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Yes, it's true. As of 3am Est, 7/19/11 YouTube has terminated my account of almost 6 years. Nearly 400 videos. Gone. To tell you the truth though, I knew it was just a matter of time. Once the account was frozen all any observant person had to do was go on a flagging spree to finish the job – Which is precisely what happened. It's a very flawed system over there. But that's by no means the end. Reuploading begins today! My new account will only host the safest vids, while any questionables go to Vimeo. Luckily this is a labor of love, so the extra effort is almost effortless.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is another one of Roman's ideas coming back to bite him in the ass. Did you know that he is a hero to some? Click here to see the heavy debate escalating over this event.


Wendell Sighting

Photos by Normal Bob

The other day I see Wendell strolling into the park, in a mask. I shout "Hey Wendell!!" and snap the first picture (above).
Then he walks towards me, spins around and walks away. That's #2 below.
I think they're pretty goddamn note worthy, if you ask me.
Nikki Sixx vs Andy Sixx

Photo by Normal Bob

Me: "Cool look. I like it. You look like Nikki Sixx."

Samir: "You mean Andy Sixx. Jesus. What am I tellin you for? You don't know who that is."

Me: "Oh yeah? Andy Sixx is from Black Veiled Brides. I MEANT Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue, who you don't know, even though they're the reason Black Veiled Brides exists! And they suck!"

Samir: Stunned silence.

Shaggy: "How the fuck did you know that??"

True story.

Tired Prostitute

Photo by Normal Bob

Even though the Tired Prositute isn't truly at Union, she orbits it like a shunned moon. She's seriously made herself enough of a spectacle to be known by anyone and everyone at the Square, and all over town for that matter.

The guy to her left is her pimp (or ex pimp I suppose) whom I've seen dressed up in an African Komono, and even a king's robe and crown! On this day he's a lot more casual. Just another day for the Tired Prostitute and her ex pimp bf.

He's her ex pimp now, correct? How particular are they in that business about their fluctuating job titles & hierarchies? I mean, he's clearly still pimpin' but what's it read on the paychecks and businesscards at this point?

OCD BBB Sing along

Video by Normal Bob

This is the OCD Bellybutton Bum, or "OCD BBB." And this is a little music video I made for him about the day he had his swimming trunks on at Union Square Beach.

Nice pants! Wait. WTF is that?

Photo by Normal Bob

I didn't notice it either until I got the picture home.
Chewy's Golden Ticket

Video by Normal Bob

There are two types of people at Union Square. Those who hear their tale and say, "Wow! That's fantastic! What a lucky break! Two junkies getting a free ride by a millionaire! Everything comes out so great in the end you hardly have to try."

I'm the second type.

Hot Box Of Pizza

Photo by Normal Bob

This week it's been 90+ degrees out and almost impossible to be outside in the day! But, Jesus Christ, if you have to be out in it get yourself a box of pizza, find a nice place in the shade (Astor Place Cube is just one suggestion), sit back and relax in your comfiest sweats.

I swear, you won't even get halfway through the first slice before you totally zonk out from pleasure. It's seriously like heroin.

OCD Cleanup

Photo by Normal Bob

In case you can't read it, the guy with the pool toys is thinking, "If I get all this stuff sorted out alphabetically I could sell it and get my home and family back!"
While the other guy is thinking, "I'm gonna have to carry all that shit right back to the garbage tonight."


Photos by Normal Bob

I love Griswalds. I love to watch 'em dressup in their spiffy clothes and look through digital cameras at the world together. In fact, I purposely set these folks up so they get a terrific photograph of the OCD bum in the adjacent panel.

"Good golly, Ellen, would you look at that crazy homeless person with the pool toys! I'm gonna snap a photo!"

"Buster. Chip. Let your father look at the homeless guy for a minute before we go to Ground Zero and Times Square."

"Yes, mother."

"Okay mom."

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