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Today's FEATURED VIDEO is the Inside Edition segment that appeared last October on CBS. I'm happy now everyone gets to see it, including the Portrait Peeper! How do I know he's seen it? Because he's been lurking around behind me attempting to make my head explode with his menacing laser targeted peep!

It's all good. Here's OCD & me posing with the Portrait Peeper.
Fun times.


The Hat in the Cat

Video by Normal Bob

Against all my better judgment this guy keeps making it back into Amazing Strangers with his uber-predictable and easily derailed antics. And that's exactly what it is that entertains me so. I think I can convice you all the same.

Btw, here is the time when interrupting him drew happy result.

And here's another day when anti-Jesus sentiment reaped rewards.

The featured video simply combined the two. Now you can try it the next time you see The Union Square Hat in the Cat!


Photo & video by Normal Bob

My love for punkrock girls goes deep. A little attitude, a shaved side of scalp, some tattoos and some nondescript worn black tee with a scribble on it and my heart's a flutter!

Seriously. I'm an easy guy to please. These ingredients have made for some of the happiest moments of my life. Put them together with a little bit of mutual crush and I'm set for life.

Listen, I'm not to the point yet where I'm giving my number to homeless gutter-sleepin' junkies, but every time I see Morgan I need to give her a hug and a little scratch behind the ears for luck.

The day after this photo was taken she had to be raced to the hospital for a pus-filled abscess in her knee. The next day when she woke up her and her boyfriend trashed the room because they thought they were in a hotel. Here's how she tells it...

Shaggy Bullying OWS

Videos by Normal Bob

So, pretty much, OWS at Union Square is a 24/7 drum circle that bangs on buckets, garbage cans, and anything that can make obnoxiously loud noise day in and day out, and it's driving everybody mad! So you'd think they'd be a little less astonished by the park's dislike for them.

That all said, throwing pennies, knocking over their buckets, and just getting them all really angry is Shaggy's way to let off some of the steam they've boiled.

These are the reasons, or so he says, Shaggy is the Mayor of Union Square Park. See for yourself.

Dusty spittin' mad

Video by Normal Bob

Dusty, NO! You've got to LIVE! People want you around! You're likable, funny, honest and out of control! Pull back! Pull back!

Dusty, Dusty, Dusty, Dusty, Dusty.

What do ya do?

Shaggy's Face Balance

Video by Normal Bob

This is a skate trick I've only seen Shaggy accomplish. He's balancing his back wheel on a sleeping strangers forehead.

Click the pic to see step by step exactly how it's done.

Signs out of Jail

Video by Normal Bob

The day before this video everyone was wondering where the hell Signs has been? Turns out, he was away for 5 days in jail. For smokin weed? So he says.

I suppose this means that Signs the bum can be missed?


Signs, Snitch & the Passerby

Video by Normal Bob

In Signs' typical fashion he couldn't help but start shit with these dudes after sensing some disrespect from the one in the glasses.

Then after the guy went and told on him to the cops, Signs left the scene, but the drama was only just beginning!

God doing Moses

Photo by Normal Bob

Saw God yesterday at Union. I asked him to do his best Moses impersonation. He was happy to bust some biblical balls for my entertainment.

Good guy, God. I hope he stops by again sometime.

Nano-tech preaching to OWS

Video by Normal Bob

Who would've ever thought you'd see me, Normal Bob Smith, rooting for the Christian, and against the Occupy? Well, that's exactly what happened this day at Union Square when Nano-tech showed up to preach at the movement about Jesus' Occupy message.

There. I've come full circle. You can stop you're complaining, Christians.

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