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CRAZY WEEK! My Inside Edition piece aired on Monday and the incoming traffic crashed the site, hate mail poured in from Peepers, and in just three days this Methods of Peeper video got over 100,000 views!

Then, like that wasn't enough excitement for my little brain, last night the FEATURED VIDEO really did happen! Yes, the fire trucks were there for Katya. And yes, she went through that entire bottle of lamp oil kerosene! And yes, she got away.

There's been so many countless additional incredible happenings, much of which I'm aching to share with you now–


Union is Oz

Photo by Normal Bob

Quite regularly now I find myself sitting on the steps of Oz at Union. But unlike Dorothy I am not clicking my heels to escape. These are my friends! Oz is my home! And it's Kansas that I never want to return to ever again.

So I've thrown out my ruby slippers and sealed the deal with the Wiz.
There's no place like home.

Free Rubs

Photo & video by Normal Bob

This is Free Rubs, and boy has he got a reputation at the square worth noting! All I needed was a volunteer.

And I couldn't have asked for a more delightful gift from Veronica than the one she gave me here. And I'm sure Free Rubs feels the same.

Video by Normal Bob

Everyone, you can calm your sirens, because Maddy isn't living in a shelter any more. She's alive and happy, and lip-syncing ambulances & police cars with a healthy sun-shiny smile across her pretty face.

I'm sure you'll agree.

Wendell Explains Clips

Video by Normal Bob

Wendell explains what a clip is, as well as his technique for smokin' weed, sometimes crack, in the streets unseen.


Video by Normal Bob

If status is measured by the sag, this guy's the fuckin' Burger King.
I'm Satan

Video by Normal Bob

When things are going well, sometimes the best thing for the ego is a good healthy dose of name-calling in front of all your friends for being such a bisexual buttfucking spawn of Satan. So that's what my friends did for me last weekend.

Thanks guys.

Peekaboo Man wants only girls 21 and younger

Video by Normal Bob

Ever since I was made aware of Peekaboo Man's intentions (as seen in this Joey Boots video) I've had no second thoughts about bumping up my coverage on him to paparazzi levels and really getting in there for the real scoop.

He doesn't realize this isn't the first time I've had some crazy man swinging a giant cross at me.

Day Day

Photo by Normal Bob

Oh Day Day.

Honestly I don't understand any more. I mean, you had me there for a year or two, but now it's just gone all wrong again. Help me understand. You're a preppy adolescent coon poacher from the 40's... or 80's?


Video by Normal Bob

OCD had been MIA, and I've been like, "WTF?"

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