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Today's FEATURED VIDEO is my dedication to Chewy, another park rat I first met 5 or 6 years ago and have had the pleasure of watching him make the park his home.

I'll tell ya, these postcards are like boxseat tickets for bringing the Amazing Stranger moments to my front step without even trying.
Something tells me it's going to be a wacky year.


Lazy Day in the Sun

Photo by Normal Bob

Oh joy! The sun is finally out, winter's dead as a door nail, and summer is finally here! Almost seems to have skipped right over spring, which is fine with me, and this guy too!

God, the rays feel so good soaking into the skin! Isn't it fucking terrific?!

Eat it up dude. The weather's back and it's here to stay! Love basking in the New York City sun on the steps of Union Square. I'm right there with ya. I'm right there with ya.

Pretty Boy Jake

Photo & video by Normal Bob

Jake has definitely got the trophy for Prettiest Girl at Union. Even the 'Sit-on-my-face' guy's been pining away for him.

Here's Jake giving his views on poser goths & Satanists, but as you'll see from the comments below the video no one really cares what's being said. Just as long as he's really pretty.

Welcome to the world, PB&J. It will be good to you, but you're really going to have to work hard at making it listen.

It puts the Lotion in the Basket

Photo by Normal Bob

Jake, I'm sorry to tell you that now there's competition for your title at the park. "It puts the Lotion in the Basket" has called your bluff and is raising you a lipsticked-nipples and several kissy faces.

"Pretty Boy Jame Gumb" is the new kid on the block, and she's gonna be a hard act to follow, Jake. The game has been brought.


Photo by Normal Bob

Back when I was in high school in Colorado I used to imagine New York City as the place where you'd find bad ass punkrock girl-gangs terrorizing tourists and reaping havoc everywhere they turned. I was sorta right, except now it's only Inna.

Union Square Luggage

Photos by Normal Bob

Duane Reade bags are the bag of choice among New York City bums and junkies. They'll hold all the newspapers, stained coffee cups, sweatpants, dirty socks you can carry! And the best thing about 'em, there's always room for more.

Another great thing about the Duane Reade bags is you can find them for free all over the city. Just check garbage cans, or the bushes, or tangled up in tree branches.

But the best part is you can walk away and leave 'em with all your stuff sitting around wherever you want and a half hour later it'll still be sitting there, untouched. It's what everyone here does.

The Dreaded Skater

Photos by Normal Bob

Not enough skating and way too much lurking, Dread's always wandering around like he's locked out of his house, all his buddies just bailed on him and hasn't slept in days.

Then a few minutes later you hear a noticeable "pop!" followed by a wheezing fizzle, like a balloon with a slow leak. You look around but all that's left is a dirty napkin and a single dread. It lays there gasping its last breaths until it lets out one final squeal and suffocates to death, thus completing another typical Dread encounter.

Dust Bunny

Photo by Normal Bob

No one's keeping the Union Square spirit alive more than Dusty. I mean, talk about "Keepin' it Real?" Dusty's keeping it Realer than Real! He's gone miles past Real straight to Unreal, pit stopped at Surreal, and shot rockets out of his ears and eyes at Really Real.

Here's a picture of him back at Real again pondering said voyage.

Overwear Scare

Photo by Normal Bob

I seriously give punkrock chicks a ton of leeway when it comes to putting together outfits & general style anarchy, especially if they're playin' the homeless card, but this is only wearing underwear on the outside of your clothes. That's it.

It's difficult for anyone besides Madonna and the village idiot to pull this off, and that's cuttin' it way too close.

Bob runs the park

Video by Normal Bob

"Skater Bob runs the park!" At least that's what he's always saying.

This video sums that statement up beautifully. Enjoy.

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