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There just aren't enough of the ladies being represented by the weirdoes and lunatics at Union Square South. So when one does make herself known, like Funny Valentine and Crazy Style, I can't help but devote considerable time and emotion to her..

The Shaggs Dancer to the right must have gotten her release papers from the crazy farm around the corner on Friday, because she's been giving free shows at Union Square every day since then. A commentor under one of her YouTube videos suggested I post her dancing to the Shaggs, and there's no denying it's a match made in heaven. So much so I made two. Here's #2: "Philosophy of the World"

Gay 80s Hiphop

Photo by Normal Bob

There's a gay 80s Hiphop trend that I'm dying to see spread its wings and sore like an eagle through Union Square and the rest of the world, but all it does is flutter in every once in a while. And it's been teasing me like this for the last couple years.


Photo by Normal Bob

One of the worst things about this city is finding a place to pee. That's main the reason you see everyone carrying around water bottles everywhere.

Rats in your Mouth

Photo by Normal Bob

Again and again I try to illustrate to all of you how filthy and bizarre a place Union Square actually is, but I find so often that a photograph doesn't convey what most people discover only upon a personal visit.


Photo by Normal Bob

This is Daisy. Daisy has caught my eye several times. He caught my eye with his gay-pride baby carriage picnic in the park, and he caught my eye once again shouting down the Black Israelites by mimicking a a chimpanzee scratching under his pits and the top of his head. And he lastly caught my eye when I saw him in my neighborhood in Brooklyn jumping up and down stomping his feet because the guy selling sun visors and studded belts on the corner didn't have what he was looking for.

That's Daisy!

Neighborhood Club Kids

Photo by Normal Bob

Speaking of neighborhoods, you know your neighborhood is coming into its own when you spot a club kid.

It goes like this: First it's white bums, then it's squatters punks and krusties milling about with their dogs and nest-packs, then come the punks and the gays, which crack the door open for club kids, and it's that precise moment, between club kids and scenesters where the neighborhood is at it's climax.
After that the hipsters take over, and I'm not saying the neighborhood get ruined, but it's never the same.

I give it two years max.

Old Man Lollipop Neo Punk

Photo by Normal Bob

Say what you want, this guys been sporting this look and dodging his way through the city for 10 years now, without backing down.

The best part is seeing him waiting in line at the Starbucks on Astor Place and none of the locals give two shits, while the tourists shit their pants twice.


Photo by Normal Bob

Lots and lots of pretty faces pass through Union Square. This one's Russian, and in Russia being a Raver is brand-fucking new, ahead of its time, something you show off in New York to show you're part of what's up-and-coming, so you don't stand out from other New Yorkers.

Photo by Normal Bob

I've had the distinct pleasure to see Inna, the Queen of the Scene, morph into the pink princess you see before you.

Sure, sometimes she can be a moody cunt who'll walk by like she never even heard of your species before, then on other days she'll be the prettiest park princess, but one thing for sure, she always makes up for it in style.

Spiked Shades

Photo by Normal Bob

Finally, there are those who pass through, and I take their picture & post 'em, then they pass through again, and I can't resist posting them again, and by the third time I tie my camera to the railing, sit on my hands and hum loudly with my eyes closed until I'm sure she's out of sight, because I'm cool like that.

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