" NormalBob how come you do not update your site so often. You keep me in suspense for 4 days.
You should put that horrible piece crap "Simon Sez" starring Dennis Rodman onto your More Of Worst Movies that can't be missed. It has a plot so agonizing you can hardly stand one second of it. It has so many stupid and tasteless jokes.
I got banned from your site in computer class. I am in seventh grade. My friend David Giller is your biggest fan. He has been visiting your site since October of last year. David's Christian friends stopped being his friend when he first introduced them to your site. Christian spotlight review is the saddest and most depressing site I have ever been on.
Joseph Levi "

Unhappy Fans
Not everyone who's a fan of this site likes what they see. Here are some fans who have taken issue with the way I run things here a NoBS.com

Real life fan mail and the pictures that they've included of themselves!

Dear Bob, I recently came across your website & just had to write to tell you how much I enjoy it. I am always excited when I find a worthwhile site such as yours, while surfing the net. Not only do I really like your style of artwork, but it's your honesty that is most admirable. I especially love the "Jesus Dress up".

Something like that really takes balls, and it's obvious (by reading your hate mail) that you take alot of flack for it. I also do some playing with Jesus myself on my website (which I too get much flack for). Although it's a different kind of site (hee hee). Is there any chance you'd be able to do a custom dress up for me? I'd love to have something like that on my site. Please let me know if something like that is possible sweetie. I promise I'll make it worth your while (wink wink). Hope to hear from you soon & keep up the good work.

Lots of love from your new fan, AnastasiA

P.S. Attached is a picture of me. Hope you like it. Creepy Kisses, AnA.

hey jesusdressup.com is a fuckin riot. its amazing how pissed off people can get over a internet
site ya know? and the funny part is how almost all of the hate mail (at least that youve put up on the site) ends up giving the same message.... "your going to die burn in hell your an ass ect." Dont you just enjoy christian love?

I think its absolutly great what your doing, with the whole god ate my balls section. i mean seirously...people believing there is an invisible man in the sky... why not fairies or zombies. and will there be free will in heaven? its like a trick question...either way it ends up falsifying (is that a word?) the entire idea (if you have free will you can sin, and its a sinless enviornment, if you dont, it wouldnt be heaven, because heaven paradise, and without free will you cant really have paradise). just a thought. sorry this was so unorganized and the likes. keep up the good work w/ jesusdressup.com, and good luck with your art.


hey bob,
i frequent your site very, well, frequently. after a long day of classes i like to unwind by making jesus wear a mr. peanut outfit. somehow, life seems a bit more bearable because of the funny pictures by the green haired boy.

rock on,
meghan leon

oh yah, attatched is a pic of me. behind me you can sort of see, under the tacky picture of elvis, a holographic depiction of "the last supper."

Bob, Bob, Bob, I have been a fan for quite some time now. This is my favorite web site. Well, actually it's a toss up between you and lesbian porn. . . . That didn't sound right.

I have been dying to write to you, but the toughest decision I have to make is which picture to send. I'm the one in the skunk suit (polecat), don't know if Doc (the other gentleman in the photo) shares my views or not, so this letter only applies to me.

First of all, I love the hate mail and your thought provoking retorts. It never ceases to amaze me how angry some people get when you simply disagree with their views. I am also of the opinion that the ones who strike out most vehemently in any argument are the ones on the shakiest ground. I consider myself a devout agnostic, and have had numerous discussions with believers (including my girlfriend), these people are friends, neighbors, and family members so I have to be gentler and more diplomatic than you are with the angry hordes. Perhaps that is why I enjoy reading your witty jabs at the flimsy wall they have built around themselves. I'm jealous!

