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I couldn't be any more thrilled to begin this page shouting "SHORTEST WINTER EVER!"
Never before have I experienced a winter like this that's come and gone without hardly a snow, freeze, looming darkness nor an urge to throw myself under a snowplow.

To illustrate that even further today's FEATURED VIDEO was shot in the middle of February! A day so beautiful it was hard to keep oneself from climbing the to the top of a large statue dressed as a superhero and scream your demands for all the world to hear! Which is just what happened here with Maksim Katsnelson for the second time in two years.


Critiquing the Newbies

Video by Normal Bob

There's a new brand of Scenester taking over the Square, and something needs to be said about it! Who better than Alex and Pretty Boy Jake to complete such a task?

Junky Contact

Photo by Normal Bob

Watching two half-nodding junkies adjusting each others contact lenses at the park is so much more disturbing and shocking to me than the fistfights, perverts or Inna bumming cigarettes naked. And I think this single picture captures exactly what I'm talking about.

Father/son Bullshit

Video by Normal Bob

This typlical bullshit between Shaggy and his dad entertains me to no end! I get to see this all the time. You folks get only that which I happen to capture on film, which is never enough in my opinion.

More to come, as long as they're both alive.

Free Tibet

Video by Normal Bob

Funny story.
I posted this video without saying anything about what happens in regards to unplugging the rally from their generator. Unfortunately I think most people can't get through the first 30 seconds of the chanting and run away before the anti-climactic retaliation!

Anyhow, now you know. Stick to it for more than a minute. There's a payoff. I swear!

Shaggy, Zippy & Joey Boots

Video by Normal Bob

I somehow thought it was a bigger scoop that David Peel, the musician, blew Joey Boots 25 years ago and doesn't know it was "Joey Boots."

But the comments under the video seem to show no one giving a flying fuck. Is that the deal? Or do you gotta really KNOW the two for it to mean anything interesting?


Photos by Normal Bob

Bad hair day? There's an easy solution.

But covering your head with packaging tape is something you don't want to be seen wearing?
Easy: Wear a mask.

Problem solved.

Graver 2.0

Photo by Normal Bob

Available now.
Where's Wendell get Stuff?

Video by Normal Bob

Some answers to a frequently asked question provided to you by the source itself.
Time to Shave a Neck

Photo by Normal Bob

I'm telling you, Fart Smeller's fate is all but sealed. He's already getting a head start on some of the essentials. Like lengthy, completely unattended neck hair.

He sent me an email last month offended that I'd compared him to the Dog Molester.
"Bob, That is an insult, the only person that could rival me is lotion man but I was still way more famous then he was if the peace through face sitting videos weren't taken down, plus I didn't have to depend on fox news to get where I am."

Sorry Fart Smeller. When it's written, it is written. You and Free Rubs both may not want to hear it, but your futures a decade from now are clear to anyone on the outside looking in.

If there were stock options available in these predictions I'd invest my life savings.

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