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Yesterday the weather report for NYC declared, "101 degrees by 2pm, but feels like 116!" Subsequently Union has been a place where only hellish nightmares are videoed. So instead I thought it'd be fun to take you on a tour of the vids that got my YouTube account terminated! Videos sooo offensive they were flagged by users, or deleted for copyright infringements, or sometimes WORSE!

Today's FEATURED VIDEO was Strike 3. On Sunday, July 17th, 2011 Methods of a Peeper 4 got flagged by the "YouTube Community" and a severe scolding accompanied its heartless, permanent execution.


"YouTube is not a shock site. It's not okay to post gross-out videos of accidents, dead bodies or similar things intended to be shocking, sensational or disrespectful."
This was the 3rd violation in six months, so all patience was completely lost for me and my disgusting channel. Yes, this is the "shock video," unedited, just as it was when it was flagged and my account TERMINATED.
Now let's see the rest!

Awesome Shot, Strike 2

Video by Normal Bob

To be honest, I completely understand why this bastard got flagged July 2nd, 2011. There's pages of pornography clearly visible scattered all over the floor of Union, and I was an idiot for thinking the YouTube community would stand for it.

It took almost a year for it to be found out, and it was during my 4th of July vacation earlier this month when I received my 2nd notice of violation and reminded that I was not at all in good standing with the good people of the YouTube community.

I had been schooled, and I swore I would never violate them in such a scandalous manner ever again.

Peace thru Face-sit, Strike 1

Video by Normal Bob

This was the vid that started me down the path of "3 strikes yer out" this year. It was just after Christmas 2010 that I got the notice this particular vid was flagged, deleted, and my account deemed "NOT IN GOOD STANDING FOR SIX MONTHS."

I couldn't figure out why this out of all the other Peace Thru Face-sitting vids got singled out. Then after a bit of deduction I concluded it was because the girl in the vid looked underage. She appeared to be hanging out with those kids on the right. Plus the guy who tore up the sign is yelling about him doing exactly that - "Luring little girls" and such.

I spoke to her a few days later and she didn't know any of those kids, plus she was clearly over 21. But "YouTube doesn't care about your feeble excuses! DIE VIDEO! DIE!!"

Now everything "Roman" I tape is limited to Vimeo from now on. That's simply how it's got to be.

Hanson's Weird

Video by Normal Bob

I'll admit when I'm being shady, and posting this peacocking graver with the copyrighted song "Weird" by boyband Hanson was a conscious act of sin.

Almost immediately after filming this graver, that particular song locked itself into my brain, and within hours the two were one on my laptop. I simply could not resist uploading this expression of my love to YouTube.

Soon after another violation was acquired, and the video was castrated from my life.

I was ultimately shamed for thinking Hanson's management would appreciate my interpretation of their product enough to turn a blind eye. I honestly thought they'd be delighted anyone was still listening to them at all.

What the fuck did I know.

Comedy Central's Tough Crowd

Video by Comedy Central

The same year Rupert Murdock, or whoever the hell, obtained ownership of the company that owned the company that owned the company that owned YouTube, there was a mass cleansing of the overwhelming amount of copyright-infringing contraband on its stations.

Across the board people who'd hosted bits of television shows, movies & popular music on their accounts got hauled away to concentration camps, vanishing without a trace. It was a massacre. That is where this clip met its doom in the wee hours of June 2008.

Good Vibrations

Video by Normal Bob

I also should've known better than to post such a huge, popular song as this soundtrack and think it would go unnoticed. YouTube's got it set up now where certain copyrighted songs, immediately after upload, get muted, or rendered inoperable, and citations issued without any employee ever having to lift a finger. It's really quite impressive.

That's what happened to this little music video I threw together in '08.


Video by Normal Bob

Funny story. Now, having had videos deleted, and myself warned & digitally chastised for posting copyrighted material I started to get extra cautious with soundtracks I chose to work with.

Negativeland is a band I really like a lot for many reasons. One of which is because they're an activist band, of sorts. They do not believe in copyrights, and encourage their fans to use and reuse their music just as they've done with other bands (U2, Michael Jackson, etc). So I chose "Yellow Black & Rectangular" to accompany Sloppo's dance.

Several months later this video was flagged and disabled from being viewed anywhere in the world "due to copyright violation."

Long live moral standings!

Black Israelites

Video by Normal Bob

I was really disappointed when each and every one of my Black Israelites videos was expunged as a result of what I assumed were the countless hateful, racist "KILL 'EM ALL" comments they accumulated from all sides of the fence.

Back in 2008 when Black Israelite Fever was hitting this city like a stink bomb hailstorm, I could hardly keep my camera off them! it wasn't long however before I realized they were YouTube poison.

In that year alone I got 4 or 5 scoldings from the Tube (no strikes, just deletions & warnings) for each and every Black Israelite video I'd posted. Deleted months after upload when the comments below them touched into territory that'd make even a Klansman blush.

Looking back I really don't miss those videos that much, but it's the point of it! It's words. Just words. Complete bullshit.

Lesbian Christian Folkrock

Video by Normal Bob

One of the first major violations I received was also one of the most unexpected.

This video had probably been posted five years earlier, filmed entirely by me, in public with nothing offensive or objectionable to suspect. Unless of course you're in the band and you're gay but not Christian, or Christian but not gay, or none of the above at all. Or all of the above, for that matter!

And that's what I suspect got this its "third party notice for copyright infringement," and my account, for the very first time, branded NOT IN GOOD STANDING. And this sort of violation never goes away on a YouTube account.

Years later that violation was still sitting there to play a part in my ultimate termination yet to come.

Dead Junky

Video by Normal Bob

Now, to top it all off with a big red cherry, yesterday morning I got a warning on my new YouTube account proclaiming "Your video, Dead Junky, may have content that is owned or licensed by INgrooves."
"This is not a violation, and no citation has been ordered, but here's a little reminder of how helpless you all are to the randomness of whatever the hell it is going on over at our company and our governing system!"

Dear YouTube,
You can solve all of these problems by simply deleting the videos that are legal trouble for you. You don't have to kill a whole goddamned account! It's not that serious of a threat to humanity, and it's okay if people out there sometimes see stuff they don't necessarily want to see.
From now on you don't have to use the excuse, "We're a free site, so don't complain to us about the way we host."
Instead say, "We're a free site, so don't complain to us about the things you watch."
This will solve the one major flaw you have that the competition will eventually surpass you on.

Normal Bob Smith

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