What I truly wish I could say to them is how silly it all seems. I asked my girlfriend (twice) if God was an egomaniac, that the creator of the universe required me to bow down and acknowledge his greatness or be condemned (sounds like Ming the Merciless). Her answer was "yes" (both times). During a conversation with my neighbor, I said to believe in God I might as well believe in ghosts and UFO's. Her response was a wide eyed "How can you not!". At every turn I am forced to bite my tongue and let it go. They seem so willing to discuss the topic as if they were open minded individuals, but in truth being a believer requires one to close the mind and accept everything at faith value. And as I do not wish to knock the crutch out from under them, I must go to NormalBobSmith.com and laugh my ass off at their silly arguments to convert you and watch you pummel them with sarcasm, wit, and logic. I have pondered at length at what drives people to religion, so here is my two cents:

Human beings are knowledge seekers. We wish to understand everything. When we come to a point where something is beyond us, we find this unacceptable. Sometimes it is so intolerable that we invent an answer. Ancient peoples believed the sun and moon were gods riding through the sky. Floods were sent by wrathful gods to punish the wicked. And that thing in the sky that looks amazingly like a hubcap must be a superior race of beings from a distant galaxy trying to study us.

The point is, all religions today are based on ancient texts that were written by a science and technology deprived society. Try writing that book today and it would be laughed at as bad fiction. There are a great many things we still don't know, but I'm just not willing to stamp "Hand of God" on everything I don't understand, just to put my mind at ease.

One other quick note; Why does the God that loves you for who you are want you to change?
Remember WWJD We Want Jack Daniels!

Your number one fan (without breasts),
Johnny Miles.

Jesus Christ, it's me again. Okay, maybe that was a little tasteless. Anyway, all through this, I keep coming back to your site to check for new stuff...because, as you said, there's a difference between respecting what has happened and beating yourself down, day after day, by constantly watching the news and shuffling through letters from horrified fellow teenagers, as I've been doing on my website.

No one said being patriotic meant being depressed, dammit. Donate some blood, money, or time instead of writing hatemail, people. You're proving how shallow you really are. Although they are so very amusing to read, so maybe I should take back that previous comment. Yeah, donate blood and keep writing hatemail, that's really the best possible outcome.

New picture too!
Gawd Bless America!

Send in your mail,
include a picture, and if it's interesting enough, I'll post it.

Shes Over The Edge!

This picture is of my own selection.

Hey Bob,

I think your Dressup Jesus thing is fucking funny as hell. I surfed through the rest of your site as well. I am not a christian by any means. I think the bible was a bunch of nice stories and jesus was a man who once actually lived. I can go far beyond that though.

One thing that I did find interesting was that you dont believe in god because you dislike christianity or the christian god or whatever.

FYI, there are about 1432514361376153765472363457335436 other religions that believe in a "god" or supreme being... saying that there is no divine presence is just being an irrational dick. Ever hear of karma? I agree christianity is a crock of shit meant to sedate the masses... but that doesnt mean I dont believe that there is a god...or energy of some sort. The budhist faith believes in energy...ok so are you just bashing catholicism or what?

Im sorry if I am misinformed


I have found that if there is something that I dislike (Dirty Pop, Obstructed Urinary Canal Disorder, God) I make myself believe that it doesn't exist. Most of my deep rooted, heartfelt beliefs are based on this form of "ignoring".

Walking a path of ignorance as I do is a noticeably directionless way of life, but it keeps my mind free of thoughts that could distract someone who might repeatedly think things out. I suppose that this is why much of what I say is so irrational huh?

And of course I've heard of karma. It's the leading form of justice for the ignorant! It's the reason why everyone always gets what they deserve all the time... like in the movies! But oddly I don't believe in any forms of energy, so I'm going to pretend like I didn't hear you say that. See how it works?


Thu, 06 Sep 2001

I caught your drift in a new fanmail letter. Sorry I sent you my art on paper and I didn't know you don't care about what other people do. I didn't realize you were so hardcore about originality, as much as to not want to look at what other people do. I think it's cool to see what you can do, and I also like to see what other artists do because I enjoy it. And yes, sometimes influenced by it. It actually drives me to come up with something better. Unfortunately, I sent you pictures that were already on my hardrive that were probably not too original.

