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There's been no shortage of strangeness at Union Square! There's been worry on my part that the gentrification of Manhattan, the complete Disneyfication of Times Square, and beefed up security everywhere might have an impact on my collection of weirdoes and their daily performances.

Thankfully the diminishing economy and overall panic in the hearts of the population has only increased the brain mayhem in the neighborhood.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this new page of Amazing Strangers!


Crazy Style

None too often will I be sitting at Union Square saying to myself, "Hey! who's the honey with the fabulous style and the attitude! Yummy!" and as soon as I start raising the Binaca to my face the bitch breaks out in some rant about Blacks--Browns exclusive to H, E, L, L, and their bitch-ass, tortilla-wannabe-eatin' asses.
So I sigh, and shrug, and am about to give her a go anyhow, then she'll break out into a spastic tribal dance and screaming like a car alarm!
Video by Normal Bob

Also included in this video is the Dog Molester and Wendel the Garbageman.

Bah, you know what? Next time I'll just give her my number and split!

Dying Bird Flirt

Photo by Normal Bob

No, this isn't the first person at Union Square to exploit a dying bird for personal gain.

Cyclops once used a dying pigeon so he could get money for a bump. Then a Union Square hipster girl got stoned and used a different dying pigeon to impress friends and pick up boys at the park.

Now this guy found his own dying bird to carry around so girls would talk to him. And every time it flew off his finger to go "pass on" with a little dignity, he'd go and pick it up again and carry it to another circle of girls.

It chirped and sang its sweet swan song until late in the evening while he went from girl pack to girl pack. Then as the night drew to a close he tossed it in the bushes and went home blaming the girls.


Photo by Normal Bob

YES! Finally someone who knows how to wear a hat with a fro! Let the fro wear the hat, not your head.

The neck wears the head, the head wears the fro, and the fro wears the hat.

I've been saying this for years! Now finally someone listens.

Orangutan vs Midlife-Crisis

Video by Skater Bob

Here are two unique examples of Union Square Mammals, the Orangutan and Midlife-Crisis, in a ritual duel to the most exhausted in an attempt to woo the affections of a park female.

In this particular battle they were both losers, so each went home that evening unable to mate.

Headphone Mohawk

Photo by Normal Bob

It's been almost a week now and he's still sticking with it.

Come to Union this weekend and see for yourself.

Cat as a Hat

Video by Normal Bob

This is a guy with a cat on his head.

Years ago I took this picture of him with different cats on his head.

Now I've got a movie... of this guy... who likes to wear cats on his head.

Jogging Junky

Video by Normal Bob

So I'm filming the first ever sighting of the Jogging Junky, and the whole time Skater Bob is talking through the video about the line he uses to get girls.

I thought it made for a neat, little movie.

Nose Cigarette

Video by Normal Bob


Beh, what the hell. Go ahead and try it. See for yourself.

High on Hookah

Video by Normal Bob

Is there anyone more annoying than the guy who pretends to be drunker/higher than he really ought to because he wants everyone to see what a wacky, party animal he grew up to be?

You can take solace in watching this same guy getting arrested while dressed like Superman.

“Thanks for stirring up a whole lot of memories for me both good and bad.”

Subject: Union Square

Hey amigo!
Thank you for making me realize why I loved NYC while I lived there. Union Square Park in particular was one of my favorite places to "people watch" and talk to all types of people. I lived on 17th st from the late 80s to the mid 90s and used to walk through the park nearly every day when I got off the train to go home. 

God I miss it sometimes. I had so much fun as a young man living his dream back then. But, then I became one of the casualties that you feature in some of your movies. I got strung out on heroin and left the city to clean myself up. I landed in Albany, NY and have lived up here ever since.

Thanks for stirring up a whole lot of memories for me both good and bad. 


P.S. one of your videos with a older heavy guy nodding while trying to eat yogurt actually features the guy who was my main heroin dealer for a long time. Looks like nothing has changed with him sadly.

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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