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NY, I Love You

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Since we've last visited this section The New York Times wrote about me & the postcard, an Amazing Strangers music vid has gone viral, face-sitting for peace has become a national pastime, and that shitty Christmas market has finally been torn to shreds, bringing sunlight back to the Union floor.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is that aforementioned video consisting of footage from 2009 & 10 set to the tune "New York, I love you, but..." by LCD Soundsystem, and seems to be the agreed upon best thing I've ever done. The rest of this page is everything I could gather from archives before things get going again back at the park. Thank you for your patience.


The Freddy
Video by Normal Bob

My hope has been to make a video for each of the favorite Strangers this winter. I've begun that quest with Freddy doin' The Freddy!

This could very well be one of those things that I enjoy to no end, and everyone else doesn't get. Either way, there it is, and I love it.

Do The Freddy!!

Old New York

Photo by Normal Bob

Most anywhere else on planet earth this man is just another deadbeat junkie who you don't ever expect to see the twenty dollars he owes you ever again. But in the back of Union Square park he is king.
Posing with New York

Photo by Normal Bob

When tourists come to New York from their little half-cities there's an unfamiliar insecurity that washes over them.

They may attempt to ride it out and pose in pictures as if the crowds, and noise, and hurry, and high buildings aren't distressing them in any way, but that level of culture shock is almost impossible to conceal. Thus, I like to get a picture too.

Mannequin Legs

Video & photo by Normal Bob

So the day before this Skater Bob had described to me what this ex friend of his was walking around wearing. And each time he described it I'd respond "mannequin legs on his head... like a hat?" And He'd describe it again, causing me to repeat the question.

Then the next evening I see these upside-down mannequin legs bobbing up and down above traffic on the other side of the street, and I say "Yep, that's exactly how Bob described it."

As you can see, Skater Bob hates it.

Justin Bieber Griswald

Photo by Normal Bob

Justine Bieber Griswald? Black Rabbi Peeping? Justine Bieber Griswald? Black Rabbi Peeping? Justine Bieber Griswald? Black Rabbi Peeping? Justine Bieber Griswald? Black Rabbi Peeping? Justine Bieber Griswald? Black Rabbi Peeping? Justine Bieber Griswald? Black Rabbi Peeping?

Just another moment in time at the greatest park ever.

For the ladies

Video by Normal Bob

Regularly, in the heat of summer, the ladies flock to the stairs to take in a steaming man-show of muscles, free of charge, all you can eat. And I am not exaggerating when I tell you THEY FUCKING LOVE IT!

It's what they live for. And the men or more than willing to deliver.
Mmmmmmmmmmmm, then Ouch!


Photo by Normal Bob

"Check these out. I used to make these as a hobby. They're NOT for sale because they're too valuable. Do you know how much these are worth? Nope. Sorry. Not for sale Nuh-uh. Sorry."
Puffs cigarette
and scratches armpit.

"Fifty bucks."

Black Metal

Photo by Normal Bob

So the other day I was in Williamsburg and I walked by this hair salon filled with scenesters both in the barber chairs and behind them. Everyone had the same long black bangs, skinny jeans, the works. The name on the front of the shop read: HAIR METAL.

I know it's got nothing to do with the photo or the heading... or perhaps it does and I just don't know it yet?

Skater Bob's Dad

Video by Normal Bob

People are constantly asking me, "Is Signs really Skater Bob's dad?" to which I reply, "C'mon. Do you really have to ask?"

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