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This page of Amazing Strangers is dedicated to all the ladies who help make the park what it is. And even Shaggy can't deny that The Fart Smeller brought it with bells on.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is another one of Roman's Feats of Amazement, getting a real woman to allow him to breastfeed in public. And she seemed quite excited too!

People always ask me, "These girls who take part in Roman's sex-things, where does he get them?!? Where do these women come from?"
My answer is always the same.



Photo by Normal Bob

I swear to you, gravers come through for me year after year, on the mark, like I put a penny in the gumball machine.

But there's no "Graving for Idiots" or magic insight I've got over anybody else. It's just fact. And destiny is set from the moment of birth.

This is Graver.
Set your watch to it.


Photo by Normal Bob

And while Graving seems to finger its way into every nook, and timelessly survive decade after decade, this delight to the eyes passes through alone.

Why is that? Why are the best styles so few and far between, while the train wrecks claim immortality?


Photo by Normal Bob

I have to give credit where credit's due. Last week the ladies really came through for the site.

I had friends from out of town visiting that day. They met me at Union Square, sat down and started telling me how shell shocked they were by the craziness of NYC as opposed to quiet Colorado. In response I pointed out the topless woman reading her day-timer just over there. Their jaws dropped.

Little did they know that not 10 minutes before they'd missed a Breast-feeding for Peace demonstration.

One of my friends told me they're never going to return to New York City ever again.

Green Graver Girl

Photo by Normal Bob

Here. Because she's just so goddamned cute!
Mudflap Tats

Photo by Normal Bob

Is the mudflap art here on purpose? Is it easily explained away because maybe the drawing continues up into a full illustration of the back end of a semi truck? Or perhaps it's an homage to Spinal Tap? I'm prime for the explanation.
This dilemma is keeping me up at night. I need answers.

Freddy on Methadone

Video by Normal Bob

Freddy talks shit about the system he's been put through, while Chewy dances his life away to the beat of Occupy Wall Street's drumbeats.
New Scene

Photo by Normal Bob

This is the new scene that's taken over the park. The Hype-bees. Tumblr Kids. Hiphop Throwbacks. Two years ago there were just a few. Last year there were a dozen or more. This year they've exploded to the hundreds!

They dress way-up to come stand at the park. They only face inward, no intermingling with anyone else but themselves. They're not aware of their surroundings, so if a cluster comes to hang near you you'll soon be surrounded on all sides who'll pay you no mind, to which you'll have to push your way out to to regain your elbow room. They've also been heard to refer to Union as Soho.

However, they're actually good kids. No fights. No stink. Threat-free, and gay friendly.

But my prediction is playing out. They're masses are so enormous they can't help but wear out the "cool" of meeting here. This will slowly but surely thin their numbers so the few who were here last year can reclaim their spot and refer to these ones as posers.
It's the same pattern every time.

Le Cocka Roacha

Video by Normal Bob

See, the Cockroach doesn't understand how now I don't mind at all if he comes over to hang out. This is my pattern at the park. I bitch and moan at the annoying fucks how they better stay away from me, I'm a loose canon, and if they continue to bother me the special that'll be made of them on the internet will be like no other!

Then some months pass, I calm down and begin to fully appreciate the levels of quality entertainment value each of them bring to my life, and I yearn for their presence.

I completely understand that it is me. I am to blame. And my actions confuse and disorientate them. I am the bad guy. I know this now.
And the Cockroach can surely take pleasure in this.

Skatin’ Puppy

Video by Normal Bob

After all the work I do, this is the video that'll get ten million views by next month.

Imagine how disappointed that traffic will be when they see the rest of what I've got.

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