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Those Amazing Stranger postcards are still circulating thoughout the park and turning heads. If you haven't been checking in regularly, I'm updating the postcard page with interviews of card characters.

Today's FEATURED VIDEO is another addition to the Methods of a Peeper collection. This episode is about Picture Peeping and a further delving into the heart & mind of the Peeper. Jump in! It's an exhilarating ride.


Quarter Guy @ Union Sq

Video by Skater Bob & Normal Bob

Skater Bob and I each have a problem. We're in love with the Quarter Guy. Within seconds of hearing the words "Do you have a quarter?" my camera flips on, and both our adrenaline skyrockets!

In this video, Skater Bob took on the chase, then had the tables turned and became the chased!

In the moment that doesn't show on film (when he was handing the camera to me) Skater Bob was tearing across the park with the Quarter Guy close on his tail.

Lots and lots of fun.

Blue Inna

Photo & Video by Normal Bob

Here's Inna just last weekend in beautiful blue. I love Blue Inna. In fact, to prove how much I love Blue Inna this footage below is from over a year ago. It was secretly filmed without her knowing, while blue.
That makes me a stalker.
A proud stalker of a Blue Inna.

Boris' Shoe Repair

Photos by Normal Bob

If you need anything related to cool shoes, Boris' shop is all you need to know in NYC. On the north side of Saint Marks between 3rd & 4th anyone who knows anything knows Boris is The Man, and I'm just a fan.

And it's not just shoes. You name it. If it's wearabel and badass, he'll etiher have it on your back in under a minute, or hook you up with it in a week

He also lets you hang out in front of his shop and hand out GOD IS FAKE flyers, so there's no end to the amount of thanks & respect he gets from me.

Adorable Freak

Photo by Normal Bob

Despite what I may make it look like, Union Square also plays host to many adorable freaks as well.

In fact, the adorable freaks are the only kind of adorables that exist here. Any other kinds of adorable are either chased off, burned to cinder, or eaten alive by all the other versions of inhabiting freaks.

This ones called Samir.


Photos by Normal Bob

I don't know why we Americans believe we've got a monopoly on obnoxious, embarrassing, poorly-fashioned tourists. They come over from France, Germany, Italy & England with just as much pudge, shorts, attitude and baby-blue as any Grizwald from Florida or Colorado. We just wrongfully give theirs a bigger break when we hear the accent. We need to stop that.
Thinking Pink

Photo by Normal Bob

One of the things women do more than men is thoroughly examine what their friends and acquaintances are wearing, then from shoes to sundress, they retranslate even the slightest detail into something from their own closet.

This is how they stay hip with the times as well as their social circle. Here is a perfect example of what I'm describing.

Another Cockroach Story

Video by Normal Bob

My disgust has shifted towards love for the Union Square Cockroach. His unique and unparalleled ability to make tellable stories is almost unmatched.

Enjoy another juicy Cockroach story as told by a blond girl whom he was attempting to impress.

Zippy explains The Shocker

Video by Normal Bob

Again, the delightful 13 year old Zippy shares with us more of what he's learned at Union Square Elementary School.
Pay attention.

Bertha Bites

Video by Normal Bob

Last week's page you got to meet Bertha. Now she's eating your sandwich and flashing you her tits.

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