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Today's FEATURED VIDEO showcases the drunken rock-n-roll antics of Skater Sid!

I just happened to be on the west side of the park filming The Looming Peeper (seen further down this page) when all of a sudden I saw the cops throwing somebody to the ground.

Sid apparently had been sleeping there, and then rudely woken up by the NYPD (water in the face?). That's where this video begins. He had a chance to get away, but instead, like a trooper, he went back for more.

Shaggy rarely can be seen rooting for another Union skater, but Sid here has a fan in Shaggy.



Video by Shaggy

Shaggy enthusiastically interviews Skater Sid about what the fuck he was thinking when he got himself arrested a few days earlier.

What lessons did Sid learn?
#1. Fuck the pigs.
#2. Same as #1.

Amanda the Raver/Crusty

Photo & video by Normal Bob

Yo! Who's the hottie raver chick in the sweet, striped thigh-highs and all the fun pink accessories?
Why it's Amanda, the Crusty Raver.

Now watch her smoke a cigarette through the hole in her lip.

"He's Flying" by Brer

Video by Normal Bob

This is the song written by that lady with the cane, performed by Brer, with a video by your's truly, along with the help of every white boy at the park who's been on those speed pills called Adderall.

Cockroach, Flips & OWS

Video by Normal Bob

It's really hard to paint a full picture of what Occupy Wall Street has turned into at the Square. But this example brought to you by the Cockroach & Flips should give you a pretty good idea.

Cockroach has earned quite a reputation with OWS. A reputation alarmingly similar to the one Ramblin' Bill had with The No Police State Coalition years back.

OWS has filled the spot that was once owned by the No Police State. NPSC, which subsequently divided into the Free Speech Speakout, which then divided again into The Original Free Speech Speakout, and The Free Speech Speakout New Originals which then got absorbed by Occupy Union.

Anyhow, now when you see a filthy crazy person dressed in funny clothes at the park they're refered to as "Occupy."

Over-thinking Life

Photo by Normal Bob

If you don't have enough going on already with your outfit, try skateboarding, and texting, while trying to read a flyer someone just gave you, while drinking a Pepsi and wearing those shoes & pants together.

The guy's clearly over-thinking life.

Red Nose Peeper

Photos by Normal Bob

In case you haven't met him already, this is the Looming Peeper (name pending). His favorite thing is finding floor-sitting young girls and standing over them, and staring.

He has a red button nose, rosy cheeks from drinking a little too much, and he's no conversationalist whatsoever. He wanders around anxiously like some sort of meandering teen-detector. But say one word to him and he turns and walks the other way, wide-eyed, seemingly bedazzled by his own consciousness.

Old-school Crossdressing

Photos by Normal Bob

I give this guy credit. Scroll back through these pages several years and you'll see once or twice for the last 7 or 8 years this guy's gotten into a pretty dress and walked his bicycle though Union.

I appreciate his old-school style crossdressing. You see, 40 years ago crossdressing meant looking like a church lady. It was the only kind of crossdressing men knew about at the time. There was none of the high fashion, ahead-of-the-curve crossdressing you see nowadays which can get so cocky and self absorbed.

Not this guy though. You can find his entire outfit for less than ten bucks at the thrift store, and he's off from there on his annual bike walk.


Video by Normal Bob

You have to know how to handle the freaks of the park if you expect to survive. In case you didn't recognize this one, it's the same guy who threatened to burn down OWS at Zuccotti last year.

He's back at it again waving this handkerchief in my face thinking there's no defense against a good offense.

Tug-o-war is a perfect analogy for what I do every day to hold down this spot at Union.

Union Breakers

Video by Normal Bob

Last, and quite possibly least, the Union Square Break Dancers.

They set up their music like this, day in, day out, for everyone in the park, whether you like it or not and aim their speakers at everybody but themselves, and "perform."
Then they look so confused as to why I'd be standing there shooting them.

These are just a few of the amazing strangers to be found in Union Square. As you can see you can find any type of person here. Grab a beer and enjoy the people watching. Of course don't drink and drive home. A DUI is a serious offense in NYC. If ever faced with a DUI you should to contact a New York DUI lawyer as soon as possible to assist with the arrest.

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