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One of the things that brings me the most amount of fulfillment in my life is filming the retards at Union Square. And right now, when it's 30 degrees in the middle of winter I'm at my most desperate to have that luxury back.

One brilliant way I've thought up to pacify myself during this bleakness is rummaging through my external harddrive for all the unused videos from the previous year and reliving the past. This all leads me to the latest addition to Amazing Strangers. Vids from the past!

This edition's FEATURED VIDEO is about The Cockroach. A very really, very annoying Union Square personality who's unfortunately a common type at this park, and unfortunately the world.

Dead Junky

Video by Skater Bob

Don't be alarmed. There're dead junkies all over Union Square South. It's just the music that makes this one seem so unique and extra special.

Video by Normal Bob

I've been privy to the Union Square Speakout rants for almost 9 years now, and I have to say this is the most interesting, heartfelt, and earth shaking rant I've yet heard.

It's delivered by our friend "The Tom Cruise Impersonator" from years back, and he's on another roll here.

Fishin' at Union Square

Video by Normal Bob

Here's a crazy person who actually found something useful to do at the park.

Unfortunately he only caught a piece of garbage and a little more crazy. That's it.


Video by Normal Bob

A lot of people have this face when they're passing through Union. It's my favorite face and I like to document them.

Here it is again, the girl version, from several years ago.

Union Square Minute

Video by Normal Bob

Part of going back through old files on Union is taking moments which at the time seemed terribly irritating & useless, then appreciating them while you're sitting in Starbucks in the middle of winter missing the outdoors.

This Union Square minute is one of those.

LA Crackhead

Video by Normal Bob

Surprisingly, a crackhead from LA does stand out from the New York ones. They're stupider and seem more displaced, more wide-eyed than the droopy, death's-door ones on this end. See if you can tell the difference.

I'll also admit I'm not necessarily enchanted with how I handled the situation and came off like a white putz, but whatever. Take it or leave it.

1. Billy Rohan
2. Birdman
3. Pickup Artist
4. Skater Bob
5. Scenies
6. Tourettes
Videos by Normal Bob

You may notice that I've been posting some repeat or older videos that were taken years ago. Well, back when I first posted them I didn't know how to add captions or edit properly. Now I do. So I've gone back & pulled the original recordings of some of my favorite pieces and reposted them online.

A quick run-through: 1. Billy Rohan back when he was whacked out of his mind, doing puddle tricks all edited together with additional dancing footage! 2. Every New Yorker already knows the Birdcall Man. I had to repost it with titles. 3. I adore this footage of a Union Sq pick-up artist at work, but I could never do it justice without the subtitles, which I now have enough talent to add. 4. This video of Skater Bob's near-fight originally got over 300,000 views! So because it was so popular I posted extra footage with subtitles and explanation for the masses. 5. Baby Scenesters [deleted at the request of subject]. 6. And the Tourettes Runningman is the Tourettes Runningman, for Christ's sake!

Dizzy Dancing Dad

Video by Normal Bob

So I'm visiting a friend of mine at the bar she bartends and a girlfriend of her's is there. She introduces us. We start talkin'. Then my friend says "Hey, you'd like Bob's site! He takes pictures of the crazies at Union Square and posts them online!"
And her friend says, "Oh god. You probably have video of my dad."
And I say, "What?!? Really? What for?"

And she says, "Well, my dad thinks he's a good dancer and he likes to go to the park and..."

And sure enough that's him. And I only just recently stumbled across the video I took of him 2 years prior to that conversion, and I'm posting it now and forwarding the link to her.

Ramblin' Bill & the Prayer Assault

Video by Normal Bob

A couple years ago I posted this video, but that was before I knew how to edit, add captions and a dozen other things that make this Amazing Stranger moment funnier & more understandable.

It's one of my all time favorites so I'm going to let it tell its own story.

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