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Up until this weekend I was going to feature this video of Morgan.
She had other plans.

Now, today's FEATURED VIDEO is some awesome Sid-n-Nancy rollercoaster craziness that you sign up for upon entering the world of Morgan the punkrocker.

Here's what I think happened.


From everything I can gather it all took a turn for the worse when what should have been a normal junky-breakdown drew a crowd of taunting hip-hop brats. Things quickly spun out of control into a complete mess that involved the cops, an ambulance, the annoying Hype-Beast kids, her squatter punk friends, and even a temporarily orphaned rat.

Dusty's Dance Challenge

Video by Normal Bob

When Dusty explained to me how much he hates rap music & break dancing, I immediately knew there's a perfect job for him at Union Square. To Serve It.

Only Dusty has the moves to crash a dance circle. I saw the spark burning inside him, and boy did he shine.

You show 'em Dusty!

Pretty Boy Jake

Photo by Normal Bob

A couple weeks ago, right around the time I posted Super Chic Bonnie, I had several girls from Facebook tell me they no longer visit my site due to me always posting "skinny girls in their 20's" and how unoriginal it is that I do that all the time.

The word "misogynistic" was even thrown in there, and the threat that if things don't change that's it for me. I'll just be another one of those sites.

Anyhow, I think this is me unintentionally doing that again.

Signs Centerfold

Photo by ––––

With the economy in the state it's in Signs has had great trouble making ends meet. It's awful witnessing someone you're really rooting for fail again and again. Being his friend I just couldn't stand by and do nothing. So for 3 bucks a spread (and some smokes) I talked Signs into doing a sexy centerfold photoshoot at the park. All for your pleasure.

He's a natural, as you can see. However afterwards, it's painfully awkward watching him leave in tears folding the few bills in his pocket while he tries to bum a light from someone. And the whimpering! I can't stand his pitiful whimpering.

But it's worth it. Right?
I'm sure you agree.

Amanda's Union Sq Trick

Photo & video by Normal Bob

This is Amanda. The same girl who makes an appearance in the Morgan feature above. And this is the trick she can do at Union Square Park on a Friday afternoon.

This isn't the last we've seen of Amanda, I'm sure.

Cholo in New York

Photo by Normal Bob

I know you people on the West Coast see this all the time. But here in New York a Cholo on a gold lowrider bicycle is unique, to say the least.

My man's got it all the way down to the Ben Davis shorts and knee socks. Even faux chopper mufflers. A fashion statement that gets lots of props in NYC.

Day Day

Photos by Normal Bob

Day Day's exploring new ground with some memorable tattoos.

Call me crazy, and I'm prepared to be wrong, but I think what he's doing will catch on with whatever the new scene is going to find itself to be.

But then again, no one's ever predicted this stuff accurately, and this shit's fucking terrifying!

Jesus god. Remind me to never shroom with him.

Man with Horn

Video by Normal Bob

Yeah, I know everyone's going to comment under this video "Dude, it's military time" and "You've been going to Union Square for how many years and you don't know what those numbers mean? Idiot."

To those people, I roll my eyes and think you to be socially retarded dipshits.

To the rest of you, enjoy this video the way it was obviously meant to be enjoyed.


Video by Normal Bob

Cairenn here is a fan of the site who came to Union Square to see it for herself.

At one point she said to me, "I came dressed so the peepers couldn't peep me. Plus, I'm sitting this way so there's nothing they can do."
To which I turned on my camera and showed her how she was already being peeped. Then I conducted this little interview with her to find out her feelings on the topic directly at hand.

86ed from Starbucks

Video by Normal Bob

This is Shaggy almost getting 86ed for 86ing the Quarter Guy one too many times.

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