There's lots of life drawing out there. I will not be petty and say I don't appreciate what you can do. But what I sent does not define my abilities. The stuff you've posted up from your portfolio is the same as what I scribble on notepaper at work. It's not good to fall into the trap of being so arrogant to think you are more original than the next person. I just do what I want to do, and I find trying really hard to be less mainstream than everyone else is still trying to be like somebody else. I'm open to trying everything, and it's hard to find out what everything is if you're not willing to listen and learn from what others have done. I guess like how you've learned stuff from your brothers and applied it to your own work.

Well, if you find out what's more original than working on a Mac in Illustrator and Photoshop, let me know. I've already seen dead animal carcass works pinned to a wall and placticised cadaver sculptures, so I'm really interested in seeing what Bob Smith has up his sleeve. Don't worry,I won't bother you by sending more of my stuff, but you could've let me known instead of making me feel like an ass.

Mon, 24 Sep 2001

Ok, how 'bout we don't discuss art?

After the recent trajedies, I was compelled to write, even if you don't want to hear from me. I really think people need to wise up now (as they should have a long time ago). I don't think all the religionatics realize how they aren't so different from the jackasses that feel they have to blow up people to prove a point. Most don't have guns or the will to kill, but the brainwashing is the same. It's two seperate, closed and ignorant societies. It's dangerous to be so dedicated to religion, and this is what happens when people don't think for themselves. Hitler all over again.

A scary thought is that there's christians out there saying "go over there and kill them all". Yet these nutcases have done what they feel they need to in the name of god. It is so obviously wrong, however, maybe some people will realize that religious brainwashing made it come about. And cause they're assholes. I think it's an even greater trajedy if nobody looks inside themselves and realizes how shit like this happens. This is a struggle of one religious group thinking that the other is so horrible they have to die. Americans have killed for their causes and the middle east has killed for theirs.

The recent attack is so devastating it has affected everyone the world over, like a knife in the back. And how no responsibility by anyone was taken, no one to fight, no point made other than what is assumed. It makes me sick. No one understands it, but no one wants to. These people cannot be bought. There are people out there that could turn those responsible in, knowing that there's a 5 million price tag on Bin Laden's head. It's pure blind faith in their god that keeps them going. That same blind faith that so many write to you about, trying to convince you how necessary it is. Christians try to perpetuate this blind faith, yet it is the same faith that caused so many deaths. Notjust 2 weeks ago, but over years and years. Yet during these past weeks constant coverage, you hear the President telling everyone to pray and look to god. How about, if no one believed in god this would never happen. I guess it wouldn't be very politically correct. The very things that are caused by worship are the things that cause people to worship more. And for this reason, on top of the senseless deaths, the prospect of war and the economic devastation of it all, I am very sad. It think it's good news that people have come together, but it's temporary at best.

Stuck in a Country with 2 Fighter Jets and 5 Guns

I'm glad you're back. I tried several times to respond to your email but each time I realized that you were right.

Mon, 26 Sep 2001

Well Bob, It's great to see you're a man and can admit it. Unfortunately, it usually takes a man a month to do so. I thought you'd be pissed off and that I was some crazy, stalking type girl that was on the verge of obsession. That's why I thought you didn't respond. I figured the only reason you had your site was to un-convert christians, and that maybe you had more fun breaking apart their belief system rather than conversing with those that have something relevant to say. But I didn't really believe that myself, so I thought I'd try another letter. It's nice that you remember me, you must get lots of emails.

