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Today's FEATURED VIDEO is a follow up to the Union Square Cockroach Pt 1. Remember when I mentioned girls the Cockroach talked into moving in with him and other strangers from the back of the park? Well here's an interview with one of those girls, another girl, and the Cockroach himself. Other topics also include the new postcard, and his appearance on it.

The NEW Amazing Strangers Postcard now available only at Union Square!


Happy Father's Day

Video by Normal Bob

So Father's Day is a big day for Skater Bob. He & I had been planning this card for almost a month. Lots and lots of thought went into it, and we even printed a 4X6 color photo of them both for it and everything!

Here's the big moment caught on film.

Skater Bob's Dad's Bumfight

Video by Normal Bob

Then 3 days after that, this happened.

Happy Father's Day again Signs.


Video by Normal Bob

Meet Trips. Trips dresses like he's an airplane pilot always about to take a big trip. This is the day he took that particular trip.
“Don't Touch!”

Photo by Normal Bob

Have you seen that Far Side comic with the caption: Nature's way of saying "Don't touch?"

Well if you haven't, you should before you come to Union Square.

Um, seriously. Anyone out there seen that particular Far Side? I searched Google images for 30 minutes and couldn't find the goddamned thing anywhere!


Photo by Normal Bob

As much as I'd like Scenester Island to become Punkrock Island, it just isn't going to happen. Punks can't be relied on. The second you think you've got them pegged, they slump away somewhere else.
It's what punks do.
Breaking dreams in two.


Photos by Normal Bob

Everyone, this is Bertha.
Bertha, this is everyone.
Playing S.K.A.T.E.

Video by Normal Bob

Finally Skater Bob found someone his own age to play with at the park.

See more Skater Bob's moves on his YouTube page

Awesome Shot

Video by Normal Bob

This is how things happen at Union. One minute you're there, nothin's going on and you're thinking to yourself "Ahhhh, what a beautiful, peaceful day it is at the park."

Then, seconds later, a preacher stands in front of you, a fat old bum crawls over beside him and starts barking like a dog, the ripped pages of porno mags start flyin' and before you know it the world's falling apart at your feet.

Luckily, on this day, someone was there to pick up the pieces.

Police Chief

Video by Normal Bob

The new postcard's out and everybody's loving it, including the Chief!

Yeah, Signs went up and gave the Chief of Police (or is this Sarge?) the new postcard.

Watch how Signs completely kisses the ass of this guy, to the point where he's asking the cop to rate his videos on YouTube when he goes to the site. Kind of hard to watch at points. Like a fight I once saw.

And for lots more funny & interesting responses, check out the Matchgame page.

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