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It's been a whirlwind of a month! Tornados, earthquakes and hurricanes rockin' New York City! And I got the EXCLUSIVE on what exactly Wendell & Signs did to survive the last several days of wreckage and carnage (click the links above to see).

Then, in addition to all that, I have more good reason for the long spans between updates. I'll have something to say on that in the next week or two, and believe me, the news is worth the wait!

Today's FEATURED VIDEO however is a little story about Signs the Bum and Huggies of Free Hugs and how one couldn't get the other to leave the freakin' park! So sit back and enjoy the ride.



Photo by Normal Bob

I hate Angelika. You want to know why? Because she doesn't hang out any more, and every couple months or so when I see her strolling through she rubs it in by looking fucking awesome.

However I should probably add, the last few times she's accepted my invitations she summed up the Union Square experience perfectly, declaring, "This place is a fucking crime scene."


More Maddy

Photo by Normal Bob

The outcry for "MORE MADDY" was substantial after her brief but memorable appearance in the "Chaos at Union Square" vid. And as a devout John Hughes fan, I can honestly say I saw her potential to cause a stir from the very beginning.

Here she is posing in a shirt she made, and she's going to be selling these online in the near future, just as soon as she gets out of the fucking shelter she's in!
No joke. Can you believe it?
Would somebody give this girl a dollar, or twenty, for Christ's sake!?


Photo by Normal Bob

Camille sat down with a plastic bag in her hand and said, "I found a hoof in the street."

What more do you need?

Hooray for Babyman!

Video by Normal Bob

Watch The Babyman hold a baby (possibly his) carelessly, while it bobs & bounces up & down like a play thing!

Watch The Babyman sweat through his shirt while he jabbers away attempting to put headphones in its ears!

And finally, see the amazing Babyman try to blow smoke away from the baby, while he extends his arm as far as he can to keep his cigarette from setting the baby on fire.

Hooray for The Babyman!
Another Union Square original.

Wendell's Holdup

Photo by Normal Bob

People ask me where Wendell gets his money. That's easy. He does this to people who take his picture until they give it to him.

No joke. Take his picture and see for yourself.

Dust meets the Carpet

Video by Normal Bob

This is a video of me hosting the very first meeting of Kevin Carpet and Dusty. Again, I think thisis another one that speaks for itself.
Models assist in Invisibility Technology

Video by Normal Bob

If you're sitting at the park already having difficulty getting any girls to notice you, you, my friend, can consider yourself COMPLETELY fucked when two male models sit beside you and start thumbing through their portfolios to admire each other.

However one good thing about it is it's almost exactly how it must feel to have the power of invisibility. You don't exist at all, so you can sit just inches away and film strangers in broad daylight, camera held out two feet in front of your face without the slightest fear of being detected in any way, shape or form.

Lotion Man

Photo & video by Normal Bob

Something tells me the void of Freddy (who's been MIA the last several months) is to be filled by this one.
I'm already sitting on more film of his misadventures from just yesterday afternoon, so I think you better get yourself familiar with Lotion Man.
Chicken Eaters

Video by Normal Bob

Saw these two tearing into a chicken carcass in the park and I just had to find out more.

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