There was something that I was going to write to you before, however, it would have been more demeaning in the context at the time (but I'm in a more revelation mood right now). What I'd like to tell you has to do with being born again. I have a theory on being a born again human. The thought didn't occur to me until I stumbled upon your site. Not often does someone grow up being told to believe in all that god crap, and actually breaks away. It takes a strong person, so I respect you for that. But there are repercussions to looking at the world in a different way. I can only speak for myself, but I think it affects the way I see everything. As I've said before, I never believed in anything. Then, when I was about 17, I decided to believe in myself. Now, at 23, I realize I'm a bitter bitch close to loneliness and intolerant to what most everyone thinks because I know they're stupid and wrong. And you, being relatively new to a life without a "higher power", how do you feel about everyone else? You are bombarded with all this idiotic redereck, and it must fuel your fire and convince you more of your beliefs. But now what? If ignorance is bliss, what is intelligence? I'm asking for your help in a response. Have you realized any bitterness and anger accossiated with the burden of being realistic? Maybe your way of dealing with it is dress-up jesus. The sarcasm and tongue in cheekiness is great. I'm the same way. It has defined my personality. But I'm not happy.

As far as intolerance goes, the reason I was a little pissed when I read that you don't like to look at other peoples' art was because I've tried very hard to be openminded. I realise that with the chip on my shoulder, it's very easy to snap at people and be a horrible person. I also realised that since most people are religious, I thought most of what people say and do is redundant. But that's not realistic either. What I'm getting at is that maybe you feel the same way, maybe you're blinded by anger and bitterness at the whole "being duped by the god thing" for a long time (what a waste of time and mindfucking). And also the anger of all these innoccent kids being hearded into the mindslaughterchurch to be spit out at the end either idiotic or angry and confused. I'm reading between the lines here, obviously. And also projecting my own twisted feelings. But I don't think I'm far off. What I'm hoping to find out from you: if religion is the pseudo-deepness that people require to feel fulfilled, what is there for people like us? All my hedonistic pastimes don't seem to be doing it anymore.

And capitalism is hard in Canada, when you have to pay 45%+ in income tax if you make over $70 000 (approx. $40 000 Am.). Can you imagine paying $20 000 in tax if you made $40 000 a year? It's hard to strive for that unattainable goal, when it's easier to make less money yet bring home the same money. And here's the kicker: 15% tax on all purchases. I found out about the World Trade Center when I was listening to Howard Stern that morning. It felt so personal, because so many Canadians feel like Americans that haven't moved there yet. I sent some money to the fund H.S. is raising because I didn't know what else to do. There were people from here calling random phone #'s in N.Y. just to tell them they care. It was kind of endearing. I have a friend in New Jersey and at this point, I'm thinking of moving in because apparently, my country is proud of being a stepping stone for terrorists. Refugee with no job skills or money? You're in! There's a Canadian working 2 jobs to support you right now! Do you want free braces to build your self esteem? Food and clothes for your 8 children? There's a Canadian that didn't have children because they have to support yours! Don't speak English? That's fine, half of the street signs aren't in English anyways...how about Chinese or French? Multiculturism My Ass, by Sara. Thoughts on a tolerant society. What are yours?

Angry Sara (I hope you've come to expect nothing less than a rant by now)

I have been asked many many times about why I'm so angry and why do I hate. If I were feeling those things I would admit it. I don't care what people think, I'd say it.
I don't see myself as angry or with hate. I love my parents (who are still Christians) and I like to see them often. I have no problem with hearing my mother or others talk about their beliefs in God. I'm interested in what she thinks and I like to talk to people about it. I'm a pretty content guy. I guess if I had my choice right now I'd be going to bed with some gorgeous girl and I'd be richer... but I don't feel any bitterness towards Christians or the folks who attack me.

It's fun for me. It really is. I LOVE going across the street every day or so to the coffee shop and writing to these strangers who tell me to stop what I'm doing. I sit there and write peacefully, I people-watch, sometimes run into friends, even meet a girl or two here and there. It's a pretty enjoyable luxury that I appreciate every day. When I'm through, I walk across the street to my apartment looking over the city and I type it all out on my computer and send them off. I eagerly anticipate the responses and all of the comedy it generates.

I am probably a bit more jaded than most. I don't let ANY of the letters get to me. The people don't know me. All they know is a character they've painted in their heads of who they think I am. I'm totally free of them.

