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Guess what! My YouTube account got terminated again. New Years Eve morning. That makes twice in one year. I'll of course re-upload everything again, but I've decided from now on my site's going to link to videos on Vimeo, and YouTube'll be strickly promotional & PG. Please be patient with the repair of the links on the rest of my site. Luckily I have a long winter ahead to get everything back in order. And trust me, it'll ALL be put back in order. You just wait.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is a Year In review of Union Square 2011, and whatever gossip we've got about some of its most prolific celebrities. Including Lotion Man, Dusty, Signs the Bum, and Quarter Guy, & of course Shaggy himself.

Shaggy gives you his Twitter, but he also has a YouTube account that doesn't ever get deleted.
Better still, read Shag's monthly column in Slap Magazineg.
My new account, for as long as it lasts, is

Dusty's Famous!

Photo by Vivian Plum

I'm not sure if you already know this or not, but Dusty's fuckin famous! Posing with fans and admirers. They come from miles around just to be in a picture with their hero. Look at him. He's on top of the world. Way to go Dusty.

Fuckin' YouTube.

Inna in LA

Photo by someone Inna knows

That's right, boys-n-girls. Inna's up and moved to LA. And from what I can tell from here, she's fiiiinnne.

And yes, that's Sceinna with Scene Queen Amor Hilton, the ex of John Hock! And I surely don't need to tell all you scenesters who the hell John Hock is. Do I?

She may not return come spring. It's probably for the best. They flag her videos as soon as she slinks onto a Youtube screen.

Where is Lotion Man?

Photo by Lotion Man

Listen. I do not know where Lotion Man is, so I can't go film him no matter how bad you want me to. I can however tell you to keep up with him yourself through Myspace.

It doesn't look like he's putting it to much use lately, but my bet is come spring he'll return, and he'll do things that'll get my third, or fifth, or tenth YouTube account pulverized.

We have Signs' Protection

Video by Normal Bob

It's official. Me and the gang, we're all part of Sign's family now. And it actually does seem to have its benefits! Not that we're any safer or protected or anything, but it opens the door for multiple shows a day, just like this one. Which is exactly why I'm posting it now, because after this happened Signs got beat up by a girl named Lee leaving this vid in a cloud of dust.

Until now that is.

Jacuzzi Voice

Video by Normal Bob

Another video from year back, before I knew how to make subtitles. Which I suppose is one bonus of getting an account deleted. It forces me to go back through everything and accidentally stumble across those once forgotten gems.

I'm still kicking myself for not getting the camera on in time to catch him talking about the three hot girls who jumped into the jacuzzi first! "And by chance... By chance, I had my fucking swimming trunks with me!"

The Dog Molester

Video by Normal Bob

This gem I never really talked about on the site. It's moments like this that make me wonder if I'm the only one who totally appreciates what I do.

Describe what happens here to your buddy and he'll look at you funny and say, "You subscribed to that channel why?"

In my eyes however, it's a red ribbon.

Doorag Peeper Peeping
Free Massage x2 Victim

Photo by Normal Bob

I started calling this peeper the Doorag Peeper. Unfortunately I called him that several times within earshot, repeatedly. Enough that he got self concious and just stopped wearing it. I know I shot video of that too as it was happening. Which means I'll probably happen across that vid a few months from now, and post it like it was just yesterday, because that's how I roll.

Snookie gets Jesus Dressup

Video by Normal Bob

This is Shaggy handing my Jesus magnets to Snookie while they were rehearsing their Jersey Shore script at Union. But can I add, the reason I even bothered with starting up a new YouTube account after this 2nd termination is it's just too good of a advertising tool for my site.

Can you believe I had my first account for almost 7 years! Seven fucking years without deletion! Before they had the genius idea to let "the community" govern itself.

However, from now on my site's going to be linked to Vimeo. I'm sick as hell of relinking the shit every time some ornery Christian decides to go on a flagging spree at everyone else's expense. So take your complaints about it somewhere else.

Dog Molester
when no one's lookin'

Video by Shaggy

You can watch this video and pretend Andy's all innocent tap tap tappin' away on his air drums without a care in the would. But we all know his only care consists of pokin his dirty little finger at little doggies.

And you know what's the most poetic part about all my YouTube terminations? None of them were a result of a Dog Molester video.

If that doesn't tell you something about the nature of the flaggers I don't got nothin' else to say to you.

Poke on, Andy. Poke on. YouTube loves the things you do.

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