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Bob, Bob, Bob...... .still at it after all this time?

I first came across your site about two years ago and I thought it was absolutely hilarious! I'm just surprised you're still doing it. After two years of essentially the same hate mail, don't you get bored responding to it? Isn't the whole atheist angst thing getting a little old? It seems you rely on shock value to provoke interest in your site, but once all the dress ups have been done, and all the hate mail has been read, you really don't have anything new to express. It's lost it's luster, Bob. Time to get a real job.

Kelly Gedeon

Get a real job when this stupid shit is payin' the bills? You must be crazy! You think it'd be funner to work at Taco Bell? You think I'd be happier shoveling snow? Please, you must explain what you mean regarding that.

And how can you say it's getting old? Have you seen my comic? Have you read of my adventures through Times Square? And have you heard the calls to Milasia I've made? And I'm still getting around 6 million hits a month, so apparently someone out there still thinks it's funny.

I'm making my living doing exactly what I want, and my magnets have sold out, and Urban Outfitters wants to buy 5,000 more. Do you know what a check like that looks like?

I've never understood the saying: "Get a real job". Who the fuck wants that???

I have seen your new stuff, but frankly, I didn't find it that funny. The jokes may be different, but they all have the same punch line. Don't get me wrong, making fun of people is indeed funny (it appeals to my bitch nature), but maybe you should try someone other than the Christians ? retards, the disabled, even old people, all abso-fucking-hilarious! All the Christian stuff is done, (albeit by you), stick a fork in it! All I'm saying is broaden your horizons a little. Fat people? totally funny. Immigrants? hey, you live in New York I bet you have plenty of stories. Don1t forget midgets. Midgets are just plain funny.

Kelly Gedeon

PS? you are right about the "real job" thing. If you are making a living, and more importantly, making people laugh, keep it up. Even though I don1t find it funny anymore, obviously others still do. There are millions of people in America and it'll take a long time before they all get board. When they do, don1t forget the midgets!

Wow, what a drag. You want me to start makin the same jokes about stuff everybody else is already makin' jokes about. It sucks that I've lost it. There's really nothing I can do if I have I suppose. What about the Love Diaries? Are you "board" with that as well?

I can't fathom not being entertained by the Special People high jinx. Did you even go and read it or are you just skimming over things and assuming it's not funny?

You've totally shocked me with this critique. It's the first of it's kind amongst all of the compliments I've been getting. Maybe it's your problem? Could you send me a picture of yourself?



Photo by Venessa Nina

Remember in Willy Wonka, that kid who turned into a giant blueberry? Well, if that kid woulda been a whigger this is what would have happened. The inverted knee thingy just seals the deal for me.

That other guy looks like he wants to crawl inside that hoody and disappear completely from this particular friendship.

Photo by Bob Crawford

The sportos of New York are starting to get out of hand. Wasn't there a day when they would have been ostracized from their frat house if they looked like a "fag"? It's a fucking trimmed lambskin coat with boxer shorts!

This is the guy who needs to be initiated anally by drunken jocks if you ask me.

Photo by Bob Crawford
I love this lady. She could be 49 or she could be 75. Hair matches the lips/matches the glasses, what more could you ask for? Oh, I know! A $5,000 fox fur coat, that's what!
I wanna be this when I grow up.

Photo by Bob Crawford
Business on top, party in the back! You still can't beat the story a stringy mullet tells.

Photo by Normal Bob
I think he's just a really eccentric vetrinarian who listens to the weather report and doesn't want to catch the sniffles.

Photo by Normal Bob
He wears a leotard with a huge neck hole and he hangs out at Union Square where he juggles a crystal ball (he's got 2 sizes to choose from) by rolling it around on the back of his hands and arms. Then, when the little girls gather 'round, he pulls out his little mouse and let's it crawl all over him... including his balls.
We call him "Juggles".

Photo by Bob Crawford
This guy was standing in a dark corner behind our table with that unlit cigar, on his cell phone talking French for like 30 minutes. We think he's a top secret secret agent... and so does he apparently.

Photo by Normal Bob

Let there be no doubt, this lady is toothless.

She was using the reflection in my window to make her mouth look sexier and more alluring and sensual.
Are you hard yet?

Photo by unknown

Okay, I'm not gonna tell ya who it is, but take a wild guess as to which one in the Davenport family is the fan of my site.

Take your time. Don't rush it. I know, there's a lot to choose from. Do you think you got it? Okay then,who is it?

Yep! That's right. It's Tito Bandito. Good job.

Photo by Bob Crawford

There are still guys in America with balls enough to wear giant, parade worthy fur coats with a present-day David Lee Roth feather.

Could the white tiger attack on Roy be bringin' this look into the mainstream?

I pray the answer to that question is "YES, GOD YES!"

Photo by Normal Bob

If you'd have been there, you would have been pulled into this girl's tractor beam as well. When she came into the shop, her head was wrapped in a scarf (leaving her hair adorbly weightless), she sat, ate her latte with a spoon and left just as quietly as she came. I was sold.

guess it also didn't hurt that everytime she stood up her pants were down past her sex lines.

Photo by... who cares?

Oh, and last & least, how could I forget the mopey Kelly and her droopy bloodshot pout? Don't let her face bore you so quickly. We all know what that red shiney hue means! Kelly, how much do you have to drink to get through the day?

She wants me to make fun of fat people (I think that in itself is funny), so here I go. You're not gonna be able to hide those chins with your hands that easily. Kelly, the saying "You are what you eat" applies to dough too.

Wait, is that how you frame pictures in your home? Is that construction paper? And that's the picture of yourself you chose to mount? You know what, nevermind. If you need me to complain to, go right ahead. But it ain't gonna mend what your uncles did to you.





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