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Ahhhhhh. It's good to be back and running smoothly again! All the fucking heat waves & fascism. Sometimes the best thing that can happen is a forced fresh start to get things moving right again.

As a result, today's FEATURED VIDEO is a product of that attempt of the powers that be to repress my inspiration. A Union Square style tribute to the greatest superhero who ever lived.


Shaggy's love for Wendell

Photo & video by Normal Bob

The above video is some of the typical public banter between Shaggy & Wendell. Don't let it fool you though. Earlier that exact same day I captured this candid moment of the two.

The verbal sparring and put-downs are for show. Don't believe it. Truth is, there's a very deep bond they share that goes beyond the book cover we probably judge to quickly.
Million Dollar Baby

Photo by Normal Bob

In somewhat of a tragedy that occurred last year I lost several weeks worth of video files, one of which were of Million Dollar Baby here focus pad training at the park. And she was pounding the SHIT out of her trainer's padded forearms with her fists and elbows. I swear it looked like she could beat a hole through a brick wall. It was both troubling and hot-as-hell.

Afterwards I asked her what exactly she was doing over there, and she responded "This girl I know wanted to start shit, so I was warming up."

Believe me, if I ever get another opportunity to bring you footage of her "letting off steam" like that again, I will be there.

And a month and a half later, as promised, I was there.

6' 7" Jew

Photo & video by Normal Bob

Yesterday the 6' 7" Jew was on his way to Trader Joe's to fill up his bag with granola bars, so we stopped him to conduct this indepth interview regarding everything anyone could possibly care about the 6' 7" Jew.

Nano Tech

Photo by Normal Bob

This might very well be the page of Strangers who we once hated but now like.

Wendell, the 6' Jew and Wendell all are park rats who Shaggy and I once despised, but it didn't take long before we warmed up and now they're just another member of the family.

Sentiments like these are illustrated when they are under attack, as was the case with Nano yesterday, and we in response heckle the hecklers. It's actually quite lovely.

The Panhandling Magician's Bedbugs & Free Hug

Video by Normal Bob

The Panhandling Magician tells about his bedbug problem and free hug.
Cop or Pedo?

Photo by Normal Bob

After dark at Union Square there's only 2 things this guy, without a wife & kids, in those shorts, hanging around, could possibly be.

Option one, Undercover cop.
Option two, Pedophile.

Take your pick. There's only 50% chance you'll be wrong either way.

Sign's & Angry Birds

Video by Normal Bob

Who's all playing Angry Birds? Everyone's playing Angry Birds! Including Signs the Bum!

Here Shaggy lights his dad's cigarette for him in the middle of a game, then titles the video.

What's the best Nation?

Dinosaur Raver

Photo by Normal Bob

Back in my art school days when I was doing my fair share of shrooms & acid this is precisely who I was desperately searching for.

Taking advantage of OCD

Video by Normal Bob

Don't think the park's cleanup crew didn't see an opportunity and take full advantage of the OCD Bum. If OCD is around during cleanup it's a sure bet the janitors are lined up along the railing sippin' on their drinks while OCD's emptying the trash cans, hauling garbage bags out of the park, and sweeping up everybody's mess with park issued brooms & dustpans.

Also rest assured he loves it.
See for yourself.

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