know I mean "no" and maybe know that my "no" isn't a knowing "no" to God but a "no" I don't know and know that no "no" is an even bigger no-no. No?


“shame on your face”

what is this. Are you playing with Lord. shame on your face

Kantha Nallabantu

Scolding me whilst your beliefs in a human god are entirely based on faith?
Now I shame all over your face.
“True happiness comes from God, not from people”

What is wrong with you? This site is demeaning to Christ and you should be ashamed of yourself.

True happiness comes from God, not from things or people. In order to live a life free of worry, you must have faith that God will take care of your every need. Without this faith the continual search for happiness from the world will keep you unhappy and drenched with troubles and unneccessary worries.


You don't think that true happiness can come from people? That is such a sad outlook. You so willingly accept the end of your search.

I have found much happiness, and it's the kind you can see and touch!



I was very disappointed when is saw your site disgracing my Lord and Savior.
Yours in Christ


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