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The big news this week is Shaggy's accident that landed him in Bellevue for 3 days. There was blood & bones, dangling limbs & a ruined pair of Dickies.

This is video from Day 1 immediately after the disaster.

The FEATURED VIDEO tells of the events that led up to Shaggy's ambulance ride, the surgery, and all the sympathy that followed.


Shaggy's Coworker

Video by Normal Bob

That's junky over there on the wall is Shaggy's ex coworker buddy who's "done with junk."

I'll let Shaggy tell the rest.

Topless on the Town

Photo by Normal Bob

The talk of the town lately has been this topless girl who's wondering around lower Manhattan with swarms of guys following her everywhere, her arrest, and everybody wanting pictures.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to overhear these gay guys discussing her at length.
"Is she serious?!?"
"I have tits too but I don't walk around with them hanging out all over the place! Especially flat pancake ones."
"Just look for the crowd of creepy guys. She's in the middle of it."
"Is she retarded?"
"Oh god, and she had these awful shorts on. It's the same outfit every time I see her. Pulled up over her stomach. Eeww!"

There was no "You go girl."

Chewy on the Postcard

Video by Normal Bob

Chewy and his wife give some of the best suggestions for the postcard. I learn something every time I put it in front of their faces and let them go off.

And by the way, you can get your very own Matchgame Postcard here.

Dusty Returns

Video by Normal Bob

After two weeks in the psyche ward Dusty returns to tell the tale of the days leading up to his capture.

And people, you'd best stop commenting under his videos that he's going to be dead by the end of 2012. I've been doing this for over a decade and I've yet to see anyone die. Instead what happens is they continue this up and down roller coaster ride for years and years without any dying at all. That's the better, more dependable prediction.

My favorite Dusty quote from this video.
"YOU CALL THIS LIFE?!?" while pointing at his handcuff to the bench.

Appropriate Hugs

Video by Normal Bob

Finally, Free Rubs repents and we're well on the way to changing his name to "Appropriate Hugs, the Free Hugger formerly known as Free Rubs."

Though it appears not everyone is totally convinced.

Shaggy Banishes Farty

Video by Normal Bob

Speaking of Free Rubs, when you're with a girl, here's one way to banish the Fart Smeller.
Shaggy teasing Breakers

Video by Normal Bob

Clearly the new scene at the park, the blipsters, Hype-Beasts, Tumblr Kids, 90s hiphop Bel Biv Duvoe revival munchkins have to be added to the park map. However I'm having trouble finding any way to present them other than an nuisance.

What they've actually become is a mass audience at the ready to encircle any filmable moments before it can even take place. When Dusty spazzed out at the park a couple weeks ago he was mobbed by them all, making capturing the moment impossible.

These were also the kids who were antagonizing Morgan the day she broke down. And if it's not their crowding it's their endless, repetitive music playing for hours at a time that drowns out anything else you might want to hear being said, as seen above.

But, all that said, whether they know it or not, they've been contributing to videos too. I have my ways of making them more interesting. You just wait. If there's one thing I'm skilled at it's making groups of do-nothings Amazing Strangers. Just ask the Free Huggers.

Graver Girls

Photo by Normal Bob

Imagine you're at the park and you feel a tap on your shoulder. A fuzzy tap. So you look up and you're completely surrounded like a rat in a... encircled by the Green Graver Girl's Gang.

Video by Normal Bob

Wendell, again, showing us how it's done.

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