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NY, I Love You

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I knew the day would come. The sunny day at Union Square when the Dog Molester, enchanted with Spring's infectious fever, would share with all of you the things he's shared with me and my friends. Yesterday, June 1st, was that day!

Everyone could feel the love in the air (as you'll see) and at Union Square there's no limit to what that "love" can inspire.

So enjoy another amazing page of Amazing Strangers!

Peeper Peeking

Photo by Normal Bob

And it's the "enchantment of Union Square" that's inspired the Union Square Peepers to take it up a notch!
Not only are they sqeezing in closer, now they're taking pictures!

Let's have a looksee and see how this one's gonna turn out.
Nice shot! That's what I call a "Peeper Keeper!"

Horizonal Stripes

Photo by Normal Bob

When I was a teenager there was some fashion magazine that had a back page "Do's & Don'ts" section, and they always seemed to feature a girl from the street wearing horizonal stripes in the "Don'ts", and they'd trash her up and down while I sat completely baffled at her beauty & appeal.

Those articles affected me so much that now not only do my hormones fall all outta whack when I see horizonal stripes, but my posture fails, my voice cracks and stutters and the simplest act of asking someone to pose for a picture forces me to live that era all over again, if even for just those 2 minutes. You know?

Funny Valentine

Movie by Skater Bob

Love is to be found around every corner at the Square.

This video explains itself.

Movie by Normal Bob

So guess what. There's no more Gravers. Not anywhere! Well, maybe here and there, but pretty much it's all over. Graver is dead.

But don't despair, because there's something new, and something almost as alarmingly mediocre. Krumping. And they're only about 5 or 6 feet to the right of where the Gravers used to be, which is close enough for me.

Russian Guidos

Photo by Normal Bob

Russian Guidos are just a fact. As real as their ripped up quarter grand jeans or their designer sunglasses.

And how can you tell they're Russian and not Itailian guidos? Because only the Russian ones could think they blend in enough to act this casual at Union Sqaure after a full evening of date-raping.

SVA Students
Photo by Normal Bob

The School of Visual Arts is right around the corner from Union Square, which means we get to be privy to some amazingly hilarious make-shift fashion shoots."

This one was excessively repugnant. Violet and electric blue? Was the assignment:"Show how a shitty, first-year SVA student would throw together a project that's due the next day?"

Most of the pictures I shot of this session were blurry because they were shooting in the late afternoon (which is exactly the excuse they're going to use when they turn it in), but you get the idea. We all definitely get the idea.

Trapped in a Dream

Photo by Normal Bob

There's no one who's been to Union more than once who hasn't tried to make him/herself wake up only to find that it isn't a dream and there's no escape.

Bad Hair on Purpose

Photo by Normal Bob

Yeah, I know, right?? And you'd think this would be the first and THE LAST time you'd ever see this, but the same thing happened a few years ago on page 27! What the fuck? It's like they're out to humiliate the people they hang out with!

I can't make myself wake up! I open my eyes wider and wider still, and I don't wake up! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Photo by Normal Bob

Then, finally, every once in a while a picture is accidentally taken that's unexplainable. So that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

NO FUCKING WAY!!! The Dog Molester is real!!!

Subject: NO FUCKING WAY!!! The Dog Molester is real!!!

Dear Bob,

I owe you an apology for casting aspersions on your good name. I just saw your latest video proving beyond any doubt that the Dog Molester is real, and all I can say is: Holy fucking crap dude! That is seriously the funniest shit I have ever seen in my life. I mean, what the motherfucking fuck?!

When I saw your last video where the guy is more or less just picking the dog up, I thought that was you simply trying to back your ridiculous and unlikely claim with more flimsy "evidence".

Now I'm sorry I doubted you. And I will always remember, and tell everyone I meet, about the important lesson I learned from Normal Bob Smith's website: That you should always be open-minded and ready to believe whatever you are told on faith. Because you don't want to wind up looking foolish when the truth is finally revealed.

Thankyou Bob, you have changed my life.
Best Regards,

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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