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Today's FEATURED VIDEO is bound to be under appreciated by those who don't frequent Union. You see, the Village Idiot has been a daily source of irritation for us regulars. He's unfunny, repetitive, and when he's out of character he takes the message of his art way too seriously.

No, he's not on drugs, or out of his mind, or the most fucked up guy ever at Union Square. Stop telling me that he is and that I should be racing to get him on the site.

Fact is, it's the same act day in and day out, and all the tourists seem to be his biggest fans. Just type "Union Square Crazy Guy" into Google and you'll see what I mean.


For some it's a blurry line between Wendell, Hat in the Cat, and this guy, but to me it's the difference between pompous "artistic" hipster, and everybody else.
What does interest me however is when an act like this unwillingly falls victim to the park's very real entertainment. The day just happened to be my birthday, and it was a gift from Dusty.
A gift from Dusty to the whole fucking park.

Lotion Man

Video by Normal Bob

He's the Lotion Man! What? What?

Danny Cline brings it back to the park and discusses what happened, how it changed his world, and what he plans to do from here on out.

Who wants Lotion Man back say, "Find me in the park, Celebrity!"

Jake, by New Camera

Photos by Normal Bob

Last night I was scanning through the comments on YouTube, and under the Double Dutch Texting video some asshole wrote, "Hey Bob, what kind of camera do you use? The quality doesn't seem to be very good."
I was like, "FUCK HIM! My camera's fine! If he doesn't like it he can go suck a dick! Fucking thanks I get. Jerkoff."

Then I went to the video and realized it's not very good quality, and it's time to get a new camera.

Soooo, today I went and got myself the new Canon Power Shot SX40 HS, and it's fucking awesome!

And who better to test out a new camera on than Pretty Boy Jake?

These two pictures are the only ones on this page shot with it, and I think the improvement is obvious. Prepare yourself for HD Union Square.

Signs rats out Cigar Peepers

Photo & video by Normal Bob
Whenever the topic of peepers comes up, someone always says, "Have you seen that one guy who with the cigar?"
Indeed I have. Everyone has.

How can you miss the old man nawing on his cigar while he rapes girls' panties with his eyes at the park?!?

On this particular day Signs was showing off for the pretty blonde when he confronted Cigar Peepers, which included him running to tattle.

The Park Rangers followed him around the park until he eventually left. This video is the funny part which happened prior to all that.

Normal Quarter Guy?

Video by Normal Bob

It's hard to describe the strangeness of this event.

Like watching a dog meow, the Quarter Guy was behaving normally, talking with a girl, and responding with normal sentences, all while desperately holding his mouth shut with his fingers so the "CORN DOG! FRENCH SNEAKERS! STICK IN YOUR ASS!!" wouldn't seep out.

Afterwards we tried to find out why, but only ended up getting more questions than answers.

Shaggy and I could not talk about anything else the rest of the day.


Photos by Normal Bob

I've only just noticed lately I've been shooting not so many Griswolds. I had to ask myself, is it because they've changed, or have I?

Then I looked up and saw two different sets of them file through each other with their frowny faces, flip flops, front packs and goofy clown shorts as far as the eye could see.

It seems I've been gradually building up a wall to their existence, as we all do, and they'd been there the whole time. Pining for attention.
I am sorry, Griswolds.
I am so so sorry.

Double Dutch while Texting

Video by Normal Bob

We saw this girl double dutch jump-roping while talking on the phone like it's something everyone does, and nothing special. Then I shouted out "DO IT WHILE TEXTING!" and the crowd sang along.

This is her achieving that until the embarrassment brings it to a halt.

Hat in the Cat

Video by Normal Bob

Shaggy really seems to be warming up to Hat in the Cat. Hopefully he doesn't stop coming around because of Shaggy's newfound love, and interjections, in the act.
Comments on Topless Girl

Photo & video by Normal Bob

Apparently, the infamous Topless Girl who's been making headlines around Manhattan is not at all receptive to the Fart Smeller's similar (if not identical) mission. I'll of course try to get her opinions on the matter directly, but until then here's Shaggy's.

For more from Shaggy, and minute by minute updates from Union Square like only he can deliver, follow him on Twitter:

Extra Tooth

Photo by Normal Bob

Shaggy says he should get it pulled.
I say it should be the designated bottle opening tooth.
What do you say?

Subject: Quarter Guy

I went to high school in Manhattan in 95-99. I can attest to the fact that I first saw quarter guy in 1996. He had yellow dreads and walked around with a boombox that was blasting Candlebox. The most recent sighting of quarter guy was... well... today. That's 16 years of quarter guy. 

Yuri Niyazov

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