Unfortunately I enjoy doing this all a bit too much and I probably don't have the social life I should be having. But I don't know, I've left it open for me to stop when ever I want to. I don't owe anybody anything so if I don't feel like working on it I don't.

I can be an asshole on the Internet sometimes. I have a hard time caring for someone just through emails. If something gets "heavy" in an email correspondence I may just drop contact. It's better off. I really have to meet someone face to face for me to really start caring.

I have to say that I was bitter at first when I had no outlet. When I felt it was all wasted time and I was lost with the loss of my belief. But now I've found a fun project that entertains me (and hopefully others) and I get to talk about myself endlessly. It's a very selfish hobby... but not an angry one.

You are a gorgeous girl and I wish you were nearby so that I could meet you. Maybe have coffee.



I clicked the US flag on hatemail 42 and found a kind of 10 Commandments for your flag. What is the difference between "Patriot" and "Christian"?

You seem to have realised the folly of Christianity, may I suggest you apply the same thought process to your flag (A piece of cloth and no more) and all the related dogma. Your conclusions would be received with interest.

Peter Forbes

The big difference is that America exists, God does not.

America exists, God does not? A big difference, perhaps. A meaningful difference, I think not.

Your reply implies that blind faith and worship are OK so long as the object of veneration physically exists, I do not want to believe that this is your intention.

The idea of "America" (Or any nation) is as fictitious as God. (Perhaps that should be "ideal" not "idea"?)

Anyway I wasn't asking about America, I was asking about the flag fetish and the instructions for reverence.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I remembered a picture this time, entitled "Peter becomes a Special People". I am the Peter on Hatemail 42 part 2.

The faith that I have in America is not blind. America is a country that is flawed in many ways but despite the horrific events that took place earlier this month, I still feel safer here than I would anywhere else under similar circumstances.

I have always professed my appreciation for the freedom I am allowed here and the accumulation of diversity that that freedom promotes. The flag fetish that you think I have is simply my way of saying "thank you" to the ground that I walk on every day.

I don't yet worship the American flag, but if you slapped the pattern on a pair of thigh high boots and the right pair of legs there's no telling what I'd consider.

And the qualification for the Special Peoples Club is not to disagree with me. It's a willingness to profess your ignorance in a variety of subjects relating to your basic belief system. So please expand on your thoughts and I'll see if you qualify.

Wow....simply wow.

Over my many years on this planet there has been little I have believed in. Many friends have tried to persuade me to the christian religion, I keep telling them its bullshit but they dont believe me. So now I just send them your site and tehy dont talk to me anymore!!! Thanks so much for getting rid of them. Also, I was contesting the thought of you being the epitome of what I would like to be, but there was much question. After reading the "fanmail issue 14"

"The faith that I have in America is not blind. America is a country that is flawed in many ways but despite the horrific events that took place earlier this month, I still feel safer here than I would anywhere else under similar circumstances.

I have always professed my appreciation for the freedom I am allowed here and the accumulation of diversity that that freedom promotes. The flag fetish that you think I have is simply my way of saying "thank you" to the ground that I walk on every day.

I don't yet worship the American flag, but if you slapped the pattern on a pair of thigh high boots and the right pair of legs there's no telling what I'd consider."

And you expressed your feel for america, all the tables turned. So many non-religious fools out there pledge fully to the anarchist movement.

I love america, like an old grandmother who sits on her porch who greets me with candy, and others with semi-automatic shotgun blasts. perhaps in a way I am replacing religion with america, perhaps Idea(l)s are what I worship, but you know, if those beliefs give people like you the right to stand up to all of the tanited hearts in this world and say "FUCK YOU" then damnit, if there was a god, it would be you, and may the day come taht you walk high and mighty above the people and make all of those who oppose you burn before your eyes.lead on bob, show us the heated light of truth, keep on revealing the audacity of this religion bullshit. You have many followers, and I alone shall stand forth and lead your armies of purity across the lands of tainted hatred of truth!


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