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Video by Normal Bob

Even though the cold's gotten here, the wackjobs are still coming to the park with their signs and conspiracy theories, only now it's Republican wackjobs!

This out-of-work McCain supporter is predicting "Obama Secret Police, baby killings (left & right), and the shame Christians should be feeling for getting him into office."

There were two drunk black guys making the moment extra special showboating their military cards and a hell of a lot of Manhattan Island voters harrassing and belittling her. I don't think this lady realized what she was in for. The clip ends with her exiting the park with her tail between her legs.

I have to admit, I'm looking forward to the new batch of right-wing fundie conspiracy nuts at Union next year!

Asking For It

Photo by Normal Bob

There's a FREE HUGS movement happening at Union and both sides of the hug don't really understand what's going on in the head of the other. These last few days of Fall dozens of NYU students have come to the park with their own version of "good fun" which, for the innocent mind of a student, would seem impossible to take advantage of!
Pervert Prey
Photo by Normal Bob

But leave it to the creeps of Union Square to see this as an opportunity to score a date with a teen!

After hugging about 20 middle-aged men this girl wised up and fled the park never to return again.

Gypsy Lady applying Makeup
Video by Normal Bob

So if you're wondering what comes of Union Square in the wintertime here in New York, the answer is "Starbucks!"

That's right! Every drug-bloated, scamming, twisted up lowlife comes to Starbucks when the temperature goes below 50, which means - that's where I'm going too!

Take this one for example. I set my camera on the table and just let it roll... musta been 30 minutes of makeup application footage, that I whittled down to just under 4 minutes, and you can either sit though it or not. And I'll warn you, there's no climax, plot change, dramatic exit, or change of scenery. Just 4 minutes of a gypsy applying makeup to Suede's "She's in Fashion." Yes, that's spellbinding entertainment for me for a half hour.

Teen-fundie Theater, Act 1

Video by Normal Bob
In this one a defeatist girl whose heart has been broken needs Jesus to be killed to feel better again.
Teen-fundie Theater, Act 2

Video by Normal Bob

After accepting Jesus into her heart and a pantomime illustration of how he now controls her every move if she obeys, this defeatist girl becomes so overwhelmed by the temptations of Satan (greed, beer, vanity, bulimia and suicide) that Jesus barely wins the tug-of-war with Satan for her soul.

Do not miss the grand finale of Jesus holding back the evil sins and Satan all at once, hurling them back to their death. The skit ends with Jesus and the girl getting married & going to Union Sq. North for their honeymoon.

Teen-fundie Theater, Act 3

Video by Normal Bob

This 3rd skit, performed to Cold Play's "Fix you," depicts 3 defeatist girls all experiencing the grim, dirty tricks of Satan in the forms of hurt, rejection and loss until Jesus himself comes to save the day by getting high-fived to a cross.

Jesus cries and cries before the 3 girls come to him with all their problems while he's dying. Jesus then awakens, destroys all their troubles and finishes up the show by lip-syncing the last couple lines of the song to the crowd's delight.

How to set a Creep Trap
pervert bait
Video by Normal Bob

When setting a successful Creep Trap you don't need many supplies. All you need is a couple of naive teenage girls who'll do anything for a little attention and vacant in the arena of talent or dignity.

Give them a padded, suburban upbringing, a paid tuition, a false sense of security wherever they go and way too much time on their hands. That's all you need to construct and set a functional Creep Trap in almost any New York City Park.

goth girl
Photo by Normal Bob

It's such a fine line between right and wrong in the world of goth. If you had described this to me without a picture I would have winced and laughed you out of the room telling you to "go fuck your mom!" Then you'd return leading this chick to me saying "See? SEE?!?" And you would've been right halfway up with the stripper shoes, smokin'fishnet legs and a cute Corpse-bride skirt.

But then I'd be right about the sloppy, sagging braless sweater extenuating the pear-shape of what's probably a killer hourglass.

Then we'd both be on the wrong side of the fence on the blonde/black hair job that works for me but not for you, or the other way around. But what can I say other than "It's such a fine line between right and wrong in the world of goth!"

Photo by Normal Bob

You ever have it when you're coming out of a club and you're swarmed by obnoxious photographers invading your personal space, clammering over themselves to get a picture? And ya think to yourself "What a bunch of star-fucking losers! Waiting an hour and a half outside of Joe's Pub for the picture a dozen other guys are gonna take 100 pictures of, of a celebrity leaving a building?!?!"
Photo by Normal Bob

Total pathetic dirtbags.

Anyhow, off I go to find the Dog Molester to try and sneak a picture of him fingering dogballs.

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