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This week's collection of Strangers is basically a sampling of average daily events that're somewhat mundane to any park regular, but as I've come to understand, outrageous happenings to the rest of society. Today's FEATURED VIDEO is one such event.

Since the YouTube termination I've been opening accounts elsewhere else on the web for the more questionable videos, and as kind of an external backup. Two of those places are & My account is "normalbobsmith" at each. I also got a writeup on Quarter Snacks, though it appears as if they went out of their way to avoid mentioning me by name or linking me up in an obvious way.
I need to update that map.


OCD's Swastika

Photos & video by Normal Bob

This was all part of a fairly simple chain of events.
Someone mentioned how OCD looked like Charles Manson so he asked us to put a Swastika on his forehead (see video below).

After which he drank a whole lot of beer, and that's when Shaggy saw an opportunity to Face-sit for Peace.

That's it.
NYC Kids

Photo by Normal Bob

I am a big fan of New York City kids. At least the ones who are paying attention and making the city proud by scaring the tourists and bullying their stupid blond-haired, pudgy kids when they're not looking.

Rule #2:
Positive Eye Contact

Photo by Normal Bob

This slightly posed appearance isn't a misread. As she was walking in front of me I abruptly stopped the conversation I was having with a friend and exclaimed, "Oh wow! You look really fantastic today! I love those pants." while picture snapping.

You'd be surprised how many of these sort of photo opportunities are available for the taking if you just introduce it with a genuine compliment and positive eye contact. We forget the reality of the situation. She already knows she looks fantastic, and fully aware the pants are beloved.

Bridget & Brenden

Video by Normal Bob

The video of Projekt Hex's Brenden is from earlier this spring while the Union Square's Bridget video is from the end of this summer, and this is how they were brought together to be perfectly one.
Parenting FAIL

Video by Normal Bob

Well, I don't know about you but this is the first time I've seen the mother take part in Fart Smeller's campaign while her family looks on.

I'm sure this is worth the note, even though my mind is trying to throw it in the shredder.

Dusty Reappears

Video by Normal Bob

If you ever find yourself at Union Square and your mom, or your child, or your husband or wife turns to you and says "Where's Dusty been? I haven't seen him around for a month or two?" You can feel entirely secure in responding,
"The psyche ward."

An average Graver headed to the back of the park

Video by Normal Bob

Again, nothing too out of the ordinary. An average Graver on his way straight to the back of the park [reference map for back of park].
New York City Mouse Ears

Photo by Normal Bob

The other day after handing someone one of my postcards they looked it over, pointed at the Griswold drawing on the left and said "I've never seen anyone actually wearing those Liberty crowns around in public."

I replied, "It's not that you haven't seen it. It's you haven't wanted to see it."

Naked Guy on a stroll

Video by Scott Fine

Oh, and a naked guy showed up at Union the other day and danced around a little before the cops took him away.

Thanks for the footage Scott 

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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