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Ghetto Graver Granny

Photo by Normal Bob

So my friend and I were just talking about gravers and punkers and how old you can be and still take the look with you. Then he asked, "How old can you actually be a graver?" to which I laughed and showed him this exact picture and stated "Next question!"

Then he shook his head, laughing, and said, "No no. I mean, how long can you do it in good taste?"

That question I didn't even dignify with a response.

Scenester Chicken Lady

Photo by Normal Bob

This is what it's come to: Scenesters approaching me, telling me to take their picture, posing as such, and demanding I make fun of them in Amazing Strangers.

So I take the picture, and while knowing it's completely contrived I also feel that there's something more behind the facade that needs to be displayed and discussed. A deformation of something important that hasn't been cared for properly.
A broken part. Something lost.
A perversion of a different sort. Something uglier that scares me even more.

Clint Howard/Full Moon

Video by Normal Bob

So we ran into Clint Howard at Union a few days ago. He was walking around asking people if they'd like to debate traffic issues with him, and sorta preempting each rejection with a "No, I didn't think so." So we thought, "Why not?"

Anyhow, he kinda flips out at the end and we had to banish him from the park.

Some People Sleep Standing

Video by Normal Bob

Everybody Sleeps! Please enjoy this lovely piece with music by Joe Raposo.

A Sesame Street classic set to a nodding junky to illustrate New York's point of view on the matter of "sleep."

Crackhead Tony & Freddy

Video by Normal Bob

So Freddy and the Crackhead have finally teamed up to combine their drug abusing talents and they appear to be rehearsing some stage act or something?

Whatever it is I would definitely pay five bucks for an hour and a half of the Crackhead Tony & Freddy the Junky choreographed hip hop extravaganza!

Really Horny Puerto Rican

Video by Normal Bob

If ever there was a dance move that threatens to get sperm on you this is it.

Would someone get this guy a crate of condoms, for Christ's sake!?!?!


Video by Normal Bob

Who says you gotta be rich to Hacky Sack? Seriously, all anyone needs to take up the sport is a piece of garbage you can kick around (like an old plastic cup or napkin), a pair of boxers that you can wear as shorts and a little patience.

It also doesn't hurt to have a real grudge against that piece of shit plastic cup too! Fucker!

Save the Last Dance

Video by Normal Bob

Jesus. Did every suburban girl watch that movie and want to become Julia Stiles when they grew up, then grow up and still think that's how the world works?

Good Vibrations Union Square

Video by Normal Bob
There was such an outrageous collection of deadbeats dancing at Union Square last week I couldn't resist compiling them all into one music video featuring Marky Mark's mega hit "Good Vibrations!"

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Insults written strangely are describing strangers I have to see every single day and I don't want them to be sure what it means